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Best Place to Sell Jewelry That Gives the Highest Cash Value

Need some fast cash? Turn to your unused jewelry. If you can think of any piece of jewelry that is not being used by you, you can sell it. But, if you are looking to sell off your jewelry, you need to search for the best deal. For this, you have to have an idea about how much your jewelry is worth.

You can go online for this or you can look for gold buyers and jewelry stores. But personally, I have found that the best place to sell jewelry is online. It brings in more profit. If you are looking for a higher price, the online is the best bet.

You can put up any piece for sale. Even if it is broken, it does not matter. It can still bring in money. No matter how much time has passed, you'll still be able to find good customers for your gold.

Search your house and collect all broken and unused gold jewelry. The next step is to look for the right website. Take your time and go through a few sites as this will help you to choose better.

Check out the online prices. This will give you an advantage. You do not have to invest anything other than time and a little effort. No wonder, many people say online is the best place to sell jewelry.

It is amazing what you may come across while you search. There are countless people out there dealing in all sorts of gold scrap. At the same time, many others do not even know that their broken pieces can earn them some serious money.

There are many more ways to earn money but if you need to earn money today, then you should explore these options.

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Jade - A Virtuous Gem

Many cultures have a gemstone that they consider to be most precious and, in the case of the Chinese, even heavenly. Jade is more valuable than gold in the Chinese culture and it is evident in how they use it in their daily lives. One emperor chose to be buried in a suit made of the lustrous green stone to protect his body from decay.

What exactly is this mystical green stone?

Not until the mid 19th century did we know that there are really two similar, yet different, minerals that are both considered jade. As a result, they are now classified as jadeite, which is sodium aluminum silicate, and nephrite, which is calcium magnesium iron silicate. The jadeite variety is the most valuable and therefore more expensive.

Where does it come from?

The most important jadeite deposits are found in Myanmar and more recently, deposits have been found in Central America. The nephrite variety is more plentiful with mines in Australia, North and South America and Taiwan.

History and Mysticism

In Chinese culture, the stone represents love and virtue. It is also believed that wearing a jade pendant protected a person from evil as he traveled. It is also supposed to have great healing properties. The Chinese would grind it up and eat it to cure kidney ailments and other internal ailments. The best way to benefit from the supposed healing abilities, wear it close to the skin like with a jade bangle bracelet.

There was also a belief that it granted immortality or, in the very least, protect the body from decay. The emperor with the suit was an extreme case, but most Chinese emperors were buried with an offering of jade. They also believed it was a link to the heavens and would bring good luck, good friendship and good health by wearing it or having a talisman. Figurines carved out of the green stone are used in the ancient art of Feng Shui.

How to clean your pieces

Both varieties are fairly hard, ranking between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scales of hardness. That being said, it is a very strong mineral because of the tiny grains and fibrous pieces that tightly woven to create the stone.

To clean your jade earrings and other pieces, a soft cloth is all you need. Gently wipe the stone to bring it back to its lustrous sheen. If that does not remove all the residue, use only a gentle soap to clean. It is common for the stones to be treated with a resin or wax and harsh chemicals could damage the finish. The treatments are to simply bring out the best color possible.

Special significance of the stone

Though it is not an official birthstone, this wondrous green rock is the mystical birthstone for March and for the sun sign Virgo. It is also the gemstone used to commemorate the 12th wedding anniversary.

Jade jewelry often looks best cut into a cabochon to show off the most vibrant color. Because it carves so beautifully, filigreed jade pendants or smooth rounded pendants are common. It may or may not bring you good luck, but it will certainly add beauty to your collection.

Jade represents love and virtue, is more valuable than gold in Chinese culture, and is supposed to have great healing properties. Commemorate your 12th wedding anniversary with a beautiful jade ring from

Minute Areas Cleaned by Using Ultrasonic Cleaners

Cleaning agents available in the market have the ability to clean only the outer parts of the items. They have little ability in cleaning the inner layers of these items. For example: You can clean the jewelry only on outer surface, the agent you have cannot clean the inside layers of jewelry. In order to clean these items properly we need a powerful cleaning agent.

Ultrasonic cleaner is a powerful jewelry dirt remover. This cleaner has a powerful cleaning mechanism which removes the minute dirt particles present on jewelry. Ultrasonic Cleaners are not used to clean those items which are dirty. Instead, they are used for cleaning those items which cannot be cleaned using an ordinary cleaner. In order to clean any item with ultrasonic cleaner, you should first clean its outside layer by any ordinary mechanism. Later, you should keep that same item in ultrasonic cleaner box. The final cleaning process is carried out by using cavitations. Cavitations are nothing but small bitty bubbles. These bubbles formed are later collapse and create a scrubbing agent. The scrubbing agent formed has high cleaning capacity; it can pass through the minute areas of jewelry and clean it from all sides.

Bransonic Ultrasonic Cleaner is a powerful ultrasonic cleaner available in the market. This cleaner stays standard and fresh even after using it for fifteen years. This cleaner has a distinctive look and is known for its strength. It has easy to use controls, which are mounted in panel behind and above the cleaning tank away from the liquid. There are basically two ultrasonic models in the market: B2510 and B1510. Both these models have built in pour drains. Larger models of Bransonic have valves and tank drains. Above all the power of this ultrasonic cleaner is great. This cleaner produces 40 kHz ultrasonic waves which remove the dust particles within less time. This ultrasonic cleaner works by using a little tank, ultrasonic generator and a transducer. In the process of cleaning, the tank receives the sound waves from the transducer and the generator. These sound waves create bubbles, which have ability to remove minute dirt present in jewelry. It can reach the tiniest crevices and depressions with ease enabling top class cleaning.

This cleaner is available in three modules: Mechanical Timer, Mechanical timer and heat and full digital controls. Some of the other accessories given with this cleaner are mesh baskets, perforated trays, beaker covers, support racks and drain tubes.

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. Ultrasonic cleaner has a powerful cleaning mechanism which removes the minute dirt particles present on jewelry. Ultrasonic Cleaners are not used to clean those items which are dirty. Instead, they are used for cleaning those items which cannot be cleaned using an ordinary cleaner. Bransonic Ultrasonic Cleaner is a powerful ultrasonic cleaner available in the market.

Planning For Mother's Day? Give Her Something to Last a Lifetime

There are no stronger sentiments shared by all people in all countries throughout history than the feelings we have for our mothers.

The ancient Egyptians honored Isis. Greeks celebrated Rhea. The Romans dedicated special holidays to Juno and to Cybele.

