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Sporty Gifts For Your Groomsmen and Best Man

To make an ideal gift for wedding participants, you need to come up with gifts that suit their personalities, taste of lifestyle, hobbies, likes cartier watches interests. Groomsmen and the best man in invicta watches these are the people that will play vital roles during pre-wedding preparation as well as during the ceremony proper. Their efforts are highly appreciated and acknowledged by most couples, and gifts are given to thank them.

Gifts for them may come in expensive and inexpensive prices. However, the price is not the important thing, rather your thought behind your special gift. If you will think of items you may consider to give for men, you would likely have things that are masculine type. Items such as flasks, barware, cufflinks, pocket knives, gadgets and the like. Obviously, these are the most basic stuff of men. But if you think of other hobbies and activities of your gentlemen, then you could definitely think of sports. Most men love sports, even if some of them don't really get into it. There are different items you may choose if you happen to have a sports-minded groomsmen and best man, whether it is a real sport accessory or only sports-themed things. Consider these sports-themed items:

Personalized Pub Signs

Pub signs can serve as decoration to complete the appealing look of their bedroom or even their office room. You may opt for sports-themed pub signs like Golf-themed Pub signs that can make him the proprietor of his own golf pub. There are other pub signs that have different themes for sports, search for it by browsing the Internet. Online stores can cater a variety of selection for personalized pub signs especially with sports-themed pub signs.

Personalized Watches

Watches are one of the generic gifts for men. However, you may consider customized watches with sports-like appeal. Personalized watches such as MLB Team Coach Watches, NBA "General Manager" Series Watch, College Teams Stainless Sport Watches or NBA "Owner" Series Watches are very nice accessories to accentuate their hunky and sporty personalities.

Personalized Cufflinks

Let them look exquisite and unique with sports-themed cufflinks that can complete their overall formal appeal during your wedding day. The versatility of cufflinks is an advantage for this gift idea. You may consider Golf Ball and Divot Silver, Tennis Racket Silver, Soccer Ball or Football themed cufflinks. These cufflinks are wearable during their work or play - an unforgettable way to show your deep appreciation for them.

Other sports-themed gifts for men have a wider array selection in most online stores. You may also opt for monogramming the names and initials of your groomsmen and best man on your selected items. Just remember, think of their personalities first before buying themed or non-themed items.

Janet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics. For more information on sports gear, visit the website and choose from their products. Shop for a unique wedding gift online!

Tissot Watches the Best of the Best

The Tissot Watches brand has achieved great feats in converting what used to be an instrument cartier watches merely told time, to one that has versatility, style and functionality engineered into its design. Tissot Watches have evolved into incredibly multi-functional wristwatches that provide the ability to measure a variety of factors.Tissot Watches has consistently surprised the watch industry with incredible technological innovations which it incorporates in all its timepieces.

The watch now regarded as the Swiss manufacture's trademark timepiece is the Tissot T-Touch watch. The watch incorporates a tactile sensitive crystal that activates 6 different digital functions. By tapping your finger over each labeled function the digital second and hour hands switch to that specific function's reading. By activating the compass feature with the touch of a finger, the hour and second hands line up and automatically move to point northward. The alarm and chronograph functions are displayed in a small LED window at 6 O' clock. An altimeter and thermometer can also be activated by tactile contact. The meteorological function is the final and most impressive feature on this tissot watch. When activated, this feature displays atmospheric pressure in the digital LED screen, and local weather trends with the hour/second hands.

Just as its counterparts in other Tissot watch collections, the T Touch has evolved into many variations. With a variety of features all variations incorporate a tactile sensitive crystal to active. The latest variation of the T-Touch is the Sea-Touch. This watch is specifically designed to cater to the needs of underwater scuba divers. The Swiss timepiece employs a diver's log function that automatically initiates at the depth of 1 meter below sea level. A convenient rotating bezel allows divers to measure the time they have been underwater, as well as amount of oxygen remaining in their gear.

The Tissot TTouch is not only a watch for sports enthusiasts. It also makes life easier for the well-traveled individual. Want to view every cartier watches time-zone on earth with the touch of a finger, the T-Navigator watch can. For facilitated planning the watch also displays a calendar in the small LED window.

The Silen-T from the Touch watch collection is the only watch that does not have tactile functions. The watch is engineered for discreetness and/or the visually impaired. Silen T provides a silent alarm and time display function that alerts the user by silent vibration. This discreet way of displaying time through vibrations, allows anybody anywhere to keep an eye on their time without having to look at their watch. It also makes life easier for the visually impaired.

T touch technology is a truly exciting advancement for the world of digital tissot watches, as well as indicative of many new things to come from Swiss watchmaker Tissot.

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The Marvelous Variety of Gucci Watches

The Gucci Watch Company has without fail designed some of the most breath taking watches available to the public, continually wowing watch fanatics and fashion enthusiasts with every new style it produces. With such a wide variety, there is a design for both women and men to benefit from.

When you buy a Gucci watch, you are telling the public that you made a style choice that impresses. And when it relates to fashion, that statement couldn't be truer. It's the small accessories on a getup that defines someone, and more importantly allows them get noticed. Gucci watches allow a person to have that bit of luxury and the touch of uniqueness, while still performing the most important function of accurate timekeeping. Gucci wristwatches are luxuries and trendy with enough style and grace to make an impression without showing off. Another wonderful statistic about Gucci is that they are favored equally between both sexes. Every watch is carefully crafted to keep the latest design and fashion updated. Throughout the last 50 years Gucci has become a trendsetter in the manufacturing of luxury watches.

The Gucci women collections are not only elaborately designed, but they mimic high priced jewelry. Many of these luxury watches come with a bracelet strap accessories perfectly with a graceful dress to include a slight touch of femininity to the outfit. Ladies who prefer a larger watch will be delighted to know that there are Gucci watches that are sturdy, but still symbolize femininity.

The Gucci men's collection offers several choices that will amaze any chronograph aficionado. The men's Gucci watch collection is available in two unique styles. The citizen watches watch displays an uncomplicated yet daring elegance while still sporting a cartier watches look.

Gucci has a unique line of watches for active lifestyle customer. Often time's people who are outdoors or involved in sports don't jump to the idea of wearing a stainless steel strap. Gucci has a sporty collection of watches that are fitted with soft leather band to maximize comfort. As always, sportier collections are great for the sports man who is on the go, and craves the exclusivity that is expected with all Gucci watches. For the 18-25 age groups there are fine watches that are equipped with rubber straps and modern faces.

One thing is for sure, a Gucci watch will always be in style. It makes little difference what year a Gucci was manufactured or what the current fashion style is. A luxury watch from Gucci becomes a continuous symbol that leaves a memorable impression. Gucci watches are considered to be among the best in fashion because they cater to number of different tastes. Whatever you prefer when it comes to watches you are sure to find what you are looking for by purchasing a watch from Gucci.

Gucci Watches are an icon in the luxury watch industry. To inquire about Gucci or other fine brands please visit the WatchesOnNet website.

Handling Diamonds the Proper Way

Many people cartier watches trade in diamonds do not realize that the manner in which you handle your diamonds and diamond jewelry can actually impact the jewelry business. But there is a very simple and basic reason why this is true.

Diamonds whether studded in jewelry or loose, have a propensity to attract oil and grease and every time the diamond is handled, it tends to pick up some grease. As we all know, grease attracts dust particles from the air and eventually there is a layer of grease and dust that covers the surface of the diamond. And we all know that when that takes place the light that reflects from the diamond is affected negatively.

The property of diamonds to attract grease has not always been seen as a negative property. In the earlier years, this property of diamonds was effectively used by diamond miners to separate diamonds from other minerals in the same ore. This was done by covering a belt in grease and wax and then allowing the crushed ore to run over the belt. As the crushed ore passed over the greasy belt, the uncut diamond rough would stick to the belt as the other minerals remained unaffected.

However, these processes have changed over time and there are more sophisticated methods that are now used to separate diamonds. But one thing is for sure, this unique property of diamonds continues to be the bane for those who handle and trade diamonds daily.

The scientific reason for why a diamond that is covered with a layer of grease and dust looses its sheen is due to the refractive index. The shine of the diamond is dependent on the light that enters the diamond and the manner in which it moves out of the diamond. When light passes through a clean diamond the interface is cartier watches diamond and air. The refractive index of air is 1.0 but the refractive index of grease is 1.5.

In more practical terms what this means is that the diamond's critical angle increases and the amount of light that reflects from the pavilion reduces significantly. The light does not go through the crown but falls inside and then some of it escapes out of the pavilion. And since the entire light that enters does not move in a focused manner but diffuses in the diamond, the shine, brilliance and glint of the diamond is far lesser than it could be.

Now, the customers who buy diamond jewelry do so because of its shine and luster and way it attracts attention too. Therefore, it is essential for you to keep your diamond jewelry shining.

