Monday, August 31, 2009

Tennessee Volunteers - Home of the Top Female Athletes For Basketball

Women may have known to be the inferior gender in the olden days but in the 19th volleyball 20th century, they have managed to lift their standing. They do not only excel in the field of academics but they have also made their mark in sports. Several College Teams have proven that if their team for men can grab titles, their women can grab it too.

Well, it is a given fact that men can be gifted with brains and Braun. Definitely, there are women who made their mark in the field of sports. Mia Hamm is an icon in soccer. Her performance is one of the best far better than the records of the men and female in the field of soccer. Venus Williams is the famous tennis player who has won 3 Olympic Gold Medals. She shares the limelight with her sister who won two Olympic gold medals. Keri Walsh is a volleyball player who dominated the beach volleyball with her partner Misty May in two Olympic Games and three World Championships. These are some of the greatest female athletes in the field of sports.

In College teams, it is already a fact that most of the time, team for men have the greatest contribution to the total number of wins for the school. However, for Tennessee Volunteers, their team for women has also dominated the field of sports.

One of their best teams for women comes from the field of basketball. Yes, this team beat their team for men by garnering eight volleyball Division I titles. Pat Summit was their head coach at the time they have been having these winning streaks. This team was the college team of WNBA star for the Washington Mystics, Chamique Holdsclaw. Her role as a forward helped the team to win three NCAA titles in 1996, 1998 and 1999. On her era, she has various recognitions and awards. Her overall performance is one of the best for the field of basketball.

Making her own mark for the team is Dena Head. She is also one of the stars for the Utah Starzz. Her performance as a guard leads the team to win 2 NCAA titles while bagging individual awards. Another player which lead the team to win the in the 1997 and 1998 titles is Tamika Catchings. She follows the footstep of the Holdsclaw only she has performed better post NCAA days. Her career with the WNBA had flourished and she also gave great honor to the country by playing for the USA team in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. It is indeed more than a great honor as she helped the team win gold medal that contributed to the 36 Gold Medals USA accumulated.

From all of these, it is no doubt that women can be the best even for the sport popularly played by men. This holds true for the Tennessee Volunteers. The team just started out in the year 1969. However, they have managed to be the top team in the NCAA Basketball for Women.

Freddie Brister is a huge fan of the SEC and the Tennessee Volunteers. His love for the game of football started with an older brother passing the pigskin around in the backyard with cousins and neighborhood friends. He later played in high school, college and coached high school football for 25 years, before retiring to write for Sports Fan Treasures. Check out his Tennessee Volunteers Merchandise.

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