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60th Birthday Party Games

These 60th birthday party games are tailored to those still working or those fortunate enough to enjoy early retirement in a sunny locale. They work hard and may want to play just as hard. For instance, a pool party may still be fine for the active 60-year-old but the water volleyball might be better geared toward younger guests while older ones are made more comfortable in a sheltered picnic area.

The water volleyball sets for this 60th birthday party game are similar to land or sand volleyball with the net made of PVC tubes and mounted on floats. Teams of three to six players try to deliver the ball to the other volleyball court by tossing it into the air and then serving the ball over the net in a way that can't be returned but volleyball still in bounds. The boundary lines are the pool walls. Each missed ball is scored. Game play ends when a score of 25 is reached by one team.

If a pool is unavailable, warm weather and an inexpensive set of horseshoes can provide hours of casual competition at your one and only big 60th birthday. The rules are simple and preparation only involves placing the stakes 40 feet apart in six to eight inches of sand. A square shaped sand pit at least 43 inches by 31 inches surrounds each stake. Participants are divided into two teams of equal number. Each team is given two horseshoes. Each player from a team pitches from behind his stake toward the stake at the other end. Then the other team plays to complete the inning. One point is awarded for shoes landing within six inches of the stake; one or two points for those leaning on the stake; and three points for shoes that sit encompassing the stake (called a ""ringer""). Game ends with a 40 point score by either team.

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Great Experiences and Great Holiday Specials in Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia, is a vibrant and attractive city with a unique selection of budget and exclusive accommodation with many things to do for the visitor such as attractions and tours. Adelaide has always been a tourist destination in Australia due to its unique characteristics and gateway to outstanding natural scenery.

With many great accommodation specials and interesting tours, visitors get to enjoy the eclectic mix of modern and historical sites around the CBD whilst sampling the great selection of dining and bars.

There are tree-shaded walks to be volleyball and picnics in the manicured gardens are a popular choice on hot afternoons. With a lot to see and do, and an atmosphere of lazy sunny days, a good way to tour Adelaide is by public transport.

Activities close to accommodation in Adelaide include learning about the history of the area in the local museum or enjoying some of the local wine and cuisine in one of the many bistros or cafes.

Begin at North Terrace, the city's most attractive boulevard, and wander along the street and find the casino at Skycity Adelaide, Government House, Parliament House(with its award-winning museum of state history), the State Library of South Australia and the Mortlock Library. Further along North Tce, are the Botanic Gardens.

Behind Parliament House off King William St is the South Australian Theatre Museum.

A shopper's paradise, Rundle Mall is located adjacent to North Tce.

Located above North Tce to the west is the Old Adelaide Gaol; definitely worth a visit. Other attractions of the city include Edmund Wright House, where the History Trust of South Australia promotes the state's history; the Lion Arts Centre, containing 9 different arts organisations; and Tandanya, the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute.

Two kilometres north of the CBD, North Adelaide is lined with grand Victorian and Edwardian homes made of bluestone and sandstone. There is an abundance of hotels, motels and B&Bs in this suburb, with exotic restaurants, cafes and welcoming pubs all within walking distance.

Around 20-30min from the CBD, Adelaide's beaches are popular seaside escapes. Well-known areas include Henley volleyball West Beach and Brighton.

The site of the first mainland settlement in South Australia in 1836, Glenelg is a seaside suburb with a 5-star hotel, beachfront apartments, shops and restaurants on the shoreline. Jetty Road is a hive of activity as the main precinct for shopping and alfresco dining. Rodney Fox's Shark Museum is located in the Town Hall. For the adventurous, attractions include helicopter rides and parasailing, with other outdoor activities like beach volleyball available.

The area around Adelaide is world famous for its award-winning wines. The Barossa Valley, South Australia is renowned for its Shiraz amongst others.

Whilst the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia, South of Adelaide is the states oldest wine region dating back to the first vintage in 1841. There are now 35 wine labels in the picturesque setting of Mount Lofty Ranges.

The Clare Valley is just an hour and a half north of Adelaide. With a rich cultural tapestry dating back 160 years and more than 35 cellar doors, and is famous for its Reisling.

Due to its proximity to the airport and good public transport, visitors to Adelaide can enjoy both long stays and weekends in this cultural and enjoyable city.

Adelaide Rosella, Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills Region - Image South Australia Tourism Commission

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Pool Products Information

Whether or not you own an in-ground or above-ground pool, owning a pool alone simply isn't enough if you want to get the absolutely most out of your swimming pool. Whether you are looking for equipment to help you with your pool's upkeep, or adding hours of fun to the whole pool experience, there are literally hundreds of accessories and other products that you should definitely look into getting.

Many of the products that are available for any swimming pool have to do with maintenance and the upkeep of your pool. Water pumps and water heaters immediately come to mind. Vital components that is essential to the smooth operation of your swimming pools' systems. These types of products are what you will most likely want to spend the most volleyball researching, as some of these components can cost upwards of several hundreds of dollars. You don't want to find yourself buying a piece for your pool, only to find the same unit from a competitor costing a hundred dollars less, after all.

In addition to these vital components, you will also want to look into some other, more basic maintenance equipment. You may be in need of a good hand skimmer for your outdoor spa or a long-handled skimmer for your larger pools in order to clean out the fallen leaves from the trees in either yours or your neighbor's yards. Perhaps you may be looking for scrub brushes to help clean your pool's walls and floor after the water has been drained. You will also probably want to look into a pool tarp to keep your pool water clean when the pool is not in use, as well as to keep your children safe.

However, odds are you are probably looking for accessories to add fun to the swim time experience. There is no limit to what you can find to provide you with countless hours of entertainment. Many home improvement stores carry a small selection of inflatable slides, foam tubes and beach balls, which have always been staples at volleyball the beach and at poolside. However, these barely scratch the surface of the countless poolside products designed to make your time at the pool more entertaining.

An excellent place to find pool and poolside products are at your local toy store, especially if you have small children. Toy stores often carry dozens of pool products designed especially for the younger children, with everything from "floaties" to underwater masks. But not all poolside toys are for the young children. There are many toys and activities that both children and adults can enjoy. Many outdoor retailers both online and off offer accessories and games that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy. Floating ping pong tables, volleyball nets and a bevy of underwater pool games are just a few of the many products designed for fun times for everyone, aged six to 60.

If nothing else, there are always floating chairs and other relaxation products for sale to let you simply sit back, unwind, and enjoy your time outside.

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3 Surefire Tips To Getting Rid of Cellulite

Here is one thing that most women already knew - cellulite is bothersome, annoying and difficult to eliminate. Compare to other beauty problems like volleyball pigmentation and so on, cellulite is consider one of the most revolting to them.

If you are like one of the many women and do not see visible results with what you have done so far, do not feel discouraged. Rather than let cellulite overcome your personal confidence and affect your life, try to take it slowly and aim for gradual improvements instead. You volleyball find yourself more motivated and happier.
How to get rid of cellulite?

First, if you are currently overweight, it is important to shed those extra pounds by reducing the excess fats in your body . Try to consume lesser saturated fats and processed foods than before. Monitor your fat consumption and cut down on those food items that adds to your daily fat count. For example, choose lean meat over fat meat, switch to low fat margarine instead of peanut butter and drink plain water over high sugar soda drinks.

Besides focusing on your diet, it is important to move your limbs and body more often. Exercise regularly and eating wisely is the best combination to lose excess fats and after that cellulite. Choose something you already enjoys doing. It does not necessarily have to be running or sweating at the gym. You can invite friends for a game of tennis, go to the beach to play volleyball or even go for a leisure swim. The important crux is to increase your physical activity and make it consistent. As a guide, try to exercise at least 40 minutes for thrice a week.

Another effective way to get rid of cellulite is through massage. Why is massage a good form of cellulite treatment? The simple reason is that massage can help to increase the blood circulation and lymph flow in the body. It is also another enjoyable way in which you can relax yourself.

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Tennessee Volunteers - Home of the Top Female Athletes For Basketball

Women may have known to be the inferior gender in the olden days but in the 19th volleyball 20th century, they have managed to lift their standing. They do not only excel in the field of academics but they have also made their mark in sports. Several College Teams have proven that if their team for men can grab titles, their women can grab it too.

Well, it is a given fact that men can be gifted with brains and Braun. Definitely, there are women who made their mark in the field of sports. Mia Hamm is an icon in soccer. Her performance is one of the best far better than the records of the men and female in the field of soccer. Venus Williams is the famous tennis player who has won 3 Olympic Gold Medals. She shares the limelight with her sister who won two Olympic gold medals. Keri Walsh is a volleyball player who dominated the beach volleyball with her partner Misty May in two Olympic Games and three World Championships. These are some of the greatest female athletes in the field of sports.

In College teams, it is already a fact that most of the time, team for men have the greatest contribution to the total number of wins for the school. However, for Tennessee Volunteers, their team for women has also dominated the field of sports.

