Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rolex and Luxury Watches - Define Your Lifestyle

Luxury watches have always been the popular choice of men and women who want a watch that defines their character and status in life. The choice of royalty, statesmen, wealthy business men and filmstars to name just a few is a Rolex watch. Omega has often been the yachtsmans or sailors choice. It is a first rate watch. Breitling rivals the Rolex for military use.

There are many luxury watches such as the Omega, Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Longines, to name a few. They are without exception wonderful watches. However they just lack that Rolex feeling. Something that is hard to describe but is totally present when you wear a Rolex.

Nearly everyone recognises a Rolex for what it is. When they see one on someone's wrist they mentally note this person as someone who is above the crowd so to speak. A person of strong personality who does not appreciate a gaudy emblem of status. A person of character and good taste.

If they see an Omega, a Breitling or any one of the other very costly watches many people will not recognise it for what it is. It may cost more than a Rolex but it just doesn't have that same panache. It's just another watch to them. These are fine watches but are not recognised to the same extent as status symbols.

There are many other makes of luxury watch which can cost more than a Rolex. People who admire fine watches will have their own favorite choice. They just don't have that certain feeling that a Rolex puts forth. An understated emblem of power and wealth for many owners. For others just the best watch available at any price. If I had to choose another great watch I would consider the Omega as another I would be proud and happy to wear.

James Bond wore a Rolex. No diamond studded emblem of his personality for 007. Just a plain elegant Rolex which told everyone that here was a man who knew what he wanted in life and had got it. No need to say more.

Luxury watches have always been a popular accessory for the wealthy or those who want to appear wealthy. This is why hundreds of thousands of replica watches are sold every year. But of what value are they. Do you really believe that owning a cheap fake will make you feel good and improve your lifestyle? I don't think so.

The best way to save on buying a real Rolex or any other luxury watch such as the Breitling, Omega, Patek Phillipe and so on is to buy a used watch. Used luxury watches can often be found at a fraction of the price of a new watch.

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