Make sure that the diamonds are not handled unnecessarily except when they need to be. Keep the area where the diamond jewelry are displayed completely clean and tidy. When you are handling diamonds make sure that you do so with tweezers, gloves or any lint free cloth. After your customers handle the diamonds make sure that you wipe them with a soft, clean cloth before you replace them in their safe haven. As your diamonds dazzle your customers, you will realize that the cash registers ring more often and keep you smiling.

Mithun Rao, a gemologist has an obsession for gems and precious stones since more than 10 years. He also shares a passion for music, painting and meditation. Apart from running his own jewelry store he owns and manages the site on gemstones, diamonds and jewelry industry.

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Chrysoberyl - A Rare And Little Known Gemstone

Some folks really enjoy owning unique and special jewelry pieces. Something citizen watches makes a piece special is if the jewelry contains a rare and unusual gemstone. One of the most underrated and little known gemstones on the market is chrysoberyl. Although it is rare, this stone is very hard and durable and well suited to any jewelry use, including rings. It has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale which goes from 1 to 10. The most common colors of chrysoberyl range from honey yellow to yellow green, and the colors are quite intense.

These can be very beautiful, but as I noted, these gems are somewhat rare and not often seen for sale in commercial jewelry stores. The prices for these transparent gems are not especially high because they are little known, and as a result, demand is accordingly low. However, two other forms of the mineral chrysoberyl provide some of the most fascinating and most valuable of all colored gemstones: Alexandrite and the cats eye. Alexandrite is one of the very few gems that actually changes color from a green shade in daylight to red shade in incandescent light. Gems that change color in different kinds of light are called photochroic.

The Chrysoberyl cat's-eye is by no means the only stone that shows a cats eye effect, however it has by far the most dramatic eye because of the dense, fine fibers that can occur in Chrysoberyl (it is these inclusions that form the "eye"). The line or "eye" effect in this invicta watches can be very strong and it seems to float across the surface of the stone. It is similar to a star sapphire or star ruby, but with those gems, there are 3 lines that intersect, where in a cats eye, there is only one line. Translucent honey colored cats eye gems can be very striking and are also very valuable. The better the color and the stronger the eye effect, the more valuable the stone will be. The cats eye is probably the most commonly seen form of chrysoberyl, and high quality stones command a high price.

The cats eye is commonly used in men's ring jewelry as it is a hard a durable stone that can stand up to some abuse. Good sized chrysoberyl cats eye gems of a carat or more can command prices of several thousand dollars per carat. Because of this, many times the forms of cats eye seen in commercial jewelry stores are not actually chrysoberyl, but lower cost simulants and synthetic stones. This is important to know when considering a purchase of this beautiful gem. Genuine chrysoberyl cats eyes come from several locations in Asia, as well as Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and from the alluvial gravel deposits at Tunduru in Tanzania, East Africa.

Alexandrite has a distinguished and glamorous past: it was discovered in 1830 in Czarist Russia. Since the old Russian imperial colors are red and green it was named after Czar Alexander II on the occasion of his coming of age. Alexandrite can be found in jewels of the period as it was well loved by the Russian master jewelers. Master gemologist George Kunz of Tiffany was a fan of Alexandrite and the company produced many rings featuring fine Alexandrite in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, including some set in platinum from the twenties. Some Victorian jewelry from England features sets of small alexandrites. Cats eye Alexandrites are extremely rare, and good quality color change stones command very high prices.

Alexandrite is also sometimes available as an unset stone but it is extremely rare in fine qualities. The original source in Russia's Ural Mountains has long since closed after producing for only a few decades and only a few stones can be found on the market today. Material with a certificate of Russian origin is still particularly valued in the jewelry trade. Some Alexandrite is also found in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Brazil but only a small percentage shows a dramatic color change. For many years, good quality Alexandrite was almost impossible to find because there was so little available. Then in 1987, a new find of Alexandrite was made in Brazil at a locality called Hematita. The Hematita Alexandrite shows a striking and attractive color change from raspberry red to bluish green. Although Alexandrite remains extremely rare and expensive, the production of a limited amount of new material means that a new generation of jewelers and collectors have been exposed to this beautiful gemstone, creating an upsurge in popularity and demand.

When evaluating Alexandrite, pay the most attention to the color change: the more dramatic and complete the shift from red to green, without the bleeding through of brown from one color to the next, the more rare and valuable the stone. The other important value factors are the attractiveness of the two colors - the more intense the better - the clarity, and the cutting quality. Because of the rarity of this gemstone, large sizes command very high premiums. Stones that show only a minor change in color may be called a color change Chrysoberyl, but these are not truly Alexandrite. Alexandrite is an expensive and rare gemstone. Prices of $2000 to $3000 per carat for stones less than a carat are not uncommon. As noted the price directly reflects the intensity of the color change and the desirability of the colors that are present.

For more information on the gem chrysoberyl, see the authors website at:

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Chris Ralph writes on small scale mining and prospecting for the ICMJ Mining Journal. He is a rock hound and prospector and owns his own turquoise mines in Nevada. His website on gemstones and jewelry can be viewed at:

Trollbeads 2008 - A Year in Review

Trollbeads 2008 - A report

Trollbeads hits the mainstream with steam and keeps on growing!

Trollbeads is a line of interchangeable jewelry hailing from Denmark. Their long invicta watches plus years of development and design has positioned them to be the next best selling collectable and interchangeable bead and accompanying jewelry line on the market. Their history in the United States is only about 6 years long and it's been an exciting and interesting path for Trollbeads U.S. and it's just the beginning.

Morten Petersen, who was originally from Denmark and the head of Lund Trading Inc., a distributing company he founded in Maryland, brought this line over from Denmark to distribute in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. At first the line was slow to grow here. Perhaps it was the representatives bringing it to market, or the market they were aiming for or maybe American women just weren't ready for them. Each year the product was introduced to new venues and to new areas of the country and their growth became steady. Each year and with each growth level, the cartier watches at Lund Distributors was fine tuning its procedures to a more efficient level. A business that has steadily plodded its course, has just in the last year and a half, exploded on the American jewelry scene. Just recently the news is that November '08, a month where everyone was debating on bailouts and relief packages or watching as houses were auctioned off, Trollbeads saw its highest single month increase ever. In the most recent issue of the jewelry trade magazine "In Store" Trollbeads was #2 on the list for the most exciting line retailers wanted to carry and Rolex was listed #6. It was my understanding that Lund has blown away 2007 sales figures but to excel in a month that for others was so bleak, points to one very obvious fact. The collecting of Trollbeads is recession proof. It's the small things that count when times are difficult and these beads have a humorous side and a highly spiritual side. What better combination could there be in times like these?

For the most part Trollbeads collectors are unique from other bead collectors and are comprised of many kinds of people. If you compare the two major bead lines and compare their collectors, you will find that Trollbeads attract a more sophisticated customer than Pandora or Chamelia brands. The inspiration for the designs in Trollbeads comes from flora and fauna, mythology, spirituality, fairy tales and cultural diversity. The motto for Trollbeads is "Every Story has a Bead". The Trollbeads artists strive to create small intricate sculptures and the beauty or uniqueness is evident in every bead. This differs sharply from the other bead lines as it where it was the first interchangeable bead line on the market in Europe and was the inspiration of many since.

This next year will be an interesting one to follow with Trollbeads. I believe it will be another record breaker but keep in mind the competition has taken its gloves off. Pandora has given all of its retailers an ultimatum. Starting immediately, they must drop any and all competing brands of beads or be dropped by Pandora. I know of some stores that have had to keep Pandora, because it's a broader line and they sell more dollar wise and have had to, very reluctantly, drop Trollbeads. As a dealer of Trollbeads I can tell already, from my point of view, this was a bad decision for Pandora. Even before the deadline occurred many customers entering my store were aware of the situation and had very negative feelings toward Pandora. Today the consumer is savvy and educated and they do their homework on anything of value they are considering to buy. When a company is purchased by a large conglomerate, as Pandora has been, the focus is only on the numbers and nothing else. There is no concern for what this ultimatum will mean to many of its stores. I know for a fact that if a store has carried both lines, they have done well with both lines. They support the sales of each other because many people collect both lines. Small retailers forced into dropping a line, such as Trollbeads, means cutting their revenue by a huge portion. In this economy it may be devastating to small retailers. Read the news, it's the large conglomerates that are bringing this country to its knees. Small businesses employ more people in this country and through no fault of their own, will be brought down by also.

It doesn't take long to discover the differences in both of the company's artistic and technical standards. It also doesn't take long to understand the differences in management. I hear day after day, "My wife used to collect the other beads and now she is switching to Trollbeads." Just yesterday I helped a couple of customers who also had Pandora beads, talk about Pandora and how difficult it is for stores to deal with the demands Pandora puts on the stores. Dealers who are holding on to their Pandora accounts are angry at the demands Pandora is making on them. Pandora is turning itself into the "bad guy" and should be worrying more about its image and less about the numbers and less about trying to be the only "like" brand in the store. Haven't they ever heard that competition is a good thing?