One of their best teams for women comes from the field of basketball. Yes, this team beat their team for men by garnering eight volleyball Division I titles. Pat Summit was their head coach at the time they have been having these winning streaks. This team was the college team of WNBA star for the Washington Mystics, Chamique Holdsclaw. Her role as a forward helped the team to win three NCAA titles in 1996, 1998 and 1999. On her era, she has various recognitions and awards. Her overall performance is one of the best for the field of basketball.

Making her own mark for the team is Dena Head. She is also one of the stars for the Utah Starzz. Her performance as a guard leads the team to win 2 NCAA titles while bagging individual awards. Another player which lead the team to win the in the 1997 and 1998 titles is Tamika Catchings. She follows the footstep of the Holdsclaw only she has performed better post NCAA days. Her career with the WNBA had flourished and she also gave great honor to the country by playing for the USA team in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. It is indeed more than a great honor as she helped the team win gold medal that contributed to the 36 Gold Medals USA accumulated.

From all of these, it is no doubt that women can be the best even for the sport popularly played by men. This holds true for the Tennessee Volunteers. The team just started out in the year 1969. However, they have managed to be the top team in the NCAA Basketball for Women.

Freddie Brister is a huge fan of the SEC and the Tennessee Volunteers. His love for the game of football started with an older brother passing the pigskin around in the backyard with cousins and neighborhood friends. He later played in high school, college and coached high school football for 25 years, before retiring to write for Sports Fan Treasures. Check out his Tennessee Volunteers Merchandise.

Interesting Facts About Olympic Countries - Australia

Did you know...

Australia has attended all Summer Olympic Games (1896-2004). Unlike Japan, Germany, Norway and the United States, it participated in the Olympic Games in 1980.

Teddy Flack won two gold medals ( 800m and 1500m ) at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens, the capital city of Grece. Edwin Harold "Teddy" Flack was the first Australian sportspeople to win an Olympic medal.

Dawn Fraser was a great Australian swimmer. She was born on September 4, 1937 in Adelaide, Australia. This sportswoman won four Olympic titles (1956, 1960, 1964). She also won 23 National Championships: 100m (7), 200m (8), 400m (5), 100 m butterfly (2), 200m medley (1). Dawn, the swimming star and idol national, won 8 medals at the 1958 and 1962 Commonwealth Games. During her sports career, Dawn set 27 world records. She was called "The Queen of Swimming" by Pat Besford, one of the best sportswriters of the world.

From 1938 to 2007, Australia has hosted several international competitions:

The British Empire Games (1938)

The Summer Olympic Games (1956)

The Commonwealth Games (1962)

The FIFA World Youth Championship (1981)

The Commonwealth Games (1982)

The World Athletics Cup (1985)

The Pan Pacific Swimming Championship (1987)

The FINA World Championship (1994)

The IAAF World Junior Championship (1996)

The FINA World Championship (1998)

The Pan Pacific Swimming Championship (1999)

The Summer Olympic Games (2000)

The Paralympic Games (2000)

The Commonwealth Games (2006)

The FINA World Championship (2007)

Melissa Wu has Chinese ancestry. Who is Melissa?. She is one of the best youngest divers of the world. She was born on May 3, 1992 in Sydney. Under the leadership of Xiangning Chen (her coach), she won a gold medal in the 10m platform event at the FINA World Junior Championships in Kula Lumpur (Malaysia). Melissa also won a silver medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne (Australia). Before the Commonwealth Games, Melissa won three gold medals at the 1995 Australian Championship. This athlete resides in Brisbane, Australia. Currently, she is training very hard. "I get let out of school about an hour early each day to come to trining. I do one less subject that the others so I can catch up on homework and assignments.But teachers and school friends understand this demanding daily routine.They are really happye for me!",she says.

This country has participated in the Commonwealth Games 18 times: Hamilton'1930, London '1934, Sydney '1938, Auckland '1950, Vancouver '1954,Cardiff '1958, Perth'1962, Kingston'1966, Edinburgh'1970, Christchurch'1974, Edmonton'1978, Brisbane'1982, Edinburgh'1986, Auckland '1990, Victoria '1994, Kuala Lumpur '1998, Manchester '2002 and Melbourne'2006.

The Australian men's volleyball team qualified for the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece. At the Olympic Qualification Tournamente in Tokyo, Australia defeated many teams such as Japan (host country), South Korea and the People's Republic of China. For the first time, Australia beating Japan, who won three medals at the 1964, 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games. The Australian team was trained by Jon Uriarte (Argentina), who was one of the best volleyball players in the 1980s. The Olympic players were: Brett alderman, David Beard, Matthew Young, Luke Campbell, Zane Christensen, Hidde van Beest, Grant Sorensen, Travis Moran, Dan Howard, Andrew Earl, David Ferguson and Benjamin Hardy.

From 1896 to 1972, Australia won 63 Olympic gold medals.

Catherine "Cathy" Salome Freeman is an iconic figure in Australia's sports. She become the first Aborigine to win an Olympic gold medal since James Franciscus "Jim" Thorpe (United States) at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games. Like Dawn Frasser (Olympic champion), Sir Frank (Nobel Prize in Medicine), Shane Gould (Olympic champion) and Patrick White (Nobel Prize for Literature), she was elected Australian of the Year (1998).

Date birth:16/2/1973

Place of birth: Slade Point,Mckay,Queensland

Event (track & field): 400m

Distinctions:1st at the 2003 Australian Championship; 1st at the 2000 Grand Prix; 1st at the 2000 Golden League; 1st at the 2000 Olympic Games; 1st at the 2000 Australian Championship; 2nd at the 1999 IAAF World Indoor Championship; 1st at the 1999 Australian Championship; 1st at the 1999 World Athletics Championship; 1st at the 1998 Australian Championship;1st at the 1997 World Athletics Championship;1st at the 1997 Australian Championship; 1st at the 1996 IAAF Grand Prix ; 2nd at the 1996 Olympic Games; 4th at the 1995 World Athletics Championship; 1st at the 1995 Australian Championship; 2nd at the 1994 IAAF Grand Prix; 1st at the Commonwealth Games; 3rd at the 1992 Australian Championship.

This country has great athletes in this century: Libby Lenton (swimming/ world champion, 2007), Nathan Deakes (athletics/world champion, 2007), Chantelle Newbery (diving/ Olympic gold medalist, 2004), Anna Meares (cycling/ Olympic gold medalist, 2004), Simon Fairweather (archery/ Olympic gold medalist, volleyball Ryan Bayley (cycling/ Olympic gold medalist, 2004), Sara Carrigan (cycling/ Olympic gold medalist, 2004), Gail Miller (water polo/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Leisel Jones (swimming/ world champion, 2007), Scott McGlory (Olympic gold medalist, 2000). Michael Diamond (shooting/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Jana Rawlinson (track & field/ world champion,2007), Matt Welsh (swimming/ world champion, 2007), Philip Dutton (equestrian/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Stuart volleyball (equestrian/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Ian Thorpe (swimming/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000 and 2004), Kerry Pottharst (beach volleyball/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000),Grant Hacker (swimming/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000 and 2004), Susie O'Neill (swimming/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Mark Turboll (sailing/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Lauren Burns (taekwondo/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000), Natalie Cook (beach volleyball/ Olympic gold medalist, 2000) and Jessicah Schipper (swimming/ world champion, 2007).

The Australian men's basketball team is one of the best of the world.

Top performances:

1956 Melbourne Olympic Games-12th place (host country)

1964 Tokyo Olympic Games-9th place

1970 FIBA World Championship-12th place

1972 Munich Olympic Games-9th place

1974 FIBA World Championship-12th place

1976 Montreal Olympic Games-8th place

1978 FIBA World Championship-7th place

1980 Moscow Olympic Games-8th place

1982 FIBA World Championship-5th place

1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games-7th place

1986 FIBA World Championship-17th place

1988 Seoul Olympic Games-4th place

1990 FIBA World Championship-7th place

1992 Barcelona Olympic Games-6th place

1994 FIBA World Championship-5th place

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games-4th place

1998 FIBA World Championship-9th place

2000 Sydney Olympic Games-4th place

2004 Athens Olympic Games-9th place

2006 FIBA World Championship-13rd place

Alejandro Guevara Onofre: He is a freelance writer. Alejandro is of Italian, African and Peruvian ancestry.He has published more than seventy-five research paper in English, and more than twenty in Spanish, concerning the world issues, olympic sports, countries, and tourism. His next essay is called "The Dictator and Alicia Alonso". He is an expert on foreign affairs.Alejandro is the first author who has published a world-book encyclopedia in Latin America. He admires Frida Kahlo (Mexican painter), Jos Gamarra (former president of the Bolivian Olympic Committee ,1970- 1982), Hillary Clinton (ex-First Lady of the USA), and Jimmy Carter (former President of the USA). Alejandro said: "The person who I admire the most is Jos Gamarra . He devoted his professional and personal life to sport. Jos played an important role in the promotion of Olympism in Bolivia -it is one of the Third World`s poorest countries- and Latin America. His biography is interesting". The sportspeople he most admire is Olympic volleyball player Flo Hyman. "This African-American sportswoman is my idol..."

