Sunday, August 2, 2009

How Long Will a Rolex Replica Watch Last?

Due to the terrible quality of replica watches just a decade or two ago, we frequently get asked about how sturdy today's replica watches are. In the past, it wasn't uncommon to purchase a replica Rolex that lasted for only a few months before something inside went haywire and turned your replica into an expensive paperweight.

There are three tiers of replica watch quality; street level, "Japanese" grade, and "Swiss" grade. It is revealed that no matter where a replica watch store claims their watches are made, they are all made in China, where copyright laws are easily ignored.

This doesn't mean that a genuine Swiss quality replica watch is the same as a street-level one, but they are produced in the same country.

The quality of Chinese replicas has been increasing every year as the country has experienced a large influx of investors and cash. Small improvements were made every year, whether it was a higher quality stainless steel or using genuine sapphire crystal instead of glass which is easily scratched or chipped. Other than those who only want a replica watch as a joke, people became more and more demanding about what they received when they bought a replica watch.

While street-level replica watches are still very hit and miss, quality-wise, Japanese and Swiss grade watches have improved to the point that anyone short of an expert would have a difficult time distinguishing them from the real thing. Usually the back of the replica must be opened in order to inspect the movement inside. While replica watch quality has improved by leaps and bounds, it's still a replica; they can't match the precision and quality of an authentic Rolex. Then again, they're usually over 90% cheaper than the real thing.

Whether it's the bracelet, the lugs, the rotating bezel or any other part, replica watch producers have made strides to improve the quality, durability and finish of every piece, big or small. Regardless, I've personally received a replica watch from an Internet website that broke within two weeks. Luckily the store had a 30-day warranty and I was able to receive a replacement watch relatively quickly, though I never shopped from that store again. We've yet to hear any reports of deals in sending out defective watches which is why we usually only order from them when purchasing a Japanese grade watch. Most replica watch stores have the same suppliers, but there is one area where they vary greatly; quality control. The difference between resellers who simply grab a replica Rolex from their stock and throw it into a box to ship to you and those who check to make sure the watch is in running condition is a big one. Any reputable watch store will honor their warranty, but it can be a huge hassle trying to reach someone to actually get the exchange process started.

Gone are the days of replica watches being a monthly purchase; with proper care and maintenance, that replica Rolex should last you for years and years.

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