In our own country, Mother's Day has a shorter, but no less heartfelt history. (Google "Mother's Day" for detailed history.) In 1914 Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as "Mother's Day." Subsequently, every president has issued a similar proclamation. In 2008, the proclamation issued by George Bush read in part: "On Mother's Day, we honor the grace, wisdom, and strength of our mothers, and we celebrate the special bonds shared between mothers and their children."

This year, Mother's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 10, 2009.

Although Mother's Day has been criticized as being too commercial, there is no doubt that most people want to show some expression of love for their mothers on this special day.

The National Retail Association says some $15.8 billion will be spent on Mother's Day this year, an amount falling just behind Valentine's Day and Christmas in the total number of dollars spent for gifts. The same research says that this year, consumers will give their mothers one major gift instead of two or three smaller presents.

There is no doubt that in an economic recession, more planning may be required and perhaps a shift in the types and numbers of gifts.

This year, instead of spending on a meal which is gone in a couple of hours or on flowers which last only a few days, consider giving her something permanent. Something that will last a lifetime.

Handmade gemstone jewelry is such a choice. Handmade jewelry is unique...a true one-of-a-kind. It is permanent. And its value can range from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars. (You can certainly find a beautiful piece of jewelry for the price of a good meal.)

But however expensive or inexpensive the gift, she will receive pleasure from it over the course of many years. It is a lasting expression of your sentiments. manufactures handmade gemstone jewelry. Fleury Sommers, owner of the fine art and craft gallery has been a pearl and gemstone dealer and gallery owner for over twenty years.

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Nakshatra Jewelery - More Than Just a Status Quotient

Jeweleries had always been the favorite of many. The very sight of it gives a spark in people's eyes. Unlike women, jewelries have gained prominence among men also. We often find men wearing earrings, wrist-lets and stylish lockets. Now-a-days, wearing jeweleries have also become a hobby for everyone.They are mostly worn for special occasions like marriage parties, engagement parties and even on social gatherings. Other than just wearing them, it is also a symbol of status and a mode of flaunting dignity and sophistication. Among thousand of these brands in the market, Nakshatra Jewelery is the most famous and desirable.

The reason for its fame is the way it is promoted. Creative adds with glamorous celebrities enhance its sale. Hence, the moment we think about diamonds, the first thing that knocks our mind is Nakshatra. The adds depict it as a symbol of love and passion. Even Devika Gidwani, the director of diamond information center says that Nakshatra Jewelery is mystical yet a spectacular product with a positive message of ethnicity and femininity. It comes in various shapes and sizes which are wearable by all women. However, this feeling of superiority can only be experienced by women. As for the men, they can only be limited to golden chains or a silver/golden locket. Nakshatra is headed by De bears which provides timeless classic of 5+ earrings.

Nakshatra Diamonds depict the culture and tradition of India. So far, it is successful in capturing the essence of Indian culture. Like Nakshatra many other Diamond companies have become successful in maintaining their demand in market. In the earlier days, it was only a symbol of 'value and financial security'. Today people's mind have changed and so have the diamond promoters. With the introduction of various short term bank loans even the middle class have started giving a second thought who were earlier hesitant to invest in it.

The desire to have a Diamond jewelery is and would always be close to the heart of everyone. The reason for this is that it has a feeling of empathy attached to it. Its pre-perceived image may be as dazzling as the sun, but underneath everything is the fire and passion of woman's eyes. Other than Nakshatra, there are other brands that have come up with innovative ideas. Some of such diamonds are Signature, Kiah, Solitaire, Tanishq, Eros and many others.

Out of these brands Nakshatra Jewelery is the most unique and offers various services to source diamonds and other diamond jeweleries for people's use. It has maintained a reasonable competitive price range along with excellent services and standard diamond products. It's been a decade ever since Nakshatra has been exporting quality diamond products.

The author is a specialist in retail writing. Her writing skills reflect the outcome of years of exposure to the retail industry. Working with retail giants as a consultant has enriched her knowledge base and her passion for writing got fire. She can be read regularly on Diamond Rings

What to Do If Your Replica Watch Gets Wet?

About 50 years ago, water resistant watches were quite rare. At that time, most watches were not water resistant; a large part of watches could only dust resistant. Whether a watch is water resistant depends on the airproof of the watch case structure. Out of the three resistance functions of a watch, water resistant should be the most important one. In the wet environment, even if a watch does not get wet, the spare parts inside the watch will get rusty because of long time contact of wet air. Nowadays, a replica watch or even a brand name replica watch is not expensive and most of them are water resistant. T

he standard is 30m or 3ATM, which is called as "life water resistant", and it can only resist the temporary attack from rain or water poured out when you are washing your hand, but can not be used to swim or dive. The water resistance structure of a watch is usually made of airproof rubber or nylon, which are used on the watch band, watch back and glass. Rubber will get exhausted as time goes by, usually it will get aging after being used for several years, so the airproof function will be loss.

There are several cases when a replica watch gets wet:
1. there is mirage in the watch glass;
2. Sweat coagulated inside the glass;
3. Tremendous sweat can be seen on the glass and the face.

There are also several kinds of water that get into a replica watch:

1. pure water or distilled water;
2. running water or rain;
3. drink or beer;
4. sea water;
5. Cosmetics or chemistry reagent or medicine liquid.

Once your replica watch gets wet, the first thing you should do is sending your watch to a timepiece repair shop and get it dried. If it is a serious case, oil treatment will be needed. It is unwise to forget it and do nothing. If you do not repair it as soon as possible, then the water will make the steel spare parts inside the watch movement get rusty. And once the tiny spare parts get rusty, you have to replace them and it will cost you more. One should have known that getting wet is a disaster to a watch. Apart from the movement, long time contact with wet air will make the watch case, hands get bubbled and rusty. So do take care of your replica watch when wearing.

Joshon Moore, the creator of - - is keen on researchingreplica watches and hope to share more with you here, especially things to do with replica watch

Omega Speedmaster Automatic Diamond Bezel Replica Watch

When I was a little girl, I dreamt that I was born as a princess who had lots of beautiful dresses and hundreds of jewelry. When I grow up, I found that through personal effort, actually, every lady can buy herself dreaming clothes and jewelry. Today's review is about Replica Omega Speedmaster specially designed for ladies who pursuit ultimate beauty and fashion style.

This Replica lady watch impressed me much more than other luxury watch models. At first sight, it almost took my breath away. Available in polished stainless steel case, reduced to 36 mm, its bezel is set with diamonds that sparkle again the elegant background of a white dial. Diamond Hour Markers are used to reach a kind of ultimate luxury.

Powered by Asia Automatic Movement (21 Jewel), this replica watch also shows three subdials which perform the stopwatch function operated by two pusher buttons. Equipped with Mineral crystal glass, this replica is water resistant.