Keeping in mind Pandora has forced a number of retailers to drop Trollbeads, I still believe 2009 will be another record breaking year for Trollbeads. The negativity produced by Pandora will mean that Trollbeads will fare better in the long run.

Louise Rogers is a 30 year veteran in retail. She owns and manages 3 retail stores and has an on line business selling Trollbeads Jewelry. Louise has acted as a consultant to retailers who are looking to brand their products and their name and has consulted in the field of marketing and display. Louise has written other articles on retail ans has been written about in Fortune Small Business Magazine, a CNN publication.

Pocket Watches - Easy-To-Carry Groomsmen Gifts

Pocket watches are a favored accessory invicta watches men many years ago but are not seen today as often as it was before. Pocket watches are a kind of jewelry that is appealingly sophisticated and functional. It gives the handler the opportunity to delicately check the time while adding a special effect to any outfit that it is paired with. Many women can't stop but to admire a man who is glancing at his sophisticated pocket watch while wearing his formal business attire.

Traditionally, we often see a pocket watch in the hand of our elders. The popularity of pocket watches before becomes the reason why men did not even consider wearing a wrist watch. Gorgeous lustrous wrist watches are what many women were craving for, while men choose the solid look of silver or gold pocket watches.

These days, you can still find great choices of pocket watches in many different places. In fact, there are antique ones that are available at antique stores. These are the favorite choice of many collectors, and perhaps many men today who want to incorporate a piece of history into their outfits. If you opt want to buy an antique pocket watch, make cartier watches that it is in running order for many antique shops or dealers have only few for sale.

You may also consider other option, which is to buy the latest versions of pocket watches. They are available with a variety of choices to choose from, and usually come with the younger set as they fashion them onto a gold or silver chain, a very nice accent to jeans or trouser pockets.

Pocket watches can absolutely make an amazing gift for men. Many gift givers today opt to give such accessories for they perfectly fits to any men's personality. For many occasions, weddings in particular, pocket watches are always popular to give as gifts. The bride may give such amazing gift to her groom, and the groom may give also a few for his groomsmen and best man.

A Pocket watch can also serve as a perfect gift to a retiree. Giving such incredible gift to someone who will be retiring from service is a special gesture to show value on the things he contributed to the company. It not only shows that you wish to commemorate the special day but it also shows that his or time is now on it's own.

Pocket watches are indeed a great choice of gifts for men. Today, you can purchase one with your own touch of style. There are available custom pocket watches that ables you to add your own design, either you want to make it personalized, engrave your special message to your receiver, or put a certain theme on it. Apart from pocket watches, you may also try other gift options if you want to give a special gift to the special man of your life. This include customized cufflinks, pocket knives, money clips and flasks. These are as easy to carry as and are as sophisticated as elegant pocket watches. Don't forget to buy one for yourself!

Janet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics. If you're looking for gifts for best man, visit the website and choose from their products. Shop for unique groomsmen gift ideas online!

Citizen Stainless Steel Watch For Women EW0620-52E Review

The EW0620-52E Citizen Stainless Steel Watch cartier watches Women has become the most popular watch in the entire Citizen Ladies Eco Watch collection. What's the reason?

The first thing that I notice is that of all the Citizen Ladies Eco Watches, the EW0620-52E has the most submitted ratings, and comes in at a solid 5 stars. It also has one of the lower price tags for the entire line!

Product Reviews Information:

  • Looks - Comments such as "classy", "elegant", "stylish" are common themes to the reviews.
  • Slender and feminine - women love the feminine look without sacrificing practicality
  • Secure Clasp - won't slip off or come undone and cartier watches lost
  • Long-lasting - this is the strongest point, and is mentioned in almost every single review. The watch is powered with Citizen's famous "Eco-Drive" which allows the watch to last for years and years without ever needing a battery replacement.

Product Details:

  • Rounded black dial set against stainless steel, silver Roman Numerals set off the look and make the watch easy to read
  • Date calendar
  • Clasp - fold-over with push button to keep the watch secure
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet
  • Stainless steel, 11 millimeter (slim) band
  • Movement - Citizen Eco-Drive
  • "Power save" mode allows the watch to keep accurate time, even when the battery runs low

About the Citizen Eco-Drive watch line:

Eco-Drive technology is based battery power from light. In short, the battery absorbs natural and artificial light to keep the watch running continually. When fully-charged, Eco-Drive watches will run from 45 days to 5 years - even in complete darkness.

Pricing Information for the Citizen Stainless Steel Watch for Women EW0620-52E:

Retail price for this watch is around $175.00, which is what you could expect to pay if you purchase it from a jeweler or a department store (offline). However, the Citizen Stainless Steel Watch for Women EW0620-52E can be purchased for much less (a bit more than $100.00) if one knows where to look - there are a few online resources that provide the watch for this cost, and in some cases free shipping and returns are available as well.

Overall Review:

The Citizen Stainless Steel Watch for Women EW0620-52E is definitely a good investment, and can be found for a reasonable price for those on a budget. I wouldn't recommend it necessarily as a watch for very formal occasions, but as an everyday, professional and semi-formal watch it is an excellent choice. I believe that almost any woman would be proud to own and wear this watch, and would love it for years to come.

Copyright Tonya Brisnehan

About the Author:

Tonya Brisnehan is a work-at-home mom and writes fashion and children's product reviews professionally

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U Boat Thousands of Feet Military Watch

The first U-Boat Watches were devised in 1942 and meant cartier watches be a series of timepieces for the pilots of the Italian Air Force and U-boat officers, indestructible and easy to read under any circumstances.

Italo Fontana, the mind behind these watches, knew exactly what was needed but, as he was preparing to put his ideas into practise, the political situation of the time prevented him from doing so. He had already gathered drawings, samples and a lot more creative material which he had to preserve for sixty years. With the original drawings, colour samples and innovative materials that the present-day could offer, in 2000, a cousin of his finally launched the U-boat collection, so Fontana's ideas eventually came out. His watches are now among the most desired in the field.

U-boat watches are characterised as bold, aggressive and oversized. They have a unique design and a very comfortable wear. They come with a crown on the left side of the case. U-boat watches are designed and handmade in Italy and some of the models are limited to only 1,000 pieces. These watches embody a lot of force and style while revealing the unique personality of the man whose creativity stands behind them, Italo Fontana.

The U-boat Thousands of Feet collection of watches cartier watches a sensation above and beneath the ocean. Let us take 34 Thousands of Feet MBY model as an example. With an ETA 6497 mechanical movement, and a frequency of 18,000 alternations per hour, based on 17 rubies, the U-boat Thousands of Feet is a reliable watch with a face that expresses modernity and good taste. The steel case (316 L AISI) with PVD treatment (used to preserve brightness features and special shades of colour) has eight steel screws which lock up the back case to the upper side.

The elegant black dial with luminous numbering (which is produced with Superluminova added to different colour pigments) has a 50 mm diameter. The dial structure is composed of two superimposed dials. One of them, yellow or orange, is treated with Superluminova; the other dial is laser cut with black pigment (the kind that is used to produce military devices).

The watch is water resistant to 10 ATM. The glass is also high-quality, specially cut in highly resistant K1 glass. Available with calf leather strap, which is handmade in Italy, the watch is the king of elegance and style among this kind of watches.
The U-boat Thousands of Feet AS 3, AS Y and AS R look as spectacular as the model described above. With a 43 mm diameter and available with a black dial and Superluminova marks with white, yellow and red pigments, these steel watches can add to any man's personality and charm.

The U-boat Thousands of Feet CAS3, another excellent automatic chronograph with an ETA 7750 movement and a 50 mm diameter has the classic black dial with white luminous numbering and a black alligator and rubber strap. The list of attractive and precise U-boat watches may go on with more details, but I think you had better check for yourselves and decide which one is closer to your desire.

There are many resources online for discount U Boat Thousands Of Feet Watches and other military watches but one of best with a varied selection is Military Watch Shop.

The Latest Celebrity Trends Reflected in Designer Inspired Jewelry

Celebrities can simply walk into the biggest jewelry stores in the world and hand over $10,000 or more for some of the latest sterling silver necklaces in a designer collection. Sometimes they invicta watches given the item to wear for free. Just because most people can't afford to buy them or have the latest pieces given to them, invicta watches mean you can't look as beautiful and trendy as today's hottest stars. Designer inspired jewelry including sterling silver rings are available at affordable prices and look just as good as the real thing.

