Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tissot Watches the Best of the Best

The Tissot Watches brand has achieved great feats in converting what used to be an instrument cartier watches merely told time, to one that has versatility, style and functionality engineered into its design. Tissot Watches have evolved into incredibly multi-functional wristwatches that provide the ability to measure a variety of factors.Tissot Watches has consistently surprised the watch industry with incredible technological innovations which it incorporates in all its timepieces.

The watch now regarded as the Swiss manufacture's trademark timepiece is the Tissot T-Touch watch. The watch incorporates a tactile sensitive crystal that activates 6 different digital functions. By tapping your finger over each labeled function the digital second and hour hands switch to that specific function's reading. By activating the compass feature with the touch of a finger, the hour and second hands line up and automatically move to point northward. The alarm and chronograph functions are displayed in a small LED window at 6 O' clock. An altimeter and thermometer can also be activated by tactile contact. The meteorological function is the final and most impressive feature on this tissot watch. When activated, this feature displays atmospheric pressure in the digital LED screen, and local weather trends with the hour/second hands.

Just as its counterparts in other Tissot watch collections, the T Touch has evolved into many variations. With a variety of features all variations incorporate a tactile sensitive crystal to active. The latest variation of the T-Touch is the Sea-Touch. This watch is specifically designed to cater to the needs of underwater scuba divers. The Swiss timepiece employs a diver's log function that automatically initiates at the depth of 1 meter below sea level. A convenient rotating bezel allows divers to measure the time they have been underwater, as well as amount of oxygen remaining in their gear.

The Tissot TTouch is not only a watch for sports enthusiasts. It also makes life easier for the well-traveled individual. Want to view every cartier watches time-zone on earth with the touch of a finger, the T-Navigator watch can. For facilitated planning the watch also displays a calendar in the small LED window.

The Silen-T from the Touch watch collection is the only watch that does not have tactile functions. The watch is engineered for discreetness and/or the visually impaired. Silen T provides a silent alarm and time display function that alerts the user by silent vibration. This discreet way of displaying time through vibrations, allows anybody anywhere to keep an eye on their time without having to look at their watch. It also makes life easier for the visually impaired.

T touch technology is a truly exciting advancement for the world of digital tissot watches, as well as indicative of many new things to come from Swiss watchmaker Tissot.

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