The overall beauty of this replica watch is enhanced by the matching white leather strap with white stitches.

Personally, I love this replica watch. It makes a perfect balance between luxury and elegance. It is glory yet comfortable. I can highly recommend this Replica Omega to every lady who looking for a dressy watch, especially for evening parties. If you wear such a watch and appear in the evening party with a long and sexy dress, I am sure that all the men will be attractive and get stumble, what all the ladies can give to you are only admires.

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Diamond Pendant Designs - The Ultimate Guide

For most people, pendants are a simple and thoughtful way to express their love. These are typically worn on chains around the neck, but nowadays innovative trends have witnessed these pieces doubling up as anklet charms, on bracelets and even as a stylish brooch. Most are worn on gold, silver or platinum chains. Diamonds are great gifts for both sexes and can be given on almost any occasion.

The most common diamond pendant style you will come across is the solitaire. This consists of a single brilliant in an oval, round or pear cut. You will have to check the carats and the color of the diamond to assess the price of the piece.

Another setting that is a smash hit among women is the three stone pendants. As the name suggests, this piece has three stones arranged in a pyramid or occasionally in a vertical stack. The cut can be of any type, but the round cut is most preferred.

For the die-heart romantics, nothing says undying love like a heart diamond pendant. This consists of a number of diamonds arranged in a heart shape. You could also gift a crucifix or other faith symbols for a dear one who has strong religious sentiments.

Another variety that makes for an excellent gift with a personal touch is the letter pendant. This consists of letters and can be chosen according to the initials of the intended receiver.

As mentioned before, you can gift diamond pendants to men as well. For male gifts, the styles are usually more masculine and contemporary. Bold, chunky designs dominate the array.

For men designs like the letter pendant are more relevant. You can also find motifs like the saber tooth and other charms of virility among the myriad varieties for men. Other designs include religious motifs and pieces with dollar symbols.

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Some Tips to Buy the Latest Diamond Jewelry

You can buy diamond jewelry including diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and many more from online fine jewelry boutiques. Stylish designs are available featuring exclusive diamonds and precious stones wrapped in white and yellow gold.

Giving diamonds as gifts proclaim our love to the receiver as they are considered as symbols of love. Color, cut, clarity and carat are the four characteristics which determine the value of diamonds. Among these qualities, cut determines the desirability of the diamond since the other qualities are naturally acquired ones.

Wearing stone jewelry is fashionable these days. The jewelry can be made of gold, sterling silver or titanium. The fact to be noted here is that it is the embedded diamond that gives the jewelry its attractiveness. Women and girls like fine jewelry made of diamonds and yellow metal. Every girl has a pair of earrings which is her prized possession and you can give your loved one a perfect gift - diamond earrings.

Diamond necklaces simply make women shine in a gathering. Flaunting it increases her confidence and makes her a pretty sight. The story 'The Diamond Necklace' by Guy de Maupassant describes how the heroine Mathile was overwhelmed by the diamond necklace of her friend. Diamond necklaces are graceful and elegant and look spectacular. Many diverse styles and designs give you an opportunity to select the one of your choice. The variety of styles varies from simple to classic. These necklaces can be made more lustrous with pearls, precious stones and diamond studs. No doubt, a diamond enhances the personality and beauty of the woman who wears it.

Buying diamond necklace has now become easy and reliable. You have to find a committed seller and can rest assured that the diamond you purchase is real and not fake. Genuine dealers offer to take the jewelry back within a period of thirty days if you are not satisfied with the product.

If you are looking for more information then feel free to visit Diamond Jewelry.

Precious Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is cheaper but more aesthetic alternative to the yellow metal. The scope for mix and match is much greater than gold jewelry. A recent trend seen is adding semi precious stones colored in lavender, black, blue, pink etc. The visual effect exuding from such combination of the sheen of sterling silver and the dazzling colors of stones should be seen to be believed and experienced.

They are suited to meet everybody's requirement and budget. Highly respected silver jewelry designer houses bring out superb designs regularly to suit the changing tastes. The most common sterling silver jewelry are necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings. Some comes with pearls embedded or attached too.

You may think that silver jewelry suits only ladies. But I would like to tell you that umpteen designs are available for children and men too. Bridal designer silver jewelry is becoming a storm with more and more bride-to-be opting for them to add a sense of drama to the great occasion.

Sterling silver rings are evergreen products and can be worn casually or as accessory to some dress. They are suited for men and women alike. Silver earrings and pendants add to the charm of any girl or lady. Some people even believe that silver brings luck to them.

Designer silver jewelry include bracelets, earrings of any design, necklaces set in single or double tone, and gracefully carved pendants.

If you are on the lookout to buy some silver jewelry, look for stores that offer free shipping and have money back guarantee policy in case you are not satisfied with the product and return it within a stipulated period.

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Yellow Sapphires - Rare Corundums

Yellow sapphires belong to a group of colorful gemstones known as corundums, which is a crystallized form of aluminum oxide. Like other colors of fancy sapphires, the yellow is rather rare, and until recently, most of these more unusual colors were not well known among most people. Yellow occurs when a trace of iron is added to the aluminum oxide.

Sapphires are very hard stones, registering a 9 on the Mohs scale, and second only to the diamond in hardness. This makes the yellow sapphire not only a unique stone, but a very durable stone that can take everyday wear and retain its brilliance. As yellow sapphires increase in popularity, it is easier to find them in rings, pendants and earrings.

The yellow sapphire can be found in sapphire mines in Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. While top quality sapphires of all colors are rare, synthetic sapphires are made in the lab all the time. Synthetic sapphires contain all the properties of real sapphires; they were just created in a laboratory instead of in the earth over the course of millions of years. Yellow synthetic sapphires sparkle just as brilliantly as those mined from the earth and they'll be a little more affordable than the real stones.

Like other gemstones, price will depend on size, color and clarity of the stone. The skill of the gem cutter comes into play as well. A well cut stone will catch the light even in an artificially lit room. A naturally colored stone will also cost more than one that has been heat-treated to intensify the color or has been made synthetically.

Those who ascribe special meanings to gemstones say that yellow sapphires bring people together, generating feelings of warmth and friendliness. It is thought to alleviate depression, aid concentration and other mental skills and to bring financial success. Healing qualities for the yellow sapphire are said to be related to the respiratory tract and the liver. There is some traditional lore that says a yellow sapphire should only be worn on the first finger of the right hand, although most people don't bother to follow this advice.