Extremely Effective Aerobic Exercises For Fast Weight Loss - Here is Something You Must Know

When it comes to losing weight volleyball can't doing anything that will give you more benefits than aerobic exercise. Putting together the perfect combination of healthy eating habits and the proper aerobic regime will have you losing weight rapidly...

One of the most perfect and fun ways to lose weight through aerobics is to dance. You may choose to enroll in a class that will give you some structure or you may just go out for an evening or two of dancing at a club. If you enroll in a dance class try to find one that appeals to you. The jazz or tap dance classes will give your heart the work out that it needs to boost your metabolism. Any type of dance that makes you happy and works your heart will do.

Sports will be another form of aerobic exercise that will give you maximum results in relatively short order. Basketball, tennis or volleyball will all give you the workout you need. A bonus is playing with your friends, and this always helps you to lose weight.

When you have a support group such as you will find when you play a team sport you are more likely to stick with your exercises. Having a good time when you do your aerobics is one of the keys to success. Consistency is what you need to develop. If you can't find a dance or sport you like then look to something else. A series of exercises that take you through a warm up then lead you to exertion should be what you are looking for.

Jumping jacks, jumping rope and similar types of exercise would be a third option for your aerobic routine. A fourth exercise could be to try boxing in some form such as Tae Bo or go to a gym where they have boxing. Any of these will give you results.

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Citizen Watches a Classic Choice

Classic design and functionally have made Citizen Watches a world recognised timepiece brand. Driven by the creed of the company's founders 'to be close to people everywhere", Citizen has striven to achieve its distinction as the world's largest timepiece maker.

Since the creation of its first pocket watch in 1924, the Citizen brand as worked steadily to achieve its status as a advanced leader in timepiece technology. This environmentally friendly watch company strives forward into the future creating advanced timepieces that advance the cause of protecting the watches with their Eco-Drive collection series of light powered watches. The solar and artificial light powered devices watches run continuously for a lifetime of use without the waste of discarding used batteries. The ladies Riva Diamond boasts Eco-Drive technology within its slim 24 diamond crown and base and retails for an truly affordable price, the Men's Calibre 8700 is a striking match to the Riva with the added plus of Eco-drive technology in its golden frame. The solid masculine design of the piece looks striking with its retrograde perpetual calendar, the piece is a hit because of its under 300 pound price.

Citizen is stepping forward into the deeper future of timekeeping with the advent of their newest Men's series, Skyhawk chronograph watches. These solid Men's timepiece A-radio controlled atomic pieces reaffirm Citizen's role as a leader in the timekeeping industry. Looking forward to a bright future, Citizen watch company continues to provide inspiration and innovative thought for the greater timekeeping community with brands that will last forever.

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Learning About Watch Repair

There are a lot of basic tools available that are used in repairing watches. The starting tools are a pair of good tweezers and screwdrivers. The other essential tools that normally come in handy are

- a good lamp,
- a comfortable working area( generally a table)
- cleaning solvents,
- oil,
- a knife,
- toothpicks,
- versatile adhesive material,
- special stones for sharpening your screwdrivers and tweezers,
- a set of measuring tools
- And don't forget the emery cloth which is a must have in a toolkit.

If you are passionate on watch repair then don't forget nippers, punches, pliers of different shapes and sizes, hand pullers, a demagnetizer and also a watch case opening and closing tools. There are some more specialized tools like the truing caliper and a timing machine and a polisher and also a lathe if you take up watch repair seriously.

Here are a few tools that are explained in detail

Tweezers: it is a good idea watches start with a style 2 or 3 tweezers because they are easier to handle and you can use them on delicate watches as well. Nonmagnetic tweezers that are manufactured by the Swiss are rated the best as they will not rust nor will they have any delicate watches parts of the watches sticking to them. The demagnetizer will help you in case such a problem occurs. The tweezers should be sharp and parallel, otherwise even a little bit of extra pressure will see the delicate parts jumping out of your tweezers. A fine stone can be used to sharpen your tweezers.

Screwdrivers: this is an important tool in a watch repairman's kit as it plays the important role in dismantling and re-fixing the delicate and minute parts of a watch. The Swiss screwdriver is a safe bet because they have revolving tops that are easy to use. If you find them expensive or if they do not fit in your budget try the French screwdrivers they are too are good. India and Pakistan also manufacture screwdrivers that are pretty cheap but don't forego on the quality.

Cleaning solutions: a good commercial solution, preferably waterless is recommended during watch repairing and cleaning. Most of these cleaning solutions contain carcinogens that can be harmful to your health. Peg wood sticks also known as toothpicks are useful to clean the jewel holes in old pocket watches. Nowadays you get ultrasonic machines and other cleaning machines. That will assist you in cleaning the dirty parts and all you have to do is examine the clean parts and re-fix the watch. Care should be taken while cleaning as the parts may be old and delicate.

Oils: Oil plays a very important role during the cleaning process. These oils are exorbitant but they generally depend upon the size and category to the watch. The first breakthrough in synthetic watch oil was developed by Elgin. These oils are not available in the market today. Moebius which is a Swiss company is known to make very good synthetic as well as natural oil that aids in watch repair process.

The list is never ending as new and more polished tools are being innovated practically every minute but these should do for the newbies. gives you the complete lowdown on what tools you need to have your own watch making hobby.

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Beckham takes a Lead in Men's Jewellery

When it comes to style and skill, one of watches worlds class footballers David Beckham is probably the envy of most men. No other man has put mens jewellery firmly on the style map like Beckham has. Lets face it most men wouldnt turn a blind eye if Beckham was all style and no skill on the pitch. But Beckham is blessed with style, substance and most importantly he ranks high because of his skill with the ball on the pitch.

Youve probably seen all the pictures. First, there were the winning haircuts; floppy blonde, shaved head and the mohican. Then the tabloids captured him appearing at a nightclub in a sarong to reveal both body and the legs.

But it was when Beckham started wearing expensive diamond watches, jewellery and diamond earrings? Not just one diamond stud piercing watches earlobe but two diamond earrings. Its a head-turning remarkable style triumph by Beckham who effortlessly gave men permission to wear mens jewellery. Had another man tried to pull off wearing earrings he may have not been as successful.

At the Beckhams pre-World Cup party, again mens jewellery was on dazzling display. Englands full-back Ashley Cole arrived in his version of Full length and Fabulous. Naked from the waist up, Ashley Coles dinner jacket was replaced with mens jewellery.

And an exquisite diamond encrusted watch was the costliest item at the Beckhams charity auction created by Jacob Arabo, the sparklingly talented young jewellery designer whose name has fast become well-known in celebrity circles.

Arabos exquisite mens jewellery is much-loved by his clients not simply for being expensive but for transcending the classic designs. He takes credit for changing male attitudes to wearing jewellery. Pop stars and celebrities alike wear some of his creations like diamond-covered dice or mobile phones to stand out in photo shoots and pop videos.

Mens jewellery has been reported to have risen by twenty percent. And the demand for diamonds has risen too, not surprising given the number of celebrities keen to flash a bit of bling for the cameras.

So there you have it. Its official. Jewellery is not just for women anymore. For the trend conscious, urban, metrosexual man, wearing a piece of mens jewellery is the ultimate to looking cool. You only have to look at the growing array of mens jewellery; bracelets, earrings, chains and pendants being paraded in this years catwalks. Men may even have their very own jewellery boxes soon to keep their prized pieces.

Gone are the days of the medallion man: all gold chains embedded in chest hair, a sore sight for any womans eyes. Numbered are the days when a young man will expose matted chest hair, allow his toned stomach to turn into a paunch, sprout nose hair and leave his nails uncut. Slowly yet surely grooming and mens jewellery are causing ripples in the male universe.

So whether its platinum or a combination of metals, diamond encrusted rings earrings or trinkets, jewellery designers are getting in on the act. Manufacturers in fine jewellery are expanding their lines for mens jewellery too. So it looks as if the trend for mens jewellery is set to stay - diamonds or no diamonds.

Copyright 2006 Tatstar

Taroon Shah is based in the UK and can be contacted via:

White Gold Tanzanite Rings

Tanzania is home for one of watches rarest and the most famous gemstones - the Tanzanite, which has been in demand ever since people became aware of it. The primary reason that makes everyone go after this stone is its sheer beauty in terms of color and vibrance. Tanzanite is trichroic, meaning it has the property to exhibit three different colors when viewed from different angles, which is a rare feature in any other gemstone. But, the color that attracts everyone the most is the rich blue in the center surrounded by a vibrant purple hue. To obtain a stone of this beauty a lot of work has to be done, because watches in its rough state has a reddish brown color. The stone has to be heat-treated up to 500C so as to turn blue, after which it is passed on to the hands of an experienced cutter. The cutter then carefully cuts the treated Tanzanite into faceted or facet-less stones. These stones can be cut into any desirable shape which includes cushion, oval, round, heart, pear, emerald, trilliant, cabochon, etc. Except for the last one, every other shape in the market is faceted and sparkles more than the facet-less cabochon cut.