Latest Trends In Sterling Silver Necklaces

With the current trends in sterling silver necklaces, Tiffany knockoffs and designs like Van Cleef & Arpel Alhambra are very stylish this season. Denise Richards, Nicollette Sheridan, and Lucy Liu are in love with necklace designs like 'past, present, and future' or glittering cross styles. It is all large, sparkling charms for them. Another name that is big with celebrities like Kate Beckinsale is David Yurman. Rather than sporting large charms, these necklaces are fine and tiny with hints of stones along the strands.

Fashionable Fads In Sterling Silver Rings

Tiffany knockoffs and designer inspired jewelry resembling the fine works of Harry Winston are all the rage this season. Stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones are favoring rings with a large, colorful center stone surrounded by small diamonds. Squares, hearts, and teardrops are all popular as ways to make a statement. Instead of focusing on large stones, music starlets like Maria Carey are opting for sterling silver rings for their right hand in delicate filigree patterns.

Stylish Frosting For Ear Lobes

Like necklaces, earrings are following the same bold statement. Large emerald cut stones such as sapphires, rubies, and even richly flamed opals are found on celebrity fingers. Ali Larter, for example, was recently spotted with a pair of massive studs of sapphire. The same look has spread to the streets with Harry Winston inspired jewelry. Tiffany inspired designs of dark emerald have also been spotted on many of the up-and-coming Hollywood Stars.

Designer Clutches And Bags

It doesn't matter whether you are dressed causal or getting ready for a night on the town, the biggest trend in clutches and bags this season is just as glamorous as many of the popular designer inspired jewelry and Tiffany knockoffs -- flashy and glittering. Stars like Saffron Burrows are carrying crystal covered clutches in either standard black or bold, bright colors. The secret to a trendy clutch is getting attention!

The trends in designer inspired jewelry are extreme. On one end of the scale, Tiffany knockoffs in celebrity style are big and bright in both sterling silver necklaces and earrings and sterling silver rings feature lots of color. The other side of the scale is dainty, but intricately designed pieces with small hints of sparkle. To gain the style of your favorite celebrity this season, go flashy at night and delicate and fine during the day with a stunning clutch.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information on Tiffany inspired jewelry, visit

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Diamonds Are a Woman's Best Friend, Fashion and Pride

Since diamonds were first discovered, they have always been made into fine jewelries. Engagement rings have a more classic feel when it is of a diamond. Wedding rings are more revered when it holds a diamond. Diamond Rings are not just invicta watches Wedding Rings or Engagement Rings, it can also be a fashion trend. Even if we consider diamond as a very classy article, it can actually fit also in a casual environment. Everything depends on the cut, the style, color, size and some other qualities, like personality of the wearer.

Though, wedding rings and engagement rings tops the list for diamonds rings. Some consider diamond rings as part of their personality and style. In such cases, wholesale diamonds becomes practical, as well as loose diamonds. In loose diamonds, you can invicta watches your own rings, whether it's for that special evening dress or for that lunch with old friends. Mix and matching clothes are not just the trend; diamonds should also revamp to give you more options. Different cuts to choose from, different styles, different size and colors, you can make your own. There are websites that can actually do that for you. They have diamond rings that are custom made so there would not be a problem in finding the perfect combination that you want. You would be able to choose the loose diamond to affix your wedding ring or your engagement ring. Some of the popular cuts are Princess Cut Engagement Rings, Round Brilliant Diamond Rings, and Emerald Cut Rings. You can also choose the style, some of the popular styles for Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings are Classic Solitaire, Rings that have side stones, Three Stoned Rings, and there is also a growing demand for Styled Diamond Jewels. These types of jewels are for more stylish looks as well as for those who are daring enough to wear such designs. In putting together the perfect diamond ring, keep in mind that quality of the diamond always comes first.

Now, being luxurious in diamonds does not mean you should stop from being practical. Sometimes, you should also be reminded of how certain designs or settings should be treated. You may want to consider a smaller, and flatter design for everyday use. The best option would be an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. This would also prevent some damage from your clothes. You may wear the stylish chic designs for informal parties, this brings the crowd but avoids that too much flash. More stylish designs for Diamond Rings, earring, necklace and bracelets are more appropriate, it brings out the bolder side of you. For formal evening gatherings, you opt to wear classier diamond designs, this actually brings back the elegance and sophistication of the contemporary generation, besides it always looks good with a new dress.

Diamond rings, whether for wedding rings or engagement rings, or for stylish chic rings, are still your best friend. Just do not forget to wear the perfect one to a perfect occasion. Now, go and discover your perfect diamond ring.

Sheryl Carreon is a diamond and jewelry expert who has been writing many articles for blogs, press resources, and magazines about the subject of Diamonds, Engagement rings and Diamond Jewelry. She has a degree in Journalism and Political science.

Silver Chains - Real Or Fake? How to Tell

Gold is out, and silver is in!This has been the fashion trend for the past few years.Indeed, while sterling silver chains do not rival its golden counterpart in terms of value, it does have in terms of popularity.

Silver Chains Equals Quality

These days, getting silver chains can be rather costly.But if cartier watches are one of the many people who give importance to quality over price, this can be a very good investment.The popularity of silver chains and other accessories have given rise to silver plated jewelry pieces and, unfortunately, some that are sold as sterling silver pieces even if they are actually not.

To make sure that the silver chain you are getting is made of. Sterling Silver, or a cheap fake, here are some ways on how to check your jewelry piece.

Check for the Mark

Silver jewelry pieces, including silver chains would often be branded by a small "925" marking.This is usually place on the jewelry pieces where they are less likely seen.In the case of rings, and some bracelets, the 925 marking is usually found on the inside part of the ring or bracelet.For .925 silver chains, the marking is usually found on the clasp of the chain.These markings are extremely small and oftentimes, you may need a magnifying glass to check this out.

Acid Test

Since there are a lot of cheap imitations posing as sterling silver chains and other silver accessories and items, another way to test this is through a nitric acid test.You can ask your local jeweler to do the nitric test before you or you can do this at home.To do this, briskly rub a certain portion of the silver chain or silver item that you would like to test.It is a good idea to do this on a part of the silver piece that is not easily noticeable.This would allow you to break the plating on top of most silver pieces which is placed to prevent it from easily tarnishing.Apply a few drops of nitric acid onto the scratch surface and check the results.The color of the liquid would tell you what kind of silver it is.If the liquid turns into a cloudy grey color, you are guaranteed that your silver piece is made out of sterling silver.If it turns green, it means that it is citizen watches silver plated.

Being on the Safe Side

To make sure that you are only given genuine silver chains and other sterling silver jewelry pieces, make sure that you only go to a recognized jeweler that specializes in sterling silver pieces.If you do plan on buying silver chains and other silver pieces over the Internet, it is a good idea do some research on the credibility of these online stores.Sterling silver does not come in cheap, and more often than not, the prices placed by these jewelers can be rather shocking.Nevertheless, it would make a great piece of jewelry that you can enjoy for a lifetime

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Freshwater Or Saltwater Pearls? Know the Difference

Freshwater versus Saltwater Pearls

Everyone has questioned it at least once.What is the difference between the freshwater and saltwater pearls in my jewelry? Besides the obvious difference of where they are grown; either in freshwater streams or saltwater oceans, there is the difference in the pearls themselves, which actually, is very little. The main difference can be found in the production of man-made pearls.

In all pearls cartier watches are man-made, the pearls are produced by inserting a small particle into the oyster's body itself. In a saltwater pearl, the small particle that is cartier watches into the oyster is usually a very small piece of mother-of-pearl shell. It is implanted into the oyster along with a small piece of mantle tissue, or connective tissue, from another oyster. The saltwater oyster will only produce one pearl, but not without both elements; the mantle and shell portion, being inserted.

For a freshwater pearl, there is no need to insert the small piece of mother-of-pearl shell. All that the freshwater pearl needs to be produced, is a small piece of mantle from another oyster. Then, the freshwater oyster starts to put layer after layer of nacre over it to produce a pearl. The great thing about freshwater oysters or mullusks, is that multiple pieces of mantle can be placed inside an oyster to form multiple pearls! This is primarily the reason why freshwater pearls are lower in price than saltwater pearls. Either way, they both look great worn as a bracelet, necklace, or earrings!

Hollie Souza, owner and jewelry designer for, a Jewelery and Accessories Boutique for Baby, Child, and Adult. Specializing in mother bracelets, baby block name bracelets, hair bows with crystal and pearls centers, sterling silver, Swarovski and Czech crystal jewelry, 14kt gold accent jewelry, and custom items.

Precious Stones - Fascinating Gem Stones

A Precious Stone is a piece of rare mineral sometimes soft, which when cut and polished is used to make exclusive jewelry and citizen watches adornments. Known for their luster and healing powers worldwide; they have also been used since long for making precious jewelry. Most of the stones used worldwide are hand cut and so the exclusivity associated with them makes them very unique and expensive.