Many people find the sunny color of this gemstone lends an air of elegance to jewelry. It doesn't matter if it is mounted in gold or silver... the regal sight of a yellow gem makes one think of royalty. Yellow sapphires are no different. Yellow sapphire rings especially catch the eye as they sparkle with each movement of the hand. If you're looking for a very special, unique engagement ring, a yellow sapphire may be the perfect choice. It is a stone that you don't see very often, and should garner compliments everywhere you go.

If you don't have a yellow sapphire in your jewelry collection, you may want to consider this beautiful gem.

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Gold Cross Charms Or Pendants

s symbolizes salvation. It reminds us of God's body nailed on it to save the world from its sins. It carries with it the people's belief in God's love and his infinite power. As a symbol, it is ubiquitous-in churches, academies, business establishments and offices and even on one's body!

It's not dubious; the gold cross charms or pendants has become one of the most widely used and popular among the embellishments for fashion accessories. It is found as an add-on to bracelets, rings, anklets and more particularly to necklaces. It is worn by people who just love having accessories on their bodies, may they be children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. In other words, gold cross charms or pendants are being liked by people of different ages-young or old and the young at hearts from a myriad of personalities and a variety of tastes and preferences over fashion.

As the industry suggests, this fashionable and stylish work of art are available in different designs and forms-from the simple ones that fit the feel of the conservatives to the hippy ones for the geek and the liberated. The one you choose to have simply speaks of your personality.

Being one of the a la mode in the street today, jewelers never ran out of gold cross charms and pendants where shoppers can pick one for them. The accessories with gold cross charms and pendants on it may be on an earring, necklace or bracelet presents a touch of class and elegance combined together in a one of a kind work of art. Versatile and fashionable, one would always want to have with them a gold cross charm or a pendant. It simply is irresistible-a fusion of the vintage and that of the modern carefully handcrafted in a precious and valuable piece of art.

A gold cross charm or pendant worn by one is an accessory an onlooker will turn his head on.

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The Tag Heuer Aquaracer Water Lover's Watch

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer is a sporty everyday kind of watch which can survive crew regattas, deep sea diving and white water rafting. When you set about your active life, there's no need to leave your sense of style at home. Why lug around a cheap stopwatch, when you can fasten a Tag Heuer Aquaracer right to your wrist and keep track of hours, minutes and seconds with ease and precision?

Let's talk about some of the men's Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S Chronograph features. The first thing you'll notice is how easy it is to read. This is in part due to the luminescent markers, but also thanks to the sub-dials, which are strategically positioned at the 5 and 7 positions with bi-directional motors to move the hands.

The design was based around a race car speedometer and features three main hands to indicate hour, minute and second, so you can read the date and time at a glance. Additionally, the Aquaracer has a countdown clock function, specifically for boat racing.

Men can choose from several other Tag Heuer Aquaracer models, including the: Aquagraph Automatic Chronograph, Automatic Chronograph, Automatic Watch, Quartz Chronograph, Quartz Watch or Calibre S. Specific features vary, depending on models and needs, but generally deep sea divers are pointed towards the Aquagraph Automatic Chronograph and regatta rowers like the Calibre S.

These watches are built to withstand depths of 1,000 or more feet and come with double clasps and scratch-resistant faces to prevent loss or damage. Aesthetic options include different color faces (red, blue, silver, black) and bands (silver, gold, silver/gold).

Women's models of the Tag Heuer Aquaracer tend to be less sporty and more elegant. For example, the Quartz Watch Aquaracer is most certainly for diving with its water resistance to nearly 1,000 feet, luminescent face, double security clasp, scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal and diving bell stamp -- but it also comes with 18K gold plate and satin steel, a triple row bracelet and 35 diamond bezel.

The other women's model -- the Automatic Aquaracer -- is built more for sailing and rowing, with water resistance to just 660 feet, a double safety clasp and scratch-proof face. The design is more simplistic, with less diamonds and larger number markers for quick, easy reading.

You can check out the Tag Heuer Aquaracer sport watches at Littman Jewelers, Reeds Jewelers, Bloomingdale's, Tourneau and Macy's, to name a few retailers. TagHeuer web site will also list all the locations nearest you.

Additionally, you may want to browse online at Nextag or Amazon to find hot deals. Generally, the Tag Heuer Aquaracer series will set you back between one and two thousand dollars but will last for decades, due to its expert craftsmanship.

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Want To Buy A Rolex Watch? Learn How To Spot A Fake!

If you're in the market to buy a Rolex watch, you need to know how to spot a fake. I've done some research and wanted to share with you what I learned so you can be an educated consumer. After all, both new and pre-owned Rolex watches are an investment and you don't want to be throwing your money away on a counterfeit piece of jewelry.

According to estimates by the Swiss Customer Service, there are some 30 to 40 million counterfeit watches put into circulation each year. That means your chances of coming across one are significant. However, after reading this guide, I hope you will have an idea of what a fake Rolex looks like and you won't become a victim of an unscrupulous seller.

Swiss Customs estimates that 40% of counterfeit watches come from China. The BaselWorld annual watch trade show attracts people from China whose actual job it is to take pictures of the watches on display from prestigious watch brands. As a result, a counterfeit version of a new or prototypical design is often launched in the marketplace before the real, authentic version is.

There are different types of counterfeits:

There are two groups of counterfeit watches. The first group consists of low-priced imitations that keep time. A cheap counterfeit watch sports the name of a prestigious designer brand, but lacks the functions and design. The second group involves counterfeit watches made to resemble the original designer watch. There are some higher-priced imitation watches that are made from higher quality materials and have gold-colored parts and leather straps.

Like many high-priced, designer watches, Rolex watches are frequently counterfeited and are sold illegally on the internet, on the streets, and at flea markets. These fakes are primarily made in Asian countries such as India, Korea, Taiwan and mainland China (however, there are counterfeit Rolexes being made in the USA as well). The prices are anywhere between $5-$1,000 depending on the quality of the replica. The higher-end counterfeits can have parts fabricated from solid karat gold (although many gold Rolex counterfeits use gold electroplating). The fake Rolex trade has become so sophisticated, that there are even full-color, glossy marketing materials to accompany these fakes made in China and sold to retail vendors throughout Asia.

