Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Reasons to Buy a Watch From Authorized Dealer

When planning to buy a new watch, it is not wise to buy non branded wristwatch, a fake watch or replica watches. There are number of reasons for it. First and foremost the quality of these fake / replica watches is definitely low. To cover up the costs, these fake watch manufacturers use inferior quality of watch parts due to which it is most likely to give trouble within short period of time if not within few days if one is lucky enough.

Secondly warranties don't come along with these fake / replica watches, so you have to get it repaired again and again and ultimately one has throw it in dustbin if you count effort and money you spent on that fake watches, buying a branded wristwatch is wiser and make sure you buy from authorized watch dealer. Service is most important aspect of authentic wristwatches and an authorized dealer provide free service as long as warranty is valid.

It is also not advisable to buy a watch from unauthorized watch dealer or from gray market as they may be selling old stock or refurbished watches, as if they are new or there may be a serial number missing from the watch or warranty card may not be provided or not stamped from authorized watch dealer. If the dealer includes warranties of their own, it will be only good through them and it will be not honoured at authorized service centres. One may get additional discount of few percent through these dealers but why risk warranty, resale and other problems.

Most people go for fake or replica watches because they are cheaper maybe they are mislead by these fake watch retailers by making false claims on their websites, appearance wise they may look good and original but they may lack features of branded wristwatches and functionality wise may create problem and above all they sell for average price of 100 dollars and above and they have been successful in fooling innocent buyers with the prices that they offer which is more or less same to genuine watches.

Watch buyer are misinformed or due to lack of knowledge they think genuine watches are expensive. Major watch maker also cater to economy watch models and above that authorized online watch dealer store offers substantial discounts as they save due to low operating cost and pass on these cost to customers in form of discounts, so this is win win situation for watch buyers and many of them also free shipping.

There are many avenues from where one can buy branded wristwatches. One of them is to buy from authorized online watch retailer. Watch manufacturer market and distribute watches through authorized dealers. These dealers are directly connected to manufacturers so if their is any product defect they send back watch to manufacturer and get it replaced or repaired as long as warranty is valid Authorized dealers have full support of manufacturers. Another important point is authorized dealers have to maintain stock level due to which one can browse through wide array of watches collection. is an online authorized watch dealer for all major watches brands and having physical address in New York. The other way is to buy from gray market or unauthorized dealers. Usually people who are not quality conscious choose to buy from grey market thinking they can buy at lower rate which often is true many times but they risk warranty, offers by watch makers, resale, and other problems such as warrant of a watch is void even if you have purchased a brand new watch, Manufacturers do not endorse unauthorized watch dealers, so there is no guarantee of genuineness of a watch. It could be fake or partially fake and there are many possibilities of tampering of serial number and other manipulations from which these unauthorized watch dealers profit.

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