Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tips on How to Sell Gold - Selling Your Old, Scrap Jewelry

Tips for selling Scrap Jewelry

Everyone knows the old saying, 'Old is Gold'. This is definitely true when it comes to old jewelry that is scrappy, out of style, and probably not of any use. Most often you are able to sell gold jewelry for cash profitable to you. There's a reason so much jewelry is made from the most precious metal. Because it's worth a lot - almost $1000 an ounce right now (check the price).

How to sell your old Jewelry

It is one of the most common questions asked when it comes to old trinkets that have been sitting in your drawer and simply have gone out of fashion years ago. If you have a ring, chain or any gold jewelry that might be there in the drawer for years then you might want to first look at polishing it to make it look better if it's gone dull. As long as it is real, you can be sure the value won't fade.

Some items are worth more than others. Its true the value of any piece is based on its weight, but it's also based on the purity, or karat of the gold. 24k is 100% pure, and any number less than that is a percentage of gold. So a 14k piece of jewelry contains about 58% gold.

There are many companies including online buyers who are waiting to buy your jewelry item after giving you an appraisal on it. You can also get your jewelry appraised on many auction sites and they will immediately give you the right price value on your gold.

U Sell Gold is a blog and website which provides information about selling your old gold jewelry and turning it into quick cash. We also offer a free Online Gold Appraisal tool which will let you know how much your gold is worth before you sell it.


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