Characteristics of Counterfeit Rolexes:

  • One common giveaway that a Rolex is a fake is a transparent case back which allows the watch movements to be seen. Rolex has almost never produced a watch like this except for some extremely rare models from the 1930's and some very new Cellini Price models.
  • Authentic Rolex watches never have a manufacturer engraving of a logo, design or Rolex name on the outside of the caseback. The only exception to this is the Sea-Dweller which says "Rolex Oyster Original Gas Escape Valve" on the back in black along with two Rolex logos.
  • Genuine Rolex models are free of engravings on the caseback, therefore they are smooth (however, there are some ladies' models with engraving on the caseback).
  • More recently, some genuine Rolex models were shipped new from the factory with a 3-dimensional, Hologram-encoded sticker on the caseback with a floating Rolex crown positioned above the watch's case reference number, which is now printed in black. Most fake stickers are a solid green color or are actually a repetitious "Rolex" pattern, not a hologram.
  • As of 2007, Rolex stopped using the hologram and new watches are not being shipped with them. In addition, inside the crystal of an authentic Rolex is a very subtle, almost invisible laser etched Crown Logo located at the 6:00 position. Some fakes have this etching, but it is often smaller than what is found on an authentic Rolex.
  • The date magnification of a Rolex is 2.5 times the normal size.The date should take up the entire glass bubble. There are some fake Rolexes that have a bigger font wheel to imitate this look, but come far from close to looking like the real appearance of the date.
  • The lettering on the dial should be precise. Under high-magnification, the type should reveal clean edges not found in forgeries.
  • Many fake Rolexes will have have regular glass instead of true sapphire crystal. A great test of the materials is to check the water surface tension. A smeared film of water will pull together on sapphire because the surface is smooth.
  • The second hand on a genuine Rolex always is smooth and continuous. Most fake Rolexes have movements that are small and jerky (although this is not always the case in higher-priced counterfeits).
  • The weight of an authentic Rolex is relatively heavy because of the materials used. This isn't a scientific method in determining a fake, but a counterfeit Rolex will feel lighter due to the cheaper materials used. In addition, the bands on a genuine Rolex are full whereas fakes often display hollow links.
  • The serial and case reference numbers on an authentic Rolex are engraved with great detail and are smooth. The numbers are located between the lugs on the side of the case. The numbers on counterfeit Rolexes often look like they have been sand-blasted or roughly etched into the case.
  • The edges on a Rolex and its band are not sharp and scratchy; they are smooth.

In Conclusion:

If you do have the ability to compare a replica Rolex next to the real thing, you will be able to see the subtle differences in the laser printing on the face, color differences on the band and dial, and other defects that will let you know if a Rolex is authentic or a replica.

I have reviewed five top, trusted eBay Powersellers who specialize in Rolex watches & accessories, and have included their authentic Rolex watches & accessories for sale here. It's a current list and is updated automatically.

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Eternity Rings For an Eternity - Heirloom

Eternity rings are given as wedding rings, anniversary rings, special occasion rings or just as a random loving gift. The only rule for giving an eternity ring is that it must symbolize something. That is, of course, if you are giving one, not buying one for yourself!

More and more women are buying eternity rings for themselves. There are a few reasons for this. One, they want to pick it out! Two, women are making more money than they used to and can afford to buy themselves nice gifts. Third, it is not like buying yourself an engagement ring! It is totally socially acceptable to buy yourself nice jewelry. Many women simply want something classically nice to heirloom to their children.

If you are giving an eternity ring, make sure that you communicate its meaning to the recipient. Eternity rings make great heirlooms and quality should be considered when you are making a selection. When children inherit engagement rings and traditional wedding bands, they may not want to wear them. They usually store them in a jewelry box or have them made into other forms of jewelry, such as pendants for a necklace. If you want to give an heirloom gift that the recipients will be proud to wear, an eternity ring is a wonderful option.

One growing trend is to give an eternity ring when a woman has a child. They can be worn as wedding bands or right hand rings. As the woman has more children, you can give her more eternity rings. She can wear more than one on each finger and can wear them on each side of her engagement ring. This way, when you heirloom your eternity rings to your children, they each have their specific one, hopefully engraved with their names and birthdates or some other meaningful message meant only for them.

Eternity rings are often made with a full circle or half circle of diamonds. If you plan to heirloom your eternity rings, then diamonds are a classic option that is sure to never go out of style. Another consideration is each child's birthstone. Alternating diamonds and birthstones are also classically beautiful and are sure to become a treasured possession by your children. Round stones are traditional, but different shaped stones, channeled into an eternity ring, gives it a unique look that still fits anyone's taste.

About the Author: Ian Maher is the CEO of Maliere, a leading provider of diamond rings, eternity rings, platinum rings and gold rings.

Creative Fashion With Polymer Clay

Are you ready for a new hobby? If you find yourself with some free time and would like to find something productive to do, try taking up some art classes with polymer clay.

Beginners or professionals, artists or hobbyists, children or adults, there's something you can make with polymer clay. From beads, jewelry, or faces to elegant vases, transfers, canes, and faux finishes, you have over a hundred different projects to work on.

The word "clay" in polymer clay is a misnomer because actually it is not real clay. Polymer clay is polyvinyl chloride or PVC blended with a plasticizer to produce coloring and elasticity. When polymer clay is baked at temperatures ranging from 215 to 275oF, PVC particles polymerize.

Due to its clay-like ability to be molded and the polymerization of components, it acquired the name "polymer clay." Easy to mold and inexpensive, it is a good material to start making and selling jewelry pieces. In fact, these accessories are slowly becoming popular already. It will be advantageous to be one of the pioneers in this craft if you want to turn it into a business also. Unleash your creative prowess for an opportunity in a profitable business.

Polymer clay necklaces are perhaps the most popular pieces, along with canes, pots, and some others. You can expand to making other pieces as you go along. You can design your own earrings, watches, bracelets and others that strike the market. To give you a tip, browse the latest fashion magazines and pattern your designs after the latest fads.

While the crafting and creative process can be a tad bit tedious, the thrill can start at selling the art pieces you made. Try wearing your creations to attract attention and invite questions. Walk around with nothing too flashy so that people's attention will be drawn to the accents you're wearing. Wear a great smile, too and be approachable and reactive to folks appreciating your earrings or your necklace. When appropriate, volunteer the information. You're wearing your own creative designs and it's for sale.

You can also ask friends or family members to be your models. Have them wear your crafted jewelries and offer them a cut on each sale they make. You can bring your creation to small stores, art galleries, boutiques, or specialty shops. They charge a commission but your designs will get more exposure.

Whether you choose to market your jewelry line yourself or get some help, getting your own website is a sales booster. Create your own online gallery and store. You won't only be able to communicate directly with your market, you could even reach a wider market base. Incorporate online payment facilities and shipments.

Making and selling your own polymer clay jewelry pieces is both a fantastic hobby and an excellent business opportunity. Join arts and crafts classes. Participate in exhibits and shows. Join online forums and groups. You have a wealth of resources to help you get started, improve your artistic designs, master your craft, and make some good money. You can even get to meet people and make friends along the way.

For more information on Selecting Polymer Clay Jewelry and Polymer Clay Resources please visit our website.