The stones are mostly handcrafted by our expert artisans with utmost care to preserve their natural form. These precious stones are available in faceted and cabochons types and in different shapes and sizes. We offer these precious stones in loose cut stones, stone strands, sorties, chips, rondelles, carved, necklace forms and in many more varieties.

Precious stones are also classified into different groups, species, and varieties like Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire.


This beautiful medium pink to blood red stone is the birthstone for July. The ruby is formed from the mineral corundum, also known as aluminum oxide, when it combines with chromium. Rubies are most highly prized for their size as well as their color, with the deep dark red varieties, being the most highly valued.


The emerald has always been popular for its dramatic green appearance when paired with gold. The emerald is produced when the mineral beryl is combined with chromium or vanadium in the earth. The inner light and reflective ability of the emerald, known as its fire, adds the warm appearance to the gem. Clarity and color are used in pricing emeralds with the deeper green to greenish blue colors with lots of clarity and fire the most highly valued.


The final true precious stone is the beautiful blue sapphire. Sapphire is actually made from the same minerals as rubies, just with different ratios that produce the blue color. Sapphire is very hard and is used in many types of applications other than jewelry. Believe it or not there are many different colors of sapphires, although anything but the blue color is of less value, unless you happen to have a rare salmon or deep pink colored sapphire. There are purple, clear, yellow, green and even orange and brown sapphires that may be used in jewelry, although they are typically not common.

East International - Precious stones exporter like ruby, emerald and sapphire since a very long time.

Separating precious stones into these types of groups helps to identify their composition, their color, and their origin. Precious stones also have a refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, and luster. Each of these citizen watches is important when assessing the value of the stone.

Considering its natural factor, and high price associated with the stone, we have exclusively crafted 10 bead stone strands along with necklaces and many other products for easy affordability of our customers.

East International is a leading Indian manufacturer & wholesale exporter of precious stones and Gemstone Beads

Jewelry - Strictly Metal

Although a lot of the focus in many of the magazine and fashion shows is on glitzy gems and bright, sparkling diamonds there is also a lot of emphasis on the beauty of different metals themselves. There has historically as well as currently been a large following of people that love the beauty of the various metals, without the addition of gems, jewels and all those extras.

All metal jewelry is likely the historical basis of every type of jewelry. Early Greeks and Romans, Egyptians and Asians all used basic metals to create beautiful and lasting jewelry that still forms the basis of many of the styles that are now considered to be the classics. This is seen in modern jewelry as the plain or elaborate band rings, cuff style bracelets, chains and even the many different all metal styles of jewelry. Chandelier style earrings, many which are still designed all metal features and pieces, are very similar to the ancient earrings unearthed in archaeological digs in different places in the world. Early art work and sculptures from Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations clearly show the importance of jewelry in these early times and for these people, both as status symbols as well as beautiful pieces.

Traditionally metals used in jewelry were silver and gold, typically because they were the to mine and collect plus they were very easy to work with. Keep in mind that early jewelers really had to do everything by hand without temperature controlled melting vats and other instruments and equipment that modern jewelers now take for granted. It is also important to remember that many different types of jewelry are made by pouring molten metals into molds which are then cooled and removed, leaving the raw jewelry item for finishing, detailing and polishing. As technology advanced different metals such as platinum, palladium, titanium, tungsten carbide and even the gold and metal mixture of white gold was created and became more popular.

Completely metal jewelry can be decorative however it is not just a bare, plain surface. Many pieces of metal jewelry are very elaborately crafted and shaped, leading to intricate patterns and designs either by adding additional metals to the surface or by detailing the surface to make it look carved. A great example of this is the silver jewelry that is seen in both Bali and Indonesia, highly detailed and designed in patterns that look like weaving and in filigree styles. Two tone or even three tone all metal types of jewelry are very popular both for wedding bands, bracelets, pendants, watches and almost every other type of jewelry imaginable. There is a unique type of jewelry known as Black Hills Gold that is actually a style of jewelry that includes different colors ranging from yellow, green and rose gold. Typical patterns found in traditional Black Hills gold pieces include grape leaves, vines and patterns found in nature. Only pieces made in the Black Hills of South Dakota can be marketed as Black Hills gold.

Amy Carrington is a fashion maven and an editor at Sorella creates personalized jewelry with the names, words, dates and Chinese symbols that matter to you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tragus Jewellery - Make Your Ears Look Beautiful!

A fleshy prominence at the front of the external opening of the ear is known as Tragus. There are various kinds of jewellery available to make the ears look beautiful. Tragus Rings, Bars and other Jewellery for Tragus Piercings. Jewellery that is worn in the Tragus includes small BCR's, Barbells & Labrets. Typically, it is small in size measuring around 1.2mm & 1.6mm gauges are used depending on the piercing.

Numerous kinds of jewellery are available to make your ears look more beautiful. You can also choose from a whole range of body jewellery available at various stores. Navel jewellery, tongue jewellery, lip jewellery, nose jewellery, eyebrow jewellery, ear jewellery and nipple jewellery are some of the kinds of body piercing jewelleries available that can add a hint of glamour to your personality.

There are numerous sites online offering information on body jewellery. One can also get free delivery on almost all kinds of jewelleries including tragus piercing jewellery. It is advisable that you buy from your trusted body jewellery retailer. This kind of jewellery can be worn in the tragus or any other part of the ear. The specialists offering this kind of jewellery cater to all kinds of body piercing jewellery. They also offer a wide range of styles, colours and sizes, all at low prices.

Tongue piercing is also very popular which is done through the tongue. The most common type of piercing is in the centre of the tongue. Multiple piercing is also preferred by many people who want a fashionable tongue piercing. Tongue piercing is a very delicate art as it involves a lot of complications. It is also one of the most difficult type of piercing as compared to other types of piercing. Most often, the piercing is painful as it penetrates the muscle tissue which is very delicate.

The tongue piercing can be of any size. It depends upon the thickness of the tongue. There are various shops online which give you a variety of choices to choose from. You can also choose a piercing which fits your style the most. You can choose from a wide variety of tongue rings. Acrylic tongue rings are made from acrylic and have a stainless steel shaft with two acrylic balls which are available unscrewed. Logo barbells is a type of tongue ring which has pictures of your choice inscribed onto the barbells. It is made up of steel and has a picture inlaid design, of your choice. You can choose the tongue of your choice.

Sadhna D, Expert Author, Platinum author

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Tragus jewellery

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Stylish Watches Found on Internet Watch Dealer Sites

Stylish watches are often in the eye of the beholder. When you search the internet a number of stylish watches can be found on dealer websites, but consumers can choose for themselves which watches they find to be the most stylish and enjoyable. In addition to offering style watches, these watch dealers also able to offer deep discounts on their watches, regardless of the type of watch that is particularly intriguing to the potential consumer. Some of the manufacturers whose models and collections are featured on these watch dealer websites include A. Lange & Sohne, Audemars Piguet, Baume & Mercier, Blancpain, Breitling, Bulova, Bvlgari, Cartier, Chanel, Chopard, Citizen, Concord, Corum, Daniel Roth, Ebel, ESQ, Gerald Genta, Gucci, Harry Winston, Kenneth Cole, Maurice Lacroix, Patek Philippe, Raymond Weil, TAG Heuer, Ulysse Nardin and Zenith. There are many more brands and manufacturers that are to be found online.

While everyone has their own idea of what a stylish watch would look like or how it will be built, there are a number of specific watches that are socially considered to be more stylish than others or watches which are considered by the watch industry at large to be stylish. For a long period of time, many people considered pocket watches to be an eternally stylish item. These are unique watches that existed long before wristwatches had ever been developed. They were used for basic reasons, such as a casual telling of the time - which many people continue to use watches for this reason, but pocket watches were also used for more important and specific reasons, such as telling the time for the comings and goings of trains. Eventually, the wrist watch was developed and while many people still appreciate pocket watches for their classic elegance, in mainstream society wrist watches are the more commonly used timepieces.

Today's watches are designed for a number of different lifestyles and experiences. Diver's watches are specifically designed for individuals who dive and spend time under water. Classic watches are designed to act as testaments to timeless elegance and class. Sports watches are designed in order to provide accuracy and durability in active and more tumultuous lifestyles. Despite the fact that these watches are designed for certain lifestyles, all of these different types of watches can be made so that they reflect the styles of the time. Stylish watches can be found in all different genres of watches and stylish concepts are almost always incorporated into the newly developed timepieces.

Typically, stylish watches are designed to be fairly durable and reliable. This means that while their complications may differ, the materials they are made out of are typically durable ones. Materials such as ceramics, titanium and plastics are used in order to make stylish watches. While watches made out of gold and silver are pretty and fashionable, they are soft metals which are not always as durable as the other materials which may be used. Many watch dealers offer a wide variety of stylish watches to their consumers and they are catalogued on the various sites by brand and style.