Tanzanite stones are used in every imaginable ornament like bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, ear-rings, etc. The good thing about tanzanite is that it can be submerged in almost any metal like platinum, gold, silver, etc. The combination that is creating a rave in the international arena is tanzanite white gold. There are two varieties of gold namely yellow gold and white gold, and tanzanite looks enchanting with both metals. The first in the line is the tanzanite - white gold combo, thanks to the perfect match between the subdued white and the magnificent blue. The tanzanite - yellow gold combination is not far behind providing stiff competition. Tanzanite in white gold gives a contemporary and classy look, whereas Tanzanite in yellow gold gives a rich look. The members of the fairer sex generally prefer white gold Tanzanite rings, whereas their male counterpart incline towards other tanzanite white gold ornaments. The point to be noted here is that, tanzanite combinations are not gender-based, but are based on personal liking. No matter what, tanzanite gold accessories have the ability to lend a glorious look to whoever wears it.

There are certain parameters to consider before narrowing down on a tanzanite gold ornament. The first factor is to decide on the carat value of the metal. Since tanzanite is comparatively a soft stone, the metal that houses it has to be very sturdy. One can choose between 14k or 18k gold, where 14k gold is sturdier than 18 k and is best suited for ornaments worn by men. This is because, men are believed to involve in more physical activities, and 14k gold will provide better protection to the stone. The next factor to take care of is the weight of the tanzanite gold. It is advisable to go for heavier tanzanite gold jewels, because they will have more metal tucked under the tanzanite stone, thus seating the stone with better protection and offering more durability.

On the other hand, lighter tanzanite white gold will have less metal to support the stone and exposes it to more damage. Last but not the least there are certain dos and don'ts for the maintenance of tanzanite gold. These include avoiding steam, soapy water and ultrasonic methods for cleaning the stone. Instead, tanzanite gold can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth and by using cold water for extreme cases. By adopting proper precautionary steps, a tanzanite gold jewel will definitely prove to be a worthy asset to the owner giving him/her pride and pleasure of owning something unique.

For lots more tips, articles and resources visit White Gold Tanzanite rings

Celtic Jewelry Ring

Fashion has its own importance in today's contemporary watches where everyone likes to look good. There are also a number of jewelry designers offering great fashion accessories and latest jewelry watches but if you need some that can really stand out then you should probably choose Celtic jewelry. This one is available for almost any occasion and they are well known for their outstanding wedding jewelry collection. Therefore, whether you choose a traditional Celtic brand or you choose to signify your wedding memories with a precious stone in genuine rings you can do it without having to search much and without spending much.

Celtic jewelry rings are attractive, fashionable and what's more, they last long. You can browse through hundreds of different designs online for any of your important occasion. There are triangular, double knot Celtic spinner rings, Small butterfly rings with Celtic accents and several other designs. Additionally you can also find one that is handmade only for you, giving the ring a customized look. The best thing is that you can even place your orders to design a Celtic jewelry ring according to your preference where you can specify the design the make material and the colour for the Celtic ring.

You can even find them in both modern day and traditional design. There are a number of websites online that offer you great deals and you can also choose from their wide range of weeding rings. Here at the online websites you can find weddings rings, engagement rings and even rings for other occasions. You just have to place your order if you need to customize it and it would be shipped right to your place.

I am John James from and I am an expert on Jewelry. I hope this article gives you a good start at your search for a good piece of Celtic jewelry, I have written a lot more advice on the Celtic Jewelry Ring and reviews on Celtic art.

Luminox Dive Watch Reviews

The first Luminox watch was born in 1989. It was initially meant to be a sports watch but later it was rebuilt to meet some rigorous specifications and become the symbol of the US Navy Seals.
Based on a precise and reliable Swiss mechanism, the Luminox watches employ a unique illumination system which made them an instant success and perfect for one of the world's elite military forces. The first Dive watch was offered to the Seal teams in 1994 with the belief that it was exactly what they needed. That proved to be a very good move and the Seals now keep this type of watch for recreational use as well.

The Luminox collection of navy Seal Dive Watches includes a variety of dial colors which makes them suitable to every personality. Having the appearance of a well-designed sports watch, the Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watches gained more and more appreciation among active consumers as well as military and law enforcement groups.

The manufacturing steps of these watches are very precise. The self-powered illumination system, for instance, has to be installed in each watch. This is a rather costly endeavor and it also takes time but the final product is worth the torment. The micro gas lights are installed into the main elements of the dial, such as the hands, hour markers and sometimes even the bezel, according to the type and model. Unlike conventional luminous watches, they do not need any external light source to make them glow. Similarly, there is no button to push in order to light the dial, like the one on electroluminescence watches. The micro gas light Luminox technology shows time at a glance, whatever the light level, which makes these watches the perfect time-telling pieces in complete darkness. That is why Luminox now produces Navy Seal Dive Watches for night missions. In addition, a big number of U.S. Air Force pilots wear them and fully enjoy the benefits of having a rigorously tested and reliable Luminox timepiece.

To better understand the value of a Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch, let us enumerate some of its most important characteristics. Having a diameter of 43 mm, the fibreglass reinforced polyester injection moulded case makes this watch a very durable one. The black stainless steel case is secured with stainless steel screws. A double gasket crown confers water resistance to 200 metres. The watch has a scratch resistant mineral glass crystal, multi-jewel Swiss quartz movement with date function, end of life feature and a four-year battery life.

The dial is available in several colors: black, blue, watches forest green, red, yellow and khaki. It comes with a supple polyurethane dive strap with signature buckle and a 22 mm replacement strap. There is also a nylon strap choice if you want.

Those interested in more glamor may choose the Luminox navy Seal Titanium Watch with a 43 mm titanium case and crown protector. This one has a 10-year lithium battery and a solid link titanium bracelet with safety clasp and a scratch resistant sapphire glass crystal. Whichever kind you have, you can be proud of the design and functionality of your Luminox watch.

There is a Luminox watch sale on now in our online store. Also available is a great selection of replacement Luminox watch bands at discount prices.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Timex GPS Watches - The Timex Data Recorder For Extended Data Tracking

The Timex Data Recorder works with a limited number of Timex watches that support heart rate monitors and GPS. It's function is to record continuous data that can later be uploaded to PC and analyzed in a software program like the Timex Trainer (bundled with most of Timex's advanced watches) or a third party software application like SportsTracks.

The Timex Data Recorder is about 3cm in diameter and clips neatly onto your shorts. It simultaneously collects heart rate and speed and distance data from heart rate and GPS sensors and continuously records workout information with support over multiple workouts.

The Recorder is also capable of tracking navigation data, including altitude, elevation, latitude, longitude, ascent and descent data. This makes it suitable for use with the Bodylink Trailrunner T5J985 watch.

The device connects to PC via a USB cable. Once uploaded the Timex Trainer software lets you to analyze your data in a number of ways including:

  • Weekly activity time
  • Weekly distance goals
  • Weekly time in HR zones
  • Weekly distance by sport
  • Daily time in HR zones
  • Daily time in HR zones by sport
  • Daily distance
  • Daily activity time
  • Daily body weight
  • Daily resting heart rate
  • Daily highest altitude

The Data Recorder has a different capacity to store data depending on the information it is storing at a given time.

While recording heart rate monitor data only, a whopping 72 hours of data can be recorded, with speed and distance data only (no altitude), 26 hours of data is possible. With heart rate monitor data plus speed and distance, 14 hours of data can be stored and 7 hours with 3D GPS (inclusive of altitude) can be stored in the Data Recorder's memory.

The Timex Data Recorder is not essential, nor does it come standard with any Timex watches, but if you wish to store as much of your training data as possible and have it available for download and analysis, it may be worth while investing in this device.

Visit our website to learn much more about Timex GPS watches and other leading sports time pieces. Check it out here. Timex Sports Watches

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Diamond Jewellery Sets a New Trend in the World of Jewellery

Nowadays, the diamond jewellery lovers have more choices when it comes to selecting diamonds for themselves or other near and dear ones. The market is flooded with many types of diamonds. They are available in various colours, sizes and shapes. Most popular colours in diamond include deep blue, rich reds, yellows, greens and many more. Right from ancient times in India, the diamond jewellery is highly adored and admired.

It is the undeniable fact that diamonds offer a great element of emotional and sentimental feelings. They are equally liked by both men and women. The diamonds are considered a symbol of love and romance among people. Not only this, but they also increase your confidence and status by giving you a special feeling. People can have a wide range of diamond products, such as diamond rigs, earrings, bracelets, bands, pendants, necklaces and many other products. With the advancement of technology, the consumers can have diamonds combined with gold, ruby, pearls etc. to give an additional touch of style and elegance. These diamonds are perfect option of gifts to especially for couples and love birds. Among diamonds, the most commonly used jewellery is diamond rings. They are available in varied sizes, shapes and colours.