Swarovski Rhinestones - The Many Uses

Swarovski rhinestones are becoming more and more popular these days due to a few reasons. Firstly, their sparkling outer appearance are naturally attractive. They look very much like precious stones, except that they come at a much lower price. A piece of rhinestone may cost as low as ten dollars. In addition, they are versatile enough to be attached to various accessories.

1) Crystals on clothing.

Swarovski stones are available in many different sizes. The smallest stone is only about 2.5mm. The largest stone is about 11.5mm. The industry measures the size of the stone in "ss", short for "stone size". If you translate the measurements to stone size, the stones are labeled from between 9ss to 48ss.

This means you will be able to find different stone sizes to match your clothing. The crystals can be attached to any piece of clothing with some special glue.

2) Rhinestones on gift items.

You probably didn't know that rhinestones can be used as decorative pieces on items such as paperweights, key chains, or photo frames. The stones are ideal because the crystals catch light, sparkles, and attract attention. They also help to enhance the overall look of the gifts, and make them look more expensive.

3) Nail decoration.

Fingernails today can be made into pieces of art. Usually, only nail paints are used for decoration. But you can also use crystals to spice up the design if you wish. The stones will add a 3 dimensional look to the overall picture. Of course, you will have to work with some of the smallest stones, since you don't have much space on a single nail.

4) Cell phones.

Stone pieces can also be attached to cell phones. This can be done either by gluing the stones in place, or attaching the stones to a chain (or a piece of string). You can create many interesting designs, and transform your cell phone into a unique gadget. Everyone has a cell phone these days. If you happen to like a particular design, try doing the same for your family and friends. Put your creative talent to good use and they will thank you for it.

5) Pet collars.

Use rhinestones to decorate your pet collars. This serves multiple purposes. Besides being purely decorative items, the gems will also help others identify the dog. When you take your dog out for walks, neighbors and friends will come to recognize that special looking pet collar. So if your pet ever get lost, there will be a higher chance that someone would recognize the pet and return it to you.

As you can see, there are many ways you can use Swarovski rhinestones. You don't have to restrict yourself to using them on clothes. Use them to redecorate any items that want. After all, they come at very affordable prices. The above are only some suggestions to get you started. Once you are more familiar with the stones, you can use them on any craft project that you can think of.

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How To Care Your Rolex Watches

Loupe - or the magnifier, is used to inspect the detailed markings, serial numbers, and anything we couldn't see with our normal vision. When purchasing a jewelers loupe, look for the magnification power (a number with the symbol "X" meaning times the actual size that we would normally see). The best loupe for a Rolex would be the 10x triplet loupe (three lenses placed together for precision).

Screwdriver - used for adding/removing the links of a bracelet, thus resizing the bracelet, etc. Further, we recommend purchasing the standard jewelers "screwdriver set" that usually includes between 6 to 9 screwdrivers with blade sizes ranging from 0.60 (mm) to 3.00 (mm). We also recommend higher-end screwdrivers that have swivel tops for precision one-hand use. These sets typically come in either a plastic case or on a rotating stand for easy access.

Watch Tweezer - used for handling and gripping very small parts, inserting screws, etc.

Swiss Pocket Knife (Swiss Army) - this knife features two blades, including a non-threatening blade that is specifically made to open watch cases and the other sharp blade for general use.

Pliers and Cutter- used for detail and precision work. We recommend high-end pliers that are stainless steel with rubber grips. We highly suggest separating these tools from other use and purposes to avoid any type of damage on them, thus becoming unsuitable for watch works. The following are different types of pliers:

Chain nose pliers - probably the most popular pliers. This is often used for picking up pieces, bending and coiling wire. Also enables you to get into places without having your hand at awkward angles, thus making your work a lot harder.
Flat nose pliers - have flat jaws and are used for pulling, holding, straightening, bending, etc.
Round nose pliers - have circular jaws and are used for coiling, looping, and bending wires.

Cutter - often called "nippers" are mainly used for cutting wires and other smaller pieces of metal.

Polishing Kit - comes with an assortment of buffers, abrasive wheels, polishing cloths, and polishing compounds.

Watch spring bar removal tool - allows removal of springs on a bracelet allowing the user to change the bracelets/bands. Should also include the mm scale printed on the body of the tool.

"Openall" waterproof-case wrench - designed to open all Rolex oyster cases. It comes with 6 tempered rings and fits the standard bench vise. The built-in adjustable fits all sizes watches.

Case back opening wrench - another easy to use device to open Rolex oyster cases.

L-G "Openall" Waterproof Case Bench Tool - Includes 6 knurled rings, adjustable case holder built into the base.

Horotec Ergonomic Socket-Style Case Back Wrench - opens the hard to open cases.

Work Bench Table Vise - Ideal for use with the Vise-Mounted Aluminum Case Holder, or L-G "Openall" Waterproof Case Bench Tool shown separately on this page.

Vise-Mounted Aluminum Case Holder - Features high quality aluminum and anti-scratch adjustable nylon pins.

Illuminating Magnifying Glass - Best used for examining and magnifying small parts and items. It also contains an internal lamp for simple observation and analysis.

Work Bench Magnifier Lamp - Excellent tool with thoughtful design, contains a: flip down dust cover for the magnifier lens, heavy metal base for stability, flexible gooseneck design for effortless positioning and features a cool-white light to reduce eye fatigue and glare.

Personal Ultrasonic Cleaner - Easily cleans jewelry, watches and bracelets with powerful ultrasonic waves. Uses water or optional cleaning solution.

If you want to see all pictures of all the instruments for caring your precious watch. Visit us.

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Antique Pearl Jewelry - Guide Before Buying

Antique pearl jewelry is classified as being over 100 years old. This means that any type of pearl jewelry from the 1809's back is considered to be antique. However, there are many others that will classify antique as being over fifty years old. There are many different styles of this type of jewelry which include Victorian, Edwardian and other styles going back to the Middle Ages. There are many different styles of jewelry that this category includes. Rings, necklaces, earrings, pins, broaches, hair ornaments and screws, as well as bracelets, cufflinks and tie tacks, just to name a few of the items that are considered under this category.

There are many different types of antique pearl jewelry that can be found and many famous makers such as Tiffany that can be included in the antique category. There are many places that sell this type of jewelry to the public and these places can be online or in a physical location. By entering search text such as antique pearl jewelry, you will soon be presented with a list of possible web sites for you to explore in order to find this particular jewelry. Many estate auctions and auction houses also sell this type of jewelry.