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Handling Diamonds the Proper Way

Many people who trade in diamonds do not realize that the manner in which you handle your diamonds and diamond jewelry can actually impact the jewelry business. But there is a very simple and basic reason why this is true.

Diamonds whether studded in jewelry or loose, have a propensity to attract oil and grease and every time the diamond is handled, it tends to pick up some grease. As we all know, grease attracts dust particles from the air and eventually there is a layer of grease and dust that covers the surface of the diamond. And we all know that when that takes place the light that reflects from the diamond is affected negatively.

The property of diamonds to attract grease has not always been seen as a negative property. In the earlier years, this property of diamonds was effectively used by diamond miners to separate diamonds from other minerals in the same ore. This was done by covering a belt in grease and wax and then allowing the crushed ore to run over the belt. As the crushed ore passed over the greasy belt, the uncut diamond rough would stick to the belt as the other minerals remained unaffected.

However, these processes have changed over time and there are more sophisticated methods that are now used to separate diamonds. But one thing is for sure, this unique property of diamonds continues to be the bane for those who handle and trade diamonds daily.

The scientific reason for why a diamond that is covered with a layer of grease and dust looses its sheen is due to the refractive index. The shine of the diamond is dependent on the light that enters the diamond and the manner in which it moves out of the diamond. When light passes through a clean diamond the interface is between diamond and air. The refractive index of air is 1.0 but the refractive index of grease is 1.5.

In more practical terms what this means is that the diamond's critical angle increases and the amount of light that reflects from the pavilion reduces significantly. The light does not go through the crown but falls inside and then some of it escapes out of the pavilion. And since the entire light that enters does not move in a focused manner but diffuses in the diamond, the shine, brilliance and glint of the diamond is far lesser than it could be.

Now, the customers who buy diamond jewelry do so because of its shine and luster and way it attracts attention too. Therefore, it is essential for you to keep your diamond jewelry shining.

Make sure that the diamonds are not handled unnecessarily except when they need to be. Keep the area where the diamond jewelry are displayed completely clean and tidy. When you are handling diamonds make sure that you do so with tweezers, gloves or any lint free cloth. After your customers handle the diamonds make sure that you wipe them with a soft, clean cloth before you replace them in their safe haven. As your diamonds dazzle your customers, you will realize that the cash registers ring more often and keep you smiling.

Mithun Rao, a gemologist has an obsession for gems and precious stones since more than 10 years. He also shares a passion for music, painting and meditation. Apart from running his own jewelry store he owns and manages the site on gemstones, diamonds and jewelry industry.

Acrylic Jewelry Display Cases

If you have a jewelry business or jewelry store, placing your precious items in acrylic jewelry display cases will keep it safe from dust and potential damage. It's no secret how real jewelry items are among the most expensive accessory types nowadays. This is why placing them in an ideal jewelry case is highly important. Basically, you will be able to find other excellent varieties of jewelry display cases, which may include wood or aluminum. Depending on your needs these types of display cases may also be perfect. Many cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, although the most common are the box types.

However, acrylic jewelry display cases are more ideal since they are clear and durable. These are able to showcase your precious items in all their glitter and glamor, while keeping them sheltered and secure. Acrylic cases can also be combined with wood or aluminum frames and bases. They come in different degrees of thickness, such as 3mm and 5mm and even in much thicker types. Many acrylic cases are also ideal for a lot of displays, such as antiques, medals, trophies, and coins. Due to its durability and aesthetic appeal however, it is widely used nowadays for jewelry and other precious baubles.

When shopping for acrylic cases, you need to find the case with the right thickness. Most large cases require a thicker type of acrylic material. Thus if you intend on getting a big rectangular case rather than smaller boxes, the acrylic thickness needs to be higher than 3mm or 5mm. Many of these cases can also include jewelry stands to expose the items to a more discriminating view. Acrylic jewelry display cases are also perfect for home or personal use, especially if you plan on displaying your precious treasures in a specific room or area in your home.

If you are looking for more information about acrylic jewelry display cases, or other jewelry boxes visit our site for great shopping ideas.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Earrings Trends For 2009-10 - The Celebrity Guide to Earrings

One of the best ways to stay abreast of jewellery trends, and specifically earrings trends, and get a great preview of styles that are likely to be popular in a season or two is to keep an eye out for the jewellery worn by celebrities.

Celebrities can get hold of the very latest designs - in fact, it isn't uncommon for jewellery designers to give away their jewellery to celebrities just for the publicity that it brings to their brand. Because it's quite common for a piece of jewellery worn by a popular star to become the next hot fashion trend.

Keeping your eye open for what's hot and what's not on the celebrity jewellery circuit is an art. Drop earrings, hoop earrings, tribal, chandeliers - don't let it overwhelm you! Here's a quick and easy 6-point list (based on many years experience of celebrity and red carpet-watching!) of the top earrings trends for the 2009/10 season:

1) We start with statement earrings. Yes folks, oversized statement earrings remain hot property in 2009. We're talking dangling, big chandeliers. The lies of Jennifer Lopez and Mary J. Blige have been seen sporting some great statement earrings, and we can safely say it's a look that's not going to disappear anytime soon.

2) The shoulder-scraping chandelier isn't to everyone's taste. But the drop earring, or more modestly sized dangling earrings, work equally well. Angeline Jolie, Penelope Cruz and Kate Winslet - even Michelle Obama - have all worn beautiful drop earrings at red carpet events so far in 2009, underlining the resurgence of drop earrings.

3) Bright summery colours are a must-have this season in earrings trends. Banish all that doom and gloom out there with a dash of colour. Angelina Jolie wore vivid green earrings at the Oscars and Yolanda Adams went with striking turquoise at the Grammy Awards. Here's my extra little recession-busting tip: earrings can provide an affordable colour boost to your whole ensemble. After all, why change your whole outfit when you can just freshen your look with new earrings?

4) Accents of wood, natural seeds and feathers are going to stay popular through the year and into 2010, as the tribal chic or 'safari' look provides so many options. That's why John Galliano for Dior has gone with this look in such a big way.

5) From Spring 2009 and well into 2010, we're going to see jewellery fashions be about refreshing and replenishing, rather than massive evolution every season. This includes earrings trends. And that's good news because a whole lot of what's hot in 2009 won't suddenly look 'so last season' in 2010.

6) If you're not confident about making choices that'll last, my advice is to keep it simple and don't be dictated by earrings trends. Hoop earrings will do the trick: the bottom line is that you never have to worry about whether or not hoop earrings are in style, because they're a classic, a style you can wear forever - look how great Angelina Jolie looks with the simplest hoops. Simple gold or silver hoop earrings are a win-win. But you can also opt for hoops in other materials as unusual as finely woven palm fibre or wood.

Bear this guide in mind and you'll be all set for a memorable 2009/10 season. Most of all, enjoy dressing up with accessories. Earrings are a great way for you to express yourself and exude beauty and style. Go for it!

Nicholas Watson is fair trade jewellery designer. He is also founder of the fashion jewellery brand Jungle Berry -

Rolex and Luxury Watches - Define Your Lifestyle

Luxury watches have always been the popular choice of men and women who want a watch that defines their character and status in life. The choice of royalty, statesmen, wealthy business men and filmstars to name just a few is a Rolex watch. Omega has often been the yachtsmans or sailors choice. It is a first rate watch. Breitling rivals the Rolex for military use.

There are many luxury watches such as the Omega, Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Longines, to name a few. They are without exception wonderful watches. However they just lack that Rolex feeling. Something that is hard to describe but is totally present when you wear a Rolex.

Nearly everyone recognises a Rolex for what it is. When they see one on someone's wrist they mentally note this person as someone who is above the crowd so to speak. A person of strong personality who does not appreciate a gaudy emblem of status. A person of character and good taste.

If they see an Omega, a Breitling or any one of the other very costly watches many people will not recognise it for what it is. It may cost more than a Rolex but it just doesn't have that same panache. It's just another watch to them. These are fine watches but are not recognised to the same extent as status symbols.

There are many other makes of luxury watch which can cost more than a Rolex. People who admire fine watches will have their own favorite choice. They just don't have that certain feeling that a Rolex puts forth. An understated emblem of power and wealth for many owners. For others just the best watch available at any price. If I had to choose another great watch I would consider the Omega as another I would be proud and happy to wear.

James Bond wore a Rolex. No diamond studded emblem of his personality for 007. Just a plain elegant Rolex which told everyone that here was a man who knew what he wanted in life and had got it. No need to say more.

Luxury watches have always been a popular accessory for the wealthy or those who want to appear wealthy. This is why hundreds of thousands of replica watches are sold every year. But of what value are they. Do you really believe that owning a cheap fake will make you feel good and improve your lifestyle? I don't think so.