They are almost cherished by all women and are considered great gift. There is a wide range of rings in the market like colour stone rings, daily wear rings, engagement ring, wedding rings, fashion rings, religious rings, heart rings, men's rings, pressure set rings, anniversary rings and so on. Diamond rings look dazzling and impressive. They are status symbol in the society and carry great esteem in the society. More interestingly, these rings are studded with gold, pearls, precious stones, ruby and so on.

So, if you are looking for rings, these rings would be perfect choices for you. When talking about diamond pendants, they are very beautiful and come with varied colours, designs, sizes and shapes. The wide range of these pendants include lighting pendent, Ganesh pendants, heart pendants, Navratran pendants and many other pendants. Further, these pendants also come studded with ruby, gold, precious stones and so on. So, if you are looking for jewellery and love the sparkle and elegance, go for highly acclaimed diamond Jewellery and stand with high class people with your head held high with pride. These diamonds are available from various online shopping portals at affordable prices.

The author is a specialist in retail writing. Her writing skills reflect the outcome of years of exposure to the retail industry. Working with retail giants as a consultant has enriched her knowledge base and her passion for writing got fire. She can be read regularly on
Diamond Rings

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Guess Handbags - As Good as Brands Get

Anyone can get a Guess handbag -- original or inspired -- from any retail store. If you prefer original and authentic Guess handbags and you have plenty of time in your hands, you can even hunt for some great bargains.

But it is not just any genuine Guess handbag you want for yourself or someone you love. You want a Guess handbag that's handpicked from the widest inventory possible, which includes the latest models. So, where do you go? The Guess web site, of course! The Guess web site would have the latest and widest selection of Guess handbags.

Here is a peek at some recent Guess handbag offerings the company has posted online: Sicily Box Bag, Sicily Mini Dr. Satchel, Roma Large Satchel, Sicily Small Hobo, Sicily Slim Clutch, Roma Slim Clutch, Torino Half Flap, Torino Mini Half Flap, Roma Half Flap and Roma Mini Chain Flap Bag.

Want to digress a little as you do your online search? Something perhaps, besides a Guess handbag? Then you can check out Guess other product lines. Guess offers accessories, women's and men's apparel (tops, jeans, dresses, outerwear, swimwear, headwear pants, belts, shoes), watches and other jewelry, luggage, perfume, luggage and more.

You probably have your own reasons for liking Guess products like Guess handbags, the brand and the company. In fact, your liking is not without basis. This popular all-American fashion name is known as much for its sexualized ads, as the hip clothing lines that the Guess company intensively markets as the nucleus of a jeans culture. Besides clothes, Guess also produces watches, jewelry and handbags.

As a company, Guess has demonstrated a commitment to worldwide leadership in the fashion industry. It has done so through its unflagging entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism in its business partnerships, product quality, and responsiveness to customers needs as well as shareholder interests. It has also shown signs of being socially responsible by embracing diversity.

Like Guess? Youre in good company!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breitling Watches - Stylish, Strong And Precise Time Keeping

The legend was founded in 1884, by the 24 year old Leon Breitling in the city of St. Imier in Switzerland. At the beginning Leons intention was to construct first-rate technological watches. Leon started specializing in chronographic designs in the year 1915, this after moving his factory to Grenchen. After this he made some significant developments in this area, which guided him to becoming the original manufacturer of watches to initiate a sole push piece for the chronograph. In 1934, the second push button was added which enabled increasing time recording. Breitling was the choice of the RAF to supply them with a timepiece as well as the US armed services. This allowed them to pave their place in the flying industry and they started supplying clocks for cockpits of intercontinental airlines.

The Chronomat was launched in 1942, which was developed with the first chronographically spherical slide. The Navitimer was launched in 1952 and pilots wore this watch, as it was to them a genuine wrist instrument. The Navitimer has a built-in computer for navigation and thus it became the AOPAs official watch. Scott Carpenter wore the Cosmonaute in 1962 when he flew the Aurora 7 into space bringing further fame to retail of this timepiece.

The Breitling era ended in 1979 following the death of Will Breitling, the grandson of Leon Breitling, who started running the company in 1932. Afterward, in 1979, the company was taken over by Ernest Schneider, an aviator and watch aficionado bringing along a new age of the Breitling range. Ernest brought in new watch lines, which included ranges for yachting, diving yet concentrating on high class watches for the flying industry. In 1985, the Aerospace was introduced, which is a multifunctional electric chronograph and is made with Titanium. 1995 sees the launch of the Emergency, which a various functional chronograph, including a built-in transmitter which is able to broadcast an aircraft crisis frequency. Three years later the B-1 is introduced and it significantly embodies steps forward in the field of Swiss manufacturing.

The companies watch range is commonly known as stylish, strong and precise and is today one of the main suppliers in the Swiss industry for development of high accuracy models. The instrument for the professional is the statement that makes Breitling watches as unique as they are. Breitling is a hard choice to pass on by those who appreciate the more than normal precision watch. All watches produced by them are made in Switzerland possess genuine Swiss mechanisms.

What makes the Breitling range stand out from the rest is that certification is offered on all moving parts, on all of the models. The case of the timepiece is highly well known known for the eminence of the finish. The Breitling watches are specifically designed to go through rigorous use. The dials were built with the intention to be able to read time at a once off glance. The crystals internally found in the watches are anti scratch sapphire as well as anti glare on either side.

Randy Zakowski is an author and a successful watch seller. Visit his site to find great deals on Breitling Watches plus many other watch makes.

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Rubies - The Gemstone of Royalty That Isn't Just For Princesses

Not only did Sarah Ferguson get to have the proposal of most little girls dreams, but her Prince also managed to carry it off with infinite style by opting for rubies. Wanting to find an engagement ring to adequately express his love, Prince Andrew chose to design the ring himself with the help of famous Royal jewellers, Garrard, and together they created a fabulous pigeon-blood red ruby diamond ring to match the hue of her hair.

Throughout the centuries, the ruby has always enjoyed a long royal heritage. One of the most regal of rubies is the Chhatrapati Manik which dates back over 2000 years. At this time, the King of what was then Ujjain in India, Sri Raja Bir Vikramaditya, commissioned a crown to be made according to Jyotish system of astrology. Nine specially selected gemstones were chosen, as Indian tradition denotes the number as having magical power,and thegreat ruby was placed at the centre. Representative of the sun, the ruby was believed to have particularly strong potential.

Not to be outdone, several hundreds of years later, the Iranian Crown jewels too boasted some pretty impressive examples of ruby jewellery. Nasseridin Shah, the Persion ruler from 1848 to 1896, created an especially novel way of keeping track of his jewels. He had so many rubies that he devised the ingenious plan of creating a globe in which the rubies would indicate thecontinents, while emeralds illustrate the oceans. A total of 51,000 gemstones were used and in this way he was able to check that none were stolen, as to remove one would leave a gaping hole.

After occupying Burma for some time, England was privy to some of the worlds finest rubies as Burma is one the predominant sources inthe world. As a result, nestled within the British crown jewels is some breath-taking specimens. In fact up until the 1900s when George IV replaced it with a sapphire, the coronation ring consisted in part of a large, table cut ruby which boasted the engraving of the St. Georges Cross. One of the most famous rubies by far is the Black Princes Ruby which is mounted on front of the Imperial State Crown and kept at the Tower of London. However, it is now known that itis actually a spinel, which are less valuable and more common then rubies.

While not exactly a true blue blood, Elizabeth Taylor is royalty nonetheless and has managed to own her fair share of spectacular ruby jewelry over the years. The Queen of Hollywood owned several pieces including those given to her by ex-husbands, Richard Burton and Mike Todd. The latteronce surprised her as she swam in her pool (wearing a tiara!) with a pair of diamond ruby earrings, ruby bracelet and a ruby necklace and she said of them them that they "blazed like fire".

Thankfully, beautiful items of jewellery such as gold ruby earrings, are now even more accessible then ever before and with the rapid growth of online jewellers, prices on these warm, vibrant stones are more affordable then ever before, so you no longer need to be a Princess to own your own ruby studs.

Michelle Elkins is regular writer for The Diamond, an online jewellery store which supplies ruby earrings and diamond ruby earrings at a fraction of high street prices.

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Buying a Great Looking Ladies Watch

As technology improves and as we start carrying around devices that tell the time such as cell phones, some people may think that a wristwatch is a little outdated. But the fact remains that watch sales have never been as high, demonstrating that wristwatches haven't gone out of fashion. In fact, watches have now started to incorporate much newer technology such as video, games and Bluetooth, ensuring that they keep up with today's technology.

Therefore, ladies watches can still be a great gift idea. Whatever special occasion you need a gift for you will be able to find a watch that suites their personal style and taste. There is such a range of ladies watch these days and the most difficult part is not finding a watch but choosing from such a fantastic high quality range.

Sports ladies watches are ideal for women who play sport, keep fit or love the outdoors. To ensure that it still has a feminine touch, it is a good idea to buy a sports watch that is pastel in color or light pink.