Now, if you have antique pearl jewelry, you may want to know how to take care of it. Well here are some ideas on how to clean this type of jewelry safely. First of all clean pears with a mild soap and water solution. Wipe your pearls with a soft lint-free cloth and never store them with other jewelry. Don't use abrasive cleaners and keep your pearl necklaces clean by putting them on after you have applied makeup and perfume to keep them from being soiled. Make sure that you have a separate place for all pearl necklaces and jewelry.

So now you have some idea of how to clean antique pearl jewelry. Other things to remember about cleaning and storage include the following: Don't use steam, ultrasonic cleaners, baking soda, commercial jewelry cleaners or bleaches when cleaning antique pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry needs special care to take care of properly. By taking care of your pearl jewelry, you will be able to pass it on, if you would like or even sell it. A piece of jewelry that is taken care of properly is not only worth more, but also a beauty to behold.

So, no matter whether you own any antique pearl jewelry or are looking to buy this for yourself or someone else, this is an investment that will be appreciated. With so many different types of jewelry, including hair jewelry, there is something for everyone when looking at antique pearl jewelry for yourself. Find out more tips about antique pearl jewelry at

Mothers Bracelets

Mommies come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Some are traditional, others are earthy, most are strong, and there are those who love a little drama in their lives. When choosing your Mothers Day jewelry this year, take a look inside yourself and see what you appreciate most about this wonder-woman mommy who has dedicated her life to taking care of her entire family. She has personality and desires too. Mothers bracelets are a perfect gift because they accent her strengths and giver her joy every time she wears them.

Traditional Mothers Bracelets

For the mommy who loves the family heirlooms and all the stories that have been passed down for generations, why not give her a vintage link charm bracelet that can be personalized just for her, to carry the story of her babies for many years to come. Mothers Day jewelry for this lady should be handcrafted pure silver that is treated to give it a classic vintage look. The aged patina of the chain breathes of mysterious adventures of old. Each charm is hand engraved with baby's name and birth date. You can have 3 and more charms to celebrate all the significant events of your family.

Mothers Bracelets for the Earthy Mom

For the mom who loves to feel the sun on her face and the gentle caress of the wind on her cheek, give her something that talks about the earth and sky. Mothers Day jewelry comes in many shapes, designs, and materials so find the bracelet that will accentuate the honest to goodness of Mom. Copper and silver bring her the love of the earth and the moon. Charms made of these precious healing metals with ancient sacred symbols will touch her heart as dearly as she touches yours.

Mothers Bracelets with Strength of Spirit

Moms have a heart of gold. Their strength reaches far beyond our abilities to imagine; only our spirits can grasp her extraordinary qualities. Tell her that in personalized Mothers Day jewelry which has a heart of 22kt gold. Give the Mom in your family a Sterling silver bracelet with a fine silver charm that declares the mother's love for her baby, "Bebe Love" and in the center of which lays a 22kt gold heart. As many baby name tags as she has babies can be added to delight her heart.

Drama Mommy Mothers Bracelets

These are dynamic. 2 styles colorful and black/white, Mothers Day jewelry for the creative and expressive mommy never looked so good or made her so happy. These bracelets wrap around her wrist in several circles. The Happy Wrap bracelet has an engraved silver heart as the center piece and 3 sets of sterling silver alphabet block beads, with a glorious assortment of colorful Swarovski crystals, Lamp beads, glass fired beads, and delicious seed beads.

The Drama Mommy wrap bracelet is elegant and sophisticated in Swarovski Crystal, black and white pearls, and sterling silver Bali beads with a sterling silver alphabet spelling the names of 3 precious members of the family. These are totally custom made and no two bracelets will ever be the same; perfect for the most unique and fashionable jewelry for Mothers Day.

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Turquoise Jewelry and How to Buy It

An opaque stone, turquoise ranks at the top among all opaque forms. The blue and the green hues of the stone attract all and make it a favorite. Nowadays, it is also available in different catchy shades. Jewelry made of turquoise has a perpetual appeal. It is said that the stone gets its blue color from the sky and hence is known as the 'sky stone'. The truth however, is that the stone that is blue in color has more copper, whereas the one that is green signifies presence of aluminum. The yellow green combination signifies the presence of zinc during formation, though it is rare to find.

Turquoise is formed in rocks rich in content of minerals. It is a water-based stone and there are some dark marks present on it that are the remnants of the original rock. Fine web like lines can also be seen in the stone, which are also remnants of the matrix in which it was formed. This type of the stone is called spider-webbed turquoise. Turquoise is porous and soft, as compared to diamond or sapphire because of the presence of a reasonable amount of water. It is usually stabilized to bring out the best form of color. In this method the pores are filled up with a substance so that the stone retains the color for a long time.

Various forms and styles of turquoise jewelry are available in the market. Designs that imitate the traditional motifs and patterns of indigenous American Indian institutions or modern pieces from the Southwest America are marketed. The designs created by Native Americans are alluring and mystical. You can choose from a wide array of necklaces, earrings and bracelets with turquoise that are available on the market. Very much in fashion, turquoise jewelry is quite easily available online also and at reasonable prices.

Natural turquoise is very expensive. So, nowadays, the turquoise stone is made to undergo enhancement treatment to make it affordable to the masses. It is better to inquire about the type of treatment the stone has undergone, before you buy any type of turquoise jewelry. A jeweler is obliged by law to disclose the type of treatment used on the turquoise stone that he is selling. Also ask for a certificate of authenticity and origin.

A great gift for occasions, turquoise jewelry is a prized possession for all. However, it is advisable to be very careful while buying turquoise jewelry as the market is full of fake stones. Proper care should be taken while storing such jewelry. Do not store it with other jewelry, especially metals, as there is a chance that the stone might be scratched. It should be kept away from high heat, extreme cold and chemicals as well.

Do not wear turquoise jewelry when you are doing any kind of heavy work or when there is a chance of damaging the stone. To clean it, you should only use warm water and a soft moist cloth. Never use a commercial cleaner for your turquoise jewelry as the chemicals might have damaging effect on the stone.

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Overview of Rolex Graham Watch and Its Various Accessories

Rolex Graham watch was successfully launched in the seventeenth century and ever since it has been introduced, this classic timepiece has been continuously gaining popularity. Known for its chronograph feature, Rolex Graham is admired for its several technical features and awesome looks. The basic point to be emphasized here is that this watch is well liked not only by people who go after fascinating appearance but also by those who give more importance to the technical aspects of watch.

Rolex Graham watches usually come with a warranty period of two years, however they can vary depending on the vendor you have bought your watch from. These watches are appreciated for their feature of fly back function.

Some of the features that best describe Rolex Graham watch are attractive platinum case, luminescent hour markers and last but not least the eye catchy sapphire crystal. Below are discussed a couple of accessories that come along with Rolex Graham watch.

