Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Platinum Deal - Amazing Platinum Life

Insiders of the company, on condition of anonymity, stated that SWAROVSKI has successfully won the bid over the other foreign MNC Giants for a multi-million dollar contract with Nanogum , to design and manufacture a unique crystal case for this exclusive platinum gum.

Senior officials in the Swarovski management in Austria, when contacted, were tight-lipped & refused to comment on the issue, but also did not deny the fact that a multi-million dollar deal was achieved.

When coerced for an answer by journalists, they too on condition of anonymity, smilingly, did accept the fact that a major multi-million dollar deal was clinched successfully with a Japanese company for exclusive rights for the design, manufacture & sale of crystal accessories and the result of the deal would be seen pretty soon in all of the major Swarovski showrooms.

They also said that it was too early for them to release any information regarding the multi-million dollar deal. Though all the clauses were agreed in principle and the stage had been set, the formalities and legalities of the deal were yet to be completed and the complete details of the deal would be released on a later date.

This deal has been reached with a luxurious brand name which is one of the most recent, unique chewing gum manufactured in Japan.

It contains the expensive, noble metal, Platinum as one of its exclusive ingredients. It is also termed as the modern "Elixir of life" for the longevity of youth.

The exclusiveness of the brand, is attributed to the high quality and exclusive colloidal Platinum Nanoparticles used in the manufacture specially created using the patented Japanese Nanotechnology by Japanese Nano-scientists.

Recent advances in the field of nano-technology by Japanese scientists has resulted in the latest innovation ,where colloidal platinum nano particles of sizes between the range of 2-3 nanometer in a colloidal solution when integrated into the chewing gum, impregnate anti-aging effects into the human body.

Ingenious new recipe, ultra high quality special ingredients which are imported from round the globe and used for the manufacture has evoked interest of the other market leaders.

Also the various new techniques used in the manufacture, creative craftsmanship displayed with a newer packing system stressing on safety and purity, storage facilities built just for the storage & authenticity checking option, State of art accessories made available to the consumers of Platinum Gum has emphasized the vision, commitment of the brand and captured the imagination of the press and the elite consumers alike.

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