Dress ladies watches are the everyday choice. They can look great with work outfits, on the weekend or going out for special occasions. They can be dressed up with jewelry or other dress accessories, and can be used to compliment an outfit. These type of watches are a great idea if you are not sure what type of watch would suit someone and you want to stay safe.

Jewelry watches are the most expensive of all the types of ladies watches and are usually crafted from precious metals with gems embedded on the band or face. These are great for women who need a watch for social or formal occasions where they dress up.

For information on buying discount lady watches such as Invicta watches take a look at the author's online website.

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Cut Crystal Steps Into Its Own

Most people can't afford to have several different real diamond and gemstone necklaces, rings, watches and earrings to choose from, but that doesn't mean you can't still wear jewelry that looks just like you do. Cut crystal has taken off as one of the most elegant additions to jewelry, plus it is much less expensive than the same piece with equal sizes of diamonds or other gems. Crystal is not just clear like you may expect, there are just as many colors of crystal as are found in the real gemstones, plus the cut and polishing of the crystal makes them sparkle and shine and have that deep inner fire to the bead or piece that draws the eye and makes a beautiful presentation.

One of the leading manufacturers of crystal jewelry is the Swarovski Corporation, which has been making fine leaded crystal jewelry, beads and figurines since 1895. As the pioneer in the field, Daniel Swarovski designed and developed the first machine that could precision cut crystal into small shapes, ensuring that beads and crystal jewels would be both uniform as well as symmetrical. In addition he developed type of crystal that uses 32% lead to maximizes the refraction and reflection of light, giving that beautiful glitter and shine to the individual beads and crystals. Cuts that are very similar to facets on a diamond further enhance the shine and shimmer, leading to really breathtaking and eye catching jewelry pieces.

High end Swarovski crystal jewelry is not inexpensive however, but it is a good investment and much less costly than other types of gems and diamonds. The metal base of the jewelry design can be gold or silver, or often in bracelets and necklaces clear plastic string is used so that only the crystals are visible against the skin. Beaded Swarovski jewelry is popular all over the world as are the many lines of pendants, rings and even brooches sold internationally.

Swarovski crystal jewelry also has a fun side that includes such whimsical pendants and pieces as an Elvis crystal pendant with movable arms and legs. Brooches include ultra modern styles such as silver and crystal lighting bolts through to traditional butterflies and floral shapes. The rings in the crystal line also run to the very lighthearted designs that incorporate colorful bugs and even snake patterns as the claws that hold the larger crystal center piece of the ring in place. Watches have also been included in the jewelry lines to feature cut crystal as accent pieces. These watches range from everyday casual with just a hint of sparkle to evening watches that dazzle with many different colors, shapes and sizes of crystal pieces on the band.

As with any type of jewelry if you are considering cut crystal always look for the best quality available rather than strictly shopping by price. Spending a few extra dollars will be the difference between having an item that looks great for years to come or one that starts to fall apart after just a few uses. Look for solid construction and craftsmanship and stick to well known brands to ensure the best possible quality.

Amy Carrington is a fashion maven and an editor at Sorella creates personalized jewelry with the names, words, dates and Chinese symbols that matter to you.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jewelry - Strictly Metal

Although a lot of the focus in many of the magazine and fashion shows is on glitzy gems and bright, sparkling diamonds there is also a lot of emphasis on the beauty of different metals themselves. There has historically as well as currently been a large following of people that love the beauty of the various metals, without the addition of gems, jewels and all those extras.

All metal jewelry is likely the historical basis of every type of jewelry. Early Greeks and Romans, Egyptians and Asians all used basic metals to create beautiful and lasting jewelry that still forms the basis of many of the styles that are now considered to be the classics. This is seen in modern jewelry as the plain or elaborate band rings, cuff style bracelets, chains and even the many different all metal styles of jewelry. Chandelier style earrings, many which are still designed with all metal features and pieces, are very similar to the ancient earrings unearthed in archaeological digs in different places in the world. Early art work and sculptures from Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations clearly show the importance of jewelry in these early times and for these people, both as status symbols as well as beautiful pieces.

Traditionally metals used in jewelry were silver and gold, typically because they were the easiest to mine and collect plus they were very easy to work with. Keep in mind that early jewelers really had to do everything by hand without temperature controlled melting vats and other instruments and equipment that modern jewelers now take for granted. It is also important to remember that many different types of jewelry are made by pouring molten metals into molds which are then cooled and removed, leaving the raw jewelry item for finishing, detailing and polishing. As technology advanced different metals such as platinum, palladium, titanium, tungsten carbide and even the gold and metal mixture of white gold was created and became more popular.

Completely metal jewelry can be decorative however it is not just a bare, plain surface. Many pieces of metal jewelry are very elaborately crafted and shaped, leading to intricate patterns and designs either by adding additional metals to the surface or by detailing the surface to make it look carved. A great example of this is the silver jewelry that is seen in both Bali and Indonesia, highly detailed and designed in patterns that look like weaving and in filigree styles. Two tone or even three tone all metal types of jewelry are very popular both for wedding bands, bracelets, pendants, watches and almost every other type of jewelry imaginable. There is a unique type of jewelry known as Black Hills Gold that is actually a style of jewelry that includes different colors ranging from yellow, green and rose gold. Typical patterns found in traditional Black Hills gold pieces include grape leaves, vines and patterns found in nature. Only pieces made in the Black Hills of South Dakota can be marketed as Black Hills gold.

Amy Carrington is a fashion maven and an editor at Sorella creates personalized jewelry with the names, words, dates and Chinese symbols that matter to you.

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Pearl Education Resources - Online Sea of Pearl Retailers Makes Pearl Education Crucial

Type in pearl necklace into Google and see how many pearl companies jump up to greet you as a potential consumer - last time I checked our competition, there were over 5 million! In this online sea of pearl retailers vying for your attention, it is absolutely crucial to your journey through them that you know what to look for in their pearl jewelry descriptions, what to notice may be missing, and what to expect to pay for real pearls.

First, look over several sites that have pearl education sections, preferably ones that aren't selling pearls and solely educate. Additionally, we've provided a basic pearl grading guide below that we use to educate our clients on pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and our pearl bracelets.

Judging the Quality of a PearlPearls receive one of the following ratings: A, AA, AA+, and AAA, with AA+ and AAA being of the higher quality, which we sell to our clients. These ratings are determined by six main categories as:

Color - There are two basic elements to the color of a pearl: body and overtone. The body is usually white, cream, black or pink, but may also be green, blue, or golden. The overtone is another color that exists over the body. This can include silver, pink, or green. Color has little effect on the value of a pearl, but different colors are often preferred to match the skin tone of the individual.

Luster - This is the most important quality in judging the value of a pearl. A high luster is highly desirable, with the most valued having the appearance of a mirror. This is usually the result of a thicker layer of nacre.

Nacre Thickness - Nacre (mother of pearl) is the layer of calcium carbonate that gives the pearl its distinctive appearance. The thickness of this nacre depends on length of time that the pearl remains in the oyster. The thicker the layers of nacre, the larger the pearl and more valuable and rare it is.

Shape - Pearls come in many different shapes, though round tends to be the most desirable and most sought after. Other shapes include baroque, button, tear drop, and near round. These other shapes may be desirable based on jewelry type (flat backed pearls often work well as earrings) or personal preference.

Size - This is largely a personal preference, depending whether you prefer small or large pearls. Nonetheless, size does affect the price, with larger pearls being more expensive since they take significantly longer to cultivate.

Surface - More desirable pearls have clean surfaces. Though a perfect pearl is extremely rare, you should look for pearls with the fewest blemishes or wrinkles in the surface of the pearl.

Now that you know the basic factors to consider, decide whether you're interested in saltwater pearls or freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are grown in freshwater and often contain more nacre (or more pearl) than most of their saltwater cousins. This means that they have a higher luster than most pearls. Though generally similar in appearance to saltwater pearls, they are more affordable because they are grown in mussels that can produce many times the amount that saltwater oysters can.

Akoya Saltwater pearls are valued for their rounded shape and attractive high luster, which makes them shine. Grown in small akoya oysters, they generally range in size from about 2 to 10 millimeters and are exceptionally well suited for use with pearl jewelry because of their consistent shape and color. They grow mainly in Japan, China, and Vietnam. These pearls are rarer and more expensive than their freshwater cousins due to their scarcity. They are generally white or cream colored, with overtones of rose, silver, and even green.

Finally, make sure that the pearl company specifies the type of pearl (freshwater versus saltwater pearls) and what size pearl you can expect, which is always in millimeters (mm). Also some other important points to consider include clasp type (pure gold, gold-filled, plate, or silver) and where the pearl is from such as China or Japan.

Keep these factors in mind and you are well on your way to judging excellent quality in both pearl jewelry and the companies that sell it. We welcome email and questions from anyone regarding pearl information including non-clients should you have any questions.