Rolex Graham case:

There are different models of watch each having its own unique case. Rolex Graham watches mostly come in platinum case but sometimes, they are also available in Silverstone and gold. Model GR 011 of Rolex Graham has a platinum case. There are a couple of watch models that come in a red case having sapphire crystals.

Rolex Graham Spring Bars

Spring bars refer to the accessories that are used to connect the bands of watch to the lugs on its case. These spring bars are more often made by using high quality stainless steel.

Rolex Graham Bezel Protector

Bezel protector helps to properly maintain the watch and keep it in good working condition. It is a necessary accessory as it ensures that your watch bezel remains free from scratches and corrosions. Usually the bezel protectors are made of plastic.

Rolex Graham bracelets

If you are tired of wearing the original watch bracelet and want to give a new look to the watch, you can shop for a different style bracelet. Bracelets are available in a large variety varying in their color and design. There are numerous options for you to make selection from. To name a few popular bracelets, we have bracelets made from stainless steel, platinum and 18 karat gold. Before buying bracelet for your Rolex watch, give due consideration to check the distance or gap between the lugs of watch. Every bracelet does not go fit well into the watch.

Rolex Graham Watch Box

Watch box is one of the most essential accessories, as it keeps the watch safe and intact. It prevents dust particles from entering the watch and causing it any kind of harm. There are varied types of boxes available for you to properly keep your watch. You can choose the box as per your personal preference.

To conclude, there is such a vast array of accessories available in the market for Rolex Graham watches that now you have ample options to embellish your watch and give it the look you want. Offers affordable Designer Rolex watch replicas. The right choice for your next Designer Rolex replica watch

Why Are Rolex So Expensive?

In order for a Rolex watch to be made available for sale it has to go through a ten step manufacturing process. Each one of these stages ensures that the watch meets the highest quality standards and will withstand the rigorous testing that Rolex requires.

The first component of the watch is that it is made waterproof. Back in 1926 Rolex made the worlds first waterproof watch, the Oyster model. Now they use this technology in all of their models and continue to develop it to withstand even more extreme conditions, depths and temperatures of water.

The perpetual rotor is a vital element in the Rolex. It is a mechanical device which fits inside the watch and which utilises the wearers movements to create and transmit energy in to the mainspring. This maintains the tension in the timepiece, ensuring the continued functionality of the watch.

The movement of the watch is contained in what Rolex call the oyster case. This is formed from a single block of metal and is similar to a miniature safe as it is virtually impenetrable.

The oyster case is covered by the case back. This is screwed on to the oyster case using a special locking device to ensure that it is watertight and will not work itself loose.

The knob used to wind the watch, embossed with the Rolex crown, fits snugly on to the watch and creates a seal around itself similar to that of a submarine hatch. This prevents water and dust from entering the watch and so helps to maintain the long life of it.

All of Rolexs watches are made from only the highest quality materials. Whether that be metal or precious stone, it is guaranteed to have passed the intense testing to ensure the quality is to the standards Rolex will accept.

Before the watch is tested by Rolex for its quality levels it is sent to the COSC, where it is studied, examined and tested for 15 days and nights to check that it can receive their seal of approval. They are looking primarily to ensure the watch will maintain reliability under the most extreme of conditions.

Once COSC have approved the watch it returns to Rolex for further quality control testing. This is done at every stage of the watches manufacture and each individual component is tested along the way, as well as the finished product.

The penultimate component of the Rolex watch is the Officially Certified Superlative Chronometer. This is the self-winding movement used solely by Rolex for their watches and it takes over a year to construct each one.

Finally, Rolex carry out their own intensive testing on the watch before it is sent to be sold. This testing places the watch in extreme conditions of temperature, depth and environment to check its mechanical excellence, as well as checking it for aesthetic discrepancies.

These elements all combine to create a watch which is to an exceptionally high standard, both in terms of the quality of its mechanisms and design levels. Only then are Rolex satisfied that it can be sold with their name on it.

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How Custom Celtic Engagement Rings Are Made

Custom Celtic engagement rings have an impact that many mass market rings lack. Many Celtic rings have to be personalized to the eventual ring wearer's size, taste and style. Other Celtic design elements may be chosen and a unique Celtic ring can incorporate a variety of enduring, yet popular designs such as Celtic trinity knots, spirals, and the Claddagh design.

The most common design element used for Celtic engagement rings are Celtic knots and it has become an important characteristic in many Celtic engagement ring designs. While there is little documentation on the intended meaning of the mysterious looping Celtic knots, the popular belief is that it brings eternity and interconnectedness to its wearer. This lack of documented history of the Celtic knot design in these incredible pieces of art only adds to the mystery and increasing appeal

The manufacture of a Celtic ring is a time consuming and delicate process. Each step is overseen by a Celtic jewelry specialist. There a four main stages to the creation of a custom Celtic engagement ring:

1. Ring Design: Established Celtic jewelers have in house jewelry designers who work on improving and creating new designs using inspiration drawn from old Celtic manuscripts. The process of designing a Celtic ring is an important step because proper planning and design ensures that the final ring comes out perfect and pleasing to the eye. Several considerations prior to integrating the ever popular Celtic knot design into a Celtic engagement ring are symmetry, diamond cut, and engagement band size. The final design is then the blueprint to create a ring cast.

2. Ring Assembly: Ring castings are assembled by the Celtic jewelry goldsmith. The three parts to assemble for the Celtic ring are the shank, the center mount, and the trinity shoulders. After securing the shank, each piece is carefully soldered onto the shank starting with the center mount. Soldering creates a discoloration in the metal and dipping the ring into a picking compound to cleans it off.

3. Setting the Diamond: The diamond is measured to ensure that the mount fits the diamond perfectly. A careful visual inspection by the jeweler of the diamond position is made to guarantee it is in perfect position. Next, the claws are pushed into place. In order to maintain a level position for the diamond set in the center mount, each claw is slowly pushed down individually. Each prong must then be filed down to ensure no gap exists between the ring and the diamond. Each prong is then rounded off.

4. Polishing: At this point, the gold still doesn't shine like those found in jewelry stores. Polishing is an important step to bring out the beauty and brilliance of the Celtic engagement ring. First, a mechanical polisher with a narrow bristle is used to refine the head of the Celtic ring. Second, a polishing buff is used to remove any rough spots found along the shank of the ring as well as smooth out the ring's head. Third, a firm felt is used to smooth out and flatten the sides of the ring. Lastly, a Rouge is used to bring out the true gleam of the precious metal.

While the Celtic engagement ring manufacturing process seemingly incorporates a few major stages