The best way to save on buying a real Rolex or any other luxury watch such as the Breitling, Omega, Patek Phillipe and so on is to buy a used watch. Used luxury watches can often be found at a fraction of the price of a new watch.

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Diamond Pendant Necklace

Diamonds are forever, so they say, because they neither get out of style nor become distasteful to everyone especially among women. It is always desired, sought after. One would love to have a collection of it or just a piece of it.

Anyone who wants to look fabulous and graceful, beauteous in this matter could wear diamond pendant necklaces. Elegant and flashy, they are always one of the ideal presents to someone you endear most. While diamonds speak about eternity-its timeless beauty and glamour, it also utters sophistication and class for someone wearing it. It is so precious and valuable, you could hardly resist when you are being offered one. Who in this whole wide world could say no to a diamond, a diamond pendant necklace in this matter? Not one person. Everyone loves diamonds, for it is not only so wonderful, it also is a status symbol. It is the jewel of the rich and the famous, the well-to-do and elites of the society. One would not let the opportunity pass of not having one to own or wear now.

Diamond pendant necklaces would be a great addition to your existing collection of jewelleries. For gem lovers like you who values the essence of "beautiful things," why wait if you can get one now.

Never to undermine the price owning a diamond pendant necklace entails, it is a good investment of money. While it requires a handsome amount, this piece of accessory is a must-keep.

Though only the rich and the well-to-do can have a grab of this costly belonging, anyone if not everyone wishes to have a grab of this thing. Perfectly, diamond pendant necklaces make a good complement for someone who loves richness, fame and glamour.

Are you one of them or would you be one? Get yourself a diamond pendant necklace now.

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How Color Gemstones In Jewelry Affect Your Personality

Now you have many more reasons than just aesthetic beauty of the gem to wear gemstone jewelry.

Traditionally people used to wear amulets to guard them against evil spirits. Later on the trend caught on with the birthstones. Birthstones are known to have positive influences on a persons life. They increase positive traits and decrease negativity in an individuals personality. Expert astrologers now recommend various stones and not just the birthstone to influence the wearers personality.

Believing in the concept is again based on faith and there may be different opinions on that. All I can say is that give it a try and there may be something in it. After all since centuries people have had some sort of 'charm quotient'. Here is what each stone influences:

Agate - Plentiful of resources, encourages camaraderie, brings good luck, enhances fearlessness, also helps in stomach related ailments

Amber - Lucky in romance and love, increases psychic abilities, gets wisdom

Amethyst - increases satisfaction in life, brings peace and strength in the character, helps in identifying ones own self

Aquamarine - a water stone, has a calm influence on ones personality, removes any type of fear and phobia

Amazonite - a soothing stone - supposedly absorbs microwaves and relieves stress, helps the wearer to see two perspectives of a problem

Aventurine - increases creativity, enhances leadership skills, motivates the lazy ones and brings materialistic happiness

Carnelian - enhances vitality, increases self confidence, makes the person more warm, friendly and creative

Citrine - energiser stone, brings prosperity, makes the person generous and creative, increases motivation and has healing properties for internal organs

Emerald - a symbol of love, protects from evil charms, increases memory retention, increases fertility

Flourite - strengthens bones, teeth; helps in de-stressing

Garnet - makes the person passionate, increases self-confidence and enhances sensual energy, keeps a person socially popular and joyous

Jade - channelize energy in constructive ways,symbol of calmness and purity, helps in making up with friends and improves old relations, increases mental stability

Jasper - helps in having a fresh perspective towards life, helps in realizing ambition

Labradorite - highly mystical stone, brings protective powers, raises consciousness and conserves positive energy, wards off negative energies

Lapiz - helps in overcoming depression, increases the sixth sense

Malachite - absorbs negativity. brings about compassion for others, purifies the soul

Moonstone - brings good luck, feminine stone, healing power and in releases feminine energies, also marks new beginnings.

Quartz - brings calmness and clarity in thoughts, amplifies the energies of other stones, wonderful for meditation and healing

Rose Quartz - symbol of unconditional love and peace, helps in overcoming emotional issues and childhood issues, fosters love towards family and brings compassion for humanity

Rutilated Quartz - brings discipline to life and stabilizes relationships, helps fix broken marriages

Smokey Quartz - a neutralizer stone and brings protection on the wearer from harmful influences

Tigers Eye - increases willpower, self control and fearlessness

Turquoise - an all purpose stone, has healing powers on the entire body, provides inner strength, increases wisdom. helps in repulsing negative energies

If you prefer to get your jewelry self designed, loose gemstones are available in the market. A simple visit to the jewelry market should help you in the buying effort. If you prefer online shopping, shop with a wholesaler who has a credible history of being in the business. Prashant Gems is an example of reliable wholesale gemstone dealer

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CIO and CoFounder at GirnarSoft

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Tips on How to Sell Gold - Selling Your Old, Scrap Jewelry

Tips for selling Scrap Jewelry

Everyone knows the old saying, 'Old is Gold'. This is definitely true when it comes to old jewelry that is scrappy, out of style, and probably not of any use. Most often you are able to sell gold jewelry for cash profitable to you. There's a reason so much jewelry is made from the most precious metal. Because it's worth a lot - almost $1000 an ounce right now (check the price).

How to sell your old Jewelry

It is one of the most common questions asked when it comes to old trinkets that have been sitting in your drawer and simply have gone out of fashion years ago. If you have a ring, chain or any gold jewelry that might be there in the drawer for years then you might want to first look at polishing it to make it look better if it's gone dull. As long as it is real, you can be sure the value won't fade.

Some items are worth more than others. Its true the value of any piece is based on its weight, but it's also based on the purity, or karat of the gold. 24k is 100% pure, and any number less than that is a percentage of gold. So a 14k piece of jewelry contains about 58% gold.

There are many companies including online buyers who are waiting to buy your jewelry item after giving you an appraisal on it. You can also get your jewelry appraised on many auction sites and they will immediately give you the right price value on your gold.

U Sell Gold is a blog and website which provides information about selling your old gold jewelry and turning it into quick cash. We also offer a free Online Gold Appraisal tool which will let you know how much your gold is worth before you sell it.

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Charms Christmas Gifts Guide - Top 10 Presents For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Sister & Ladies

Charms go as way back as the Neolithic era when ancient people used to pick some unusual looking rock or a piece of wood. They believed that these pieces possess magical powers that can stave off danger and their enemies. Charms evolved as human civilization did, in every era, charms were there. They were there in Egypt, in Rome, in the Medieval castles, in Victorian royal halls, in World War II and then today, in the modern age. At present, the fashion industry continues to uphold the allure of charms. The latest trends show an upswing of charm sales. This holiday season, surprise your loved with a pretty little charm or two. Here's our list of the Top 10 Charms to help you pick out the best jewelry gifts this Christmas 2008.

1. Tiara Charm - Every woman's a princess in her own way. And yours certainly deserves her own. This item measures 0.363 inches long and 0.547 inches wide. From Rembrandt this enchanting piece is hand-polished to a pristine brilliance of a High Polish finish. This comes with an easy-to-handle and durable heavy-duty jump ring, which makes it a breeze when attaching on another accessory.

2. Ice Skate Charm - To keep up with the theme of the winter season, give her an ice skate charm. Fashioned into a mini replica of an ice skate. The item is 0.56 inches long and 0.57 inches wide. And just like every piece of the Rembrandt Charms, this comes hand polished to brilliance.

3. Eiffel Tower Charm - Hand-polished to a pristine finish, this charm copies, in detail, one of the most iconic structures in France. And hey, if you can't take her to Paris, bring her a piece of Paris yourself.

4. 4-Leaf Clover Charm - Give her the best from Lady Luck with this four leaf clover charm. This Rembrandt Charm comes especially hand polished to perfection with High Polish finish. And like most Rembrandts, this piece comes with a lifetime guarantee.

5. Two Turtle Doves Charm - Turn up the holiday festivities with one of the twelve days of Christmas' gifts: two turtledoves. The item is 0.744 inches long and 0.742 inches wide. The charm features flattened metalwork design of a pair of kissing turtledoves.

6. "Bestfriends" Puzzle Piece Charm - This lovely pair of friendship charms is a great gift to celebrate the binding power of friendship. Each piece has the word "bestfriends" engraved in it. For this present though, it's just your friend that's getting a Christmas gift. You're getting one for yourself as well.

7. Christmas Tree Charm - Well, it is the Christmas season and what gift could say "Christmas" than the ceremonial tree. But no, you need not get her the real big one with pine cones and pine needles. This tiny replica by Rembrandt Charms would be a perfect addition to this season's festive mood.

8. Angel Charm - This piece takes the from of a 0.77" x 0.91" angel kneeling down in prayer. Keep your lady safe at all times, give her an angel charm.