M. Tyler Boles

CEO and Founder

Boles-Ingenito Ltd. - Pearl and Diamond Importers

Pearl Necklaces and Pearl Jewelry

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Indian Jewelry - Magnificent in Its Class

Let us discuss about various kind of arts available in the field of Indian Jewellery:

Jewelry Used In Temple

Indian Jewelry has a great and very large variety in temple jewellery. This Jewelry is purely traditional and according to the culture of the temple. You find the traditions of 1000 years back in the temple jewellery. These types are worn by the persons who represent their culture in form of dances like Kuchipudi and so. This is because they characterize their culture.

Unique Jewelry

Jewelry that is worn and casted in today's world by looking at the new fashion is known as unique Jewelry or antique jewellery. This Jewelry is mostly found in silver and gold. These Jewelry are oxidized because of which dull look is seen over them. Antique Jewelry relates to the present trend and is in reality considered more of fancy jewellery.

Jewelry Of Meenakari
Mughal Density was the main influencer of the meenakari. This type of Jewelry is made of kundan embedded in the gold or silver. Precious stones and beads are also used in making up oh this type Of Indian Jewellery. Sometimes the combinations of these are used to make a new and attractive type of jewellery. Jaipur is famous for this type of Indian Jewellery. Or we can say North India is the founder of Meenakari Jewellery.

Jewelry of South India
Rudraksha beads which are very much in fashion in nowadays. It is in fashion mainly because of the sudden knowledge of people has increased towards the spiritual value of it. But no one knows that from where this rudraksha was invented. It is south India.

Jewellery in History
From the history of Jewelry we got various types of emotional values attached with it. That is why for Indian women the Jewelry is not just the matter of wealth but more than that. Every type of Jewelry has it significance at there own place.

In short history provides the basic meaning of wearing the Jewelry on the woman's body. So it is the very important part of the Indian Jewellery.

Jain Nikhil is an expert article writer & has published more than 1500 articles on different topics & websites. He is familiar with CONTENT WRITING as he is working in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2006. He is also a budding Engineer as he is in third year of his B. Tech Course. Due to his interest & passion in the world of Internet, he is working on his website addressed as

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Silver Lining For Jewelry Artists in Current Crisis?

Recent news about the jewelry industry has been grim. Rapaport News reported a 19% decrease in attendance at the prestigious American Gem Trade Association show in February. Tiffany announced it will close its sixteen Iridesse Pearl Stores, opened in 2004. And from the UK is the news that Diamonds and Pearls, a large retailer, is in "administration."

What does all this mean for the jewelry industry? JCK, an industry publication, recently concluded a series of roundtables with leading manufacturers and retailers. Their conclusions: the industry will consolidate; the credit crunch will continue to be a problem keeping inventories on both the manufacturing and retail levels low; the high price of gold continues to be a problem for manufacturers and retailers; and, both industry sectors will have to find new methods of working together.

But despite low inventory levels and the credit squeeze, retailers will have to keep their shelves stocked. Nothing scares off a potential client quicker than empty showcases. So, it is highly likely that these retailers will be far more open to accepting goods on consignment than in the past.

This is an opportunity for jewelry artists, artists who create one-of-a-kind highly collectible jewelry and who may have previously confined their sales and marketing efforts to art and craft galleries. The opportunity is to educate the consumer about the wonderful work being created by studio artists, a term that originated after WWII and refers to an artist working alone in his studio.

Although many of these artists work in high karat gold and use gemstones, a number of them use lower cost materials. And it is likely that artists who use both expensive and less expensive materials in their work are highly interested in moving their jewelry in this economic climate. So, prices which would be high in good times are probably lower.

The opportunity for artists is to expose their work to a new audience, but one that is also interested in collectible jewelry. The opportunity for jewelers is to display new work. And, the opportunity for consumers is to acquire one-of-a-kind work from artists they may be previously unaware of. manufactures and shows handmade gemstone jewelry. Fleury Sommers, owner of the fine art and craft gallery, has been a pearl dealer and gallery owner for over twenty years.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Men's Jewelry - Designed to Stand Out From the Crowd

Men's jewelry used to be very conservative, and restricted to watches and wedding rings, with perhaps the odd tiepin or stickpin. Then came the single earring, and it has now exploded to a whole world of hip hop and bling. Not all men's jewelry is so flash, but a large part of it is once you go beyond the usual gold chain, single earring or expensive watch.

Taking a man's watch as an example, at one time the cost of the watch was in the name: whether it was Rolex, Breitling or Omega, the cost was related to the maker and the features offered with the watch. Now, however, we have the world of bling and hip hop men's jewelry where the carat count of the diamonds determine the price rather than the reputation or even the accuracy of the timepiece. Jojo, Luccello, Luxurman, Tenakey and Ice Time are the new kids on the block, and while the Rolexes of the world are still popular, they do not feature prominently in the hot jewelry stores of today.

Hip hop has become one of the most distinctive styles of the modern age and is certainly one of the most easily recognizable. Sometimes referred to as simply bling, hip-hop's most distinctive feature is the lavish use of as much jewelry, particularly diamonds, as possible. This has resulted in men's jewelry becoming incredibly popular with an entirely new market.

Men's jewelry is available in a large variety of different pieces and styles, and if you are looking to purchase jewelry that will help to compliment your style of fashion, particularly if your personal style of fashion stems from the hip-hop culture or the bling style, then you should take a look at what is available online.

Most hip hop men's jewelry is distinctive, not only because of the large number of diamonds which are embedded in large swathes across the jewelry, but also because the piece often tends to be quite chunky, giving it quite a masculine appearance. It is often assumed by many people that men's bling jewelry is either extremely expensive because of the large number of diamonds used, or extremely affordable where the diamonds are fake. In fact there is a tremendous range that stretches from the very affordable jewelry that even younger children can afford, all the way up to designer diamond watches that are every bit as genuine as their looks would suggest.

If you are looking for men's jewelry either for yourself or as a gift for someone else, then where do you start looking? You will not want to invest a large sum of money in a watch which is encrusted with jewels if the interior mechanism is of only secondary quality and unreliable. Similarly you may not wish to invest a large sum of money in an extravagant diamond earring which you intend to wear every day, and which might get knocked or damaged.

Possibly you might be looking at hip hop watches which will be perfect for everyday wear and not too expensive, or perhaps you are one of the fortunate people who are in the position of being able to afford the very best men's diamond jewelry available on the market. Whatever your preference, only real diamonds are real bling, so don't settle for less and avoid those sites that offer you artificial diamonds that can spotted a mile away.

Whatever type of jewelry you are looking for it helps to have a good idea of the type of piece you want, since most jewelry stores, either online of offline, will offer you a massive selection from which to choose. There is a massive range of gold diamond watches, diamond earrings, bracelets, diamond pendants and gold chains. You also have the choice of the most sparkling and outrageous forms of bling or something more conservative and traditional.

However you need not have to empty your savings in order to purchase a really good piece of men's jewelry as there are plenty of options available which are extremely affordable without sacrificing either quality or appearance. Your options range from a bling baseball glove pendant with 32 carats of diamonds in a 14K gold setting at over $30,000 to a gold chain at less than $100, so there is men's jewelry available to suit every pocket.

As far as men's diamond hip hop watches go, perhaps the one make which stands out above all others when it comes to bling are the diamond Tenakey watches. These are large, chunky and masculine, and you'll be hard put to try to find a single part of these watches that has not been encrusted with diamonds. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your involvement with the hip hop culture absolutely clear, then a Tenakey diamond watch will achieve this in an unmistakable way.

There is only one rule to apply when purchasing men's jewelry and that is to buy what you want and what you feel most comfortable with. If you prefer to be conservative you will not feel comfortable wearing 10 carats of diamonds set in 14 carat gold, no matter what type of jewelry it is. Go with the men's jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing.

Check out the mens jewelry at where you will find a wide range of men's jewelry including a wide range of diamond watches and other bling items. Also, check out the Blog for more information on mens jewelry of today.

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Copper Jewelry - An Overview

Copper jewelry has been around for a long long time! Like many items that we continue to use in our daily lives today, this metal was discovered by ancient Egyptians sometime between 2500 and 4000 BC and was considered to be a valuable commodity, and ones standing in society was often a function of how much Cu a person owned and wore. However, as time passed, it became less valuable. As discoveries grew, its value started to drop.

However, as people learned about the properties and benefits of copper, its application in the daily lives of people grew tremendously. Today, it is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to precious metals such as gold and platinum. The ease with which it can be turned in foil, plates, and wire has made this metal an endearing material in the design and making of fashion jewelry. The beautiful rustic rose color of the metal makes this an attractive metal for jewlery making. The color is more or less neutral, making it a perfect match with semi-precious gemstones such as onyx, peridot, and various colors of quartz. Today, it is mined extensively in North and South America, and Australia. Within the US, the largest mines are located in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. However, the world's largest mine is located in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

Typically, ore contains 3 to 6 percent metal. In other words, after processing 100 pounds of ore, you end up with 3 to 6 pounds of metal! After all this expense and effort, you can buy the purified metal in the free market for $2 per pound! So this makes copper the perfect material for inexpensive fashion jewelry. Man has also taken advantage of its medicinal benefits. Various preparations containing this metal are used as fungicides, antimicrobial medicines, and hygienic medical devices. There have also been claims of pain relief and arthritis control using bracelets and other items. Most of these claims are anecdotal, and as such, have not been proven through rigorous scientific and medical testing. Scientists and doctors often claim that the improvement seen in patients using Cu as part of their treatment is most likely the "placebo effect".

