Wednesday, June 3, 2009

IWC Da Vinci New Generation Wristwatches - Works of Genus

IWC, once again, shocked the world with remarkable originality on new generation Da Vinci wristwatches which led wristwatch trend to feature. Three Da Vinci wristwatches features beautiful tonneau shape. Every piece represents advanced technology and innovation.

New Da Vinci wrist watches, with exquisite-designed tonneau case, open a new page for Da Vinci watches. This unique design, greatly influenced and inspired by the spirits of Da Vinci, brings Da Vinci Watches to a new journey. Da Vinci was born in Renaissance, the watershed of Middle Ages and Modern times. He was burn with keen observation ability. He was a painter, inventor and a brilliant designer. Rarely known to people, he had great interests in early marine chronometer and astrolabe.Once he got the said machines, he would open, observe, and do study on them and make some by his prodigious gifts. He drew countless movement graphs and tried to design more accurate timepieces. In another word, he pursued for perfect timepieces and precise timing all his life. Now, with the born of IWC Da Vinci watches, his dream has become true in Schaffhausen watch factory.

New Da Vinci Automatic Chronograph Wristwatch
The chronograph subdial is placed at the upper part of the dial, looking like a watch in a watch. The timing of one minute of than minute is displayed by central chronograph seconds hand. The watch is powered by the new-developed 89630 mechanical chronograph movement which has 68 hour power reserve, automatic winding system and offer-center chronograph mechanism. Chronograph time keeps pace with actual time. The second hand is equipped with hack mechanism.

New Da Vinci Automatic Wristwatch
Da Vinci Automatic has an extraordinary and imposing appearance. It features charming tonneau shape and brown leather strap. The used 30130 automatic movement has 42 hour power reserve . The hour hand and minute hand as well as hour marking are all filled with luminous material. The clear big date may bring your great feeling every day.

Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Kurt Klaus Special Limited Edition
Kurt Klaus, a gifted watch-maker designed the exquisite Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Watch in 1985. Now, Kurt Klaus, 72 years old, has been working for IWC watch factory for more than 50 years. He pays great contribution ti those famous movements developed by IWC. However, his greatest achievement is that he successfully tamed and simplified Perpetual Calendar which is highly complex yet enchanting. The perpetual calendar created by Kurt Klaus features unique four figures display that frees wearer from calculating and adjusting. This technology, invented 24 years ago, is so complex and advanced that no one could do better, at least up to now.

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