9. "A-Z Initial" Charm - Give a personal touch to your gift with this initial charm. Spell her name out or pick out the letter to her first name with this classic collectible piece. This is available in Sterling Silver, 10K Yellow Gold, Gold Plate, and 14K Yellow Gold variations.

10. Snowflake Charm - Catch a snowflake and put it in her hands. The Rembrandt Snowflake Charm makes you do just that. This charm is made from delicately fashioned metalwork taking a detailed design of a snowflake. This is a fitting gift for the wintry season.

Go ahead and use our list for the easiest and convenient holiday shopping.

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IWC Da Vinci New Generation Wristwatches - Works of Genus

IWC, once again, shocked the world with remarkable originality on new generation Da Vinci wristwatches which led wristwatch trend to feature. Three Da Vinci wristwatches features beautiful tonneau shape. Every piece represents advanced technology and innovation.

New Da Vinci wrist watches, with exquisite-designed tonneau case, open a new page for Da Vinci watches. This unique design, greatly influenced and inspired by the spirits of Da Vinci, brings Da Vinci Watches to a new journey. Da Vinci was born in Renaissance, the watershed of Middle Ages and Modern times. He was burn with keen observation ability. He was a painter, inventor and a brilliant designer. Rarely known to people, he had great interests in early marine chronometer and astrolabe.Once he got the said machines, he would open, observe, and do study on them and make some by his prodigious gifts. He drew countless movement graphs and tried to design more accurate timepieces. In another word, he pursued for perfect timepieces and precise timing all his life. Now, with the born of IWC Da Vinci watches, his dream has become true in Schaffhausen watch factory.

New Da Vinci Automatic Chronograph Wristwatch
The chronograph subdial is placed at the upper part of the dial, looking like a watch in a watch. The timing of one minute of than minute is displayed by central chronograph seconds hand. The watch is powered by the new-developed 89630 mechanical chronograph movement which has 68 hour power reserve, automatic winding system and offer-center chronograph mechanism. Chronograph time keeps pace with actual time. The second hand is equipped with hack mechanism.

New Da Vinci Automatic Wristwatch
Da Vinci Automatic has an extraordinary and imposing appearance. It features charming tonneau shape and brown leather strap. The used 30130 automatic movement has 42 hour power reserve . The hour hand and minute hand as well as hour marking are all filled with luminous material. The clear big date may bring your great feeling every day.

Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Kurt Klaus Special Limited Edition
Kurt Klaus, a gifted watch-maker designed the exquisite Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Watch in 1985. Now, Kurt Klaus, 72 years old, has been working for IWC watch factory for more than 50 years. He pays great contribution ti those famous movements developed by IWC. However, his greatest achievement is that he successfully tamed and simplified Perpetual Calendar which is highly complex yet enchanting. The perpetual calendar created by Kurt Klaus features unique four figures display that frees wearer from calculating and adjusting. This technology, invented 24 years ago, is so complex and advanced that no one could do better, at least up to now.

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Luminox Dive Watch Reviews

The first Luminox watch was born in 1989. It was initially meant to be a sports watch but later it was rebuilt to meet some rigorous specifications and become the symbol of the US Navy Seals.
Based on a precise and reliable Swiss mechanism, the Luminox watches employ a unique illumination system which made them an instant success and perfect for one of the world's elite military forces. The first Dive watch was offered to the Seal teams in 1994 with the belief that it was exactly what they needed. That proved to be a very good move and the Seals now keep this type of watch for recreational use as well.

The Luminox collection of navy Seal Dive Watches includes a variety of dial colors which makes them suitable to every personality. Having the appearance of a well-designed sports watch, the Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watches gained more and more appreciation among active consumers as well as military and law enforcement groups.

The manufacturing steps of these watches are very precise. The self-powered illumination system, for instance, has to be installed in each watch. This is a rather costly endeavor and it also takes time but the final product is worth the torment. The micro gas lights are installed into the main elements of the dial, such as the hands, hour markers and sometimes even the bezel, according to the type and model. Unlike conventional luminous watches, they do not need any external light source to make them glow. Similarly, there is no button to push in order to light the dial, like the one on electroluminescence watches. The micro gas light Luminox technology shows time at a glance, whatever the light level, which makes these watches the perfect time-telling pieces in complete darkness. That is why Luminox now produces Navy Seal Dive Watches for night missions. In addition, a big number of U.S. Air Force pilots wear them and fully enjoy the benefits of having a rigorously tested and reliable Luminox timepiece.

To better understand the value of a Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch, let us enumerate some of its most important characteristics. Having a diameter of 43 mm, the fibreglass reinforced polyester injection moulded case makes this watch a very durable one. The black stainless steel case is secured with stainless steel screws. A double gasket crown confers water resistance to 200 metres. The watch has a scratch resistant mineral glass crystal, multi-jewel Swiss quartz movement with date function, end of life feature and a four-year battery life.

The dial is available in several colors: black, blue, white, forest green, red, yellow and khaki. It comes with a supple polyurethane dive strap with signature buckle and a 22 mm replacement strap. There is also a nylon strap choice if you want.

Those interested in more glamor may choose the Luminox navy Seal Titanium Watch with a 43 mm titanium case and crown protector. This one has a 10-year lithium battery and a solid link titanium bracelet with safety clasp and a scratch resistant sapphire glass crystal. Whichever kind you have, you can be proud of the design and functionality of your Luminox watch.

There is a Luminox watch sale on now in our online store. Also available is a great selection of replacement Luminox watch bands at discount prices.

Copper Jewelry - An Overview

Copper jewelry has been around for a long long time! Like many items that we continue to use in our daily lives today, this metal was discovered by ancient Egyptians sometime between 2500 and 4000 BC and was considered to be a valuable commodity, and ones standing in society was often a function of how much Cu a person owned and wore. However, as time passed, it became less valuable. As discoveries grew, its value started to drop.

However, as people learned about the properties and benefits of copper, its application in the daily lives of people grew tremendously. Today, it is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to precious metals such as gold and platinum. The ease with which it can be turned in foil, plates, and wire has made this metal an endearing material in the design and making of fashion jewelry. The beautiful rustic rose color of the metal makes this an attractive metal for jewlery making. The color is more or less neutral, making it a perfect match with semi-precious gemstones such as onyx, peridot, and various colors of quartz. Today, it is mined extensively in North and South America, and Australia. Within the US, the largest mines are located in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. However, the world's largest mine is located in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

Typically, ore contains 3 to 6 percent metal. In other words, after processing 100 pounds of ore, you end up with 3 to 6 pounds of metal! After all this expense and effort, you can buy the purified metal in the free market for $2 per pound! So this makes copper the perfect material for inexpensive fashion jewelry. Man has also taken advantage of its medicinal benefits. Various preparations containing this metal are used as fungicides, antimicrobial medicines, and hygienic medical devices. There have also been claims of pain relief and arthritis control using bracelets and other items. Most of these claims are anecdotal, and as such, have not been proven through rigorous scientific and medical testing. Scientists and doctors often claim that the improvement seen in patients using Cu as part of their treatment is most likely the "placebo effect".

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Jewelry For Men - Desired by the Sexes

Okay all you manly men you, jewelry is not only for women any longer. David Beckham has become world wide famous for his amazing skills as a soccer player, however, he is also famous for something else. David Beckham is also a jewelry designer.

He has made his mark in the world of men's jewelry and this is quite the accomplishment. He was the first man to wear diamond earrings that were two diamonds each. He is taken so seriously in the world of design, culture, and what's hot, that it was taken seriously. It allowed men to become more interested in jewelry.

His first attempt as a designer came at his pre-World Cup party. It was there that he put his men's jewelry on an incredible display. However, he could not do this alone. He was helped by Ashley Cole who is England's full back. He arrived in style, wearing a dinner jacket and no shirt underneath. Instead of a shirt, Cole displayed pieces of men's jewelry.

It was after this party that David Beckham then showed off his skills as a designer when he placed a diamond watch up for bit in auction for charity. The watch was created by a man named Jacob Arabo. He is a very talented designer as well. His jewelry was become popular not only with the help of Beckham but also because he pushes the envelope and creates beautiful pieces for men who want to wear jewelry.

It is thanks to these men that jewelry can be enjoyed by both of the sexes. The most trendy men in society today are found wearing beautiful jewelry and this allows the average man to feel more comfortable to do the same as well. It is acceptable for men to wear stylish necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, and that is not all. The old style of men with chest hair and gold chains has long passed. It is stylish and desirable for men to wear jewelry and as the trend continues more pieces and items are available as well as being more affordable.

Manufacturers of fine jewelry now have a whole new consumer list to attract and make products for. This will in turn make them more money and create a greater clientele base. It seems that this trend is not going to fizzle anytime soon and that creating and designing men's jewelry is quite a profitable excursion. So come on men, diamonds are for you too.

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