Dale Arnold
Your one-stop shop for fashion jewelry

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Birthday Jewellery Series by Exquisite of Solihull UK (1914 - 1979)

Exquisite or W A P Watson Ltd produced costume jewellery in the UK from 1914 to 1979. One of the most popular series was the Birthday range. Hand painted flowers designs for each month of the year.

The series was ideal for a birthday gift and you could choose from a necklace, a brooch or clip on earrings. Or even buy the whole set to coordinate your look. The brooches were made in two sizes a small and a larger one. During my research I have not found any bracelets but I do think they may have been produced and so if you own one I would love to know!

Each piece of jewellery was hand painted with cold enamel; and that means there are many different variations to be found, which makes collecting them quite interesting.

The flowers used for each month were the popular easy to grow varieties that start to first bloom then here in the UK. A mix of perennial plants and annual ones.

Below is a list of the months and the flower design used

January - snowdrop (white flowers with long green leaves)
February - primrose (yellow flowers with green leaves)
March - violets (pink/purple flowers with green leaves)
April - iris (blue flowers with long green leaves)
May - pansy (blue, yellow & pink flowers with green leaves)
June - rose (red roses with green leaves)
July - fuschia (pink, mauve flowers with green leaves)
August - poppy (red poppy with green leaves)
September - cornflower (blue flowers with green leaves))
October - carnation (pink, white flowers with green leaves)
November - chrysanthemum (purple flowers with green leaves)
December - Christmas rose or Helleborus Niger (white flowers with yellow centre, red holly berries & green leaves)

The brooches were in sizes 7 x 5 cm (larger) & 5 x 4 cm (medium). Characteristic is of a bunch of flowers open & in bud tied with a ribbon bow.
Necklaces were flowers and leaves arranged in a row with a length of plain chain to the clasp
Earrings all clip on type with a flower and leaves.

Most of the brooches and earring appear to be signed on the reverse "Exquisite" or have the reg and copyright sign also. Many of the necklaces are unsigned but usually have the signature bow attached to the clasp.

The Birthday range can be found in their original boxes or on pouches. If you are lucky some have the birthday gift tag. They were available in gold or silver tone metal.

As Exquisite jewellery was hand enamelled care needs to be taken when buying a piece. Look at the photographs or examine the piece in depth. Some pieces are in excellent condition but some may have the enamel worn. Remember if the enamel is too worn you can hand paint it yourself.

Vintage costume jewellery by Exquisite was produced over a long time and there are many different series to collect - so have fun.

Sue Weaver Jewels and Finery

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Buy Fine Jewelry at a Lesser Price

When it comes to the jewelry industry, prices can fluctuate greatly from vendor to vendor. So your job as a bargain hunter is to find the best quality pieces at the lowest price. In the following paragraphs I have outlined a few tips to help you in your venture.

One of the first things you should keep in mind is that you don't have to go for brand or designer names. Most of the time it is the name that you will be paying a higher price for.

You should always try to shop at discount jewelry stores. The quality is usually the same as a name brand store, but the prices can be much lower. You can check on line for a list of discount jewelry vendors. You should also look for close out sales where the vendor needs to empty out their inventory. They will usually sell items at very deep discounts.

When you are shopping for jewelry, you should always look for markings. Quality pieces will be marked with the appropriate trademarks to assure authenticity. It is also a good idea to get a close look at jewelry pieces at every angle under good lighting.

Tips about diamonds

If you are looking for diamond jewelry, but you don't' want to spend your life savings on it, here's what you can do. Instead of going for a flawless, colorless solitaire pendant larger than one carat, settle for something a little lower on the scale such as a half carat diamond that may have some inclusions, but is still flawless to the naked eye. That way you will have a great looking diamond and still have some money left to buy something else.

Tips about gold

When it comes to gold, if you are willing to settle for a 10 karats piece instead of a 14 karat piece you will save a substantial amount of money. 10 karat gold is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to 14 karat gold. Also 10 karat gold can actually be more durable because it is mixed with more alloys, which make it stronger than 14 karat gold.

When you are shopping on line or from a catalog, you should pay special attention to the picture of the piece of jewelry. Make sure you are not being mislead by the picture. It should have adequate lighting to give you a good idea what the piece will look like once you have it in your hand. You should always ask about the return policies of any company, in case the piece you bought does not meet your expectations.

Victor Epand is an expert consultant about jewelry and diamonds. When looking for jewelry, we recommend you shop at these sites for diamond gems, loose diamonds, diamond rings, fashion jewelry, fashion.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Top Performing Blue Angels Citizen Titanium Watch

The Citizen Blue Angels titanium watch is a technologically advanced pilot timepiece designed in honor of the Blue Angels legendary precision flying team of the U.S. Navy. The Blue Angels, first commissioned to perform in 1946, are now stationed at Forrest Sherman Field at Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida. To date they have performed for more than 400 million military and civilians.

Part of the Citizen Skyhawk eco-drive watch line, this watch is an angel in its own right. It sports the blue and yellow Blue Angels colors, and their banner including the logo of the Blue Angel squadron on the back of the watchcase.

The hour markers and the hands are illuminated on the deep blue face of the dial. It has three subdials and a beautiful blue bi-functional slide rule bezel. This Citizen Blue Angels watch is made of titanium - lighter and stronger than stainless steel.

This memorable pilot watch has a four year power reserve, a 30 city, 22 time zone calendar and time, three alarms, a countdown timer up to 99 minute duration, and accuracy of 1/100th of a second each 24 hours. With this Citizen Blue Angels titanium watch you can choose analog or digital time, changing it at the easy touch of one button. Your pilot watch will advise you when it's time to reset time, and when your battery charge is low. Water resistant to 330 feet, it also has a safety clasp feature with an easy push button release.

The Citizen Skyhawk titanium has a great five-year warranty, for a watch Citizen watches are famous. These pilot watches retail for a little over $500.

Susan Bradford makes it quick and easy to find the best Citizen watches Read expert information here.

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Fashion Or Trend Jewelry Defined

I often compare this exciting and colorful category to the wide ties, narrow ties, mini-skirts, long skirts, concept of jewelry design. You could easily sum it up with "what goes around, comes around". This sometimes happens at what most would consider lightning speed. Fashion Jewelry is the fastest changing segment of the entire Jewelry industry. It has to be. And for good reason.

Remember when Fashion Jewelry was referred to as Costume Jewelry? Although the name is still used you have to admit the phrase Fashion Jewelry has a lot more appeal. Marketing experts and department store buying departments came up with an even more precisely defined term.Trend Jewelry. Trends and new trend-setting is really the whole point to this segment of the jewelry industry. The "why" is affordability. With retail prices in the single and low double digits you must have a super-fast turnover in inventory in order to have a profitable market. Rapid style change is necessary for creating a need, or at the very least, a desire to buy.

A few of the many ways these trends or fads get started are major manufacturers with talented designers who continue to create new and exciting styles. Also, costume designers and stylists behind the scenes of the television and film industry can sometimes be the real trend-setters in our pop culture environment. These people usually are the first to see new designs because vendors are literally kicking down their doors daily with the latest and hopefully "hottest" merchandise looking for exposure to huge audiences. In addition, major celebrities have personal shoppers that are seeking the very latest designs, usually in Fine Jewelry, for their clients. Soon after we see that $10,000.00 piece photographed on a celebrity in "Cosmo" it's translated to the $10.00 version available at your nearest department store. As an example, the "Y Neck" enjoyed tremendous popularity just a few years ago. That particular style made it's debut on the TV show "Friends." This design was so red hot..... it's back! Just change the name to Lariat and here we go again. Another winner!

Affordability of fashion jewelry is accomplished by mass production and the use inexpensive raw materials. Base metal (an all inclusive term for non-precious metals e.g.Tin, Lead, Nickel) is utilized. Beaded pieces may include anything from resin, wood, shell, seeds, crystals, glass and more. Style and color with perhaps a designer name is what you are paying for. Fashion or Trend Jewelry is fun. Wear it and enjoy! But like those skirts and ties....hang on to those pieces and in no time at all you'll be right on top of the latest trend right in your own jewelry box

Just a Tip: When purchasing Fashion Jewelry Earrings always look for hooks or posts made from surgical steel.

Written by Douglas Clemens Owner/Founder of

About The Author:
Doug has been involved with almost every facet of the Sterling Silver Jewelry industry since 1974. His experience includes manufacturing, importing and distribution, a key resource for major department stores and independents, as well as the owner of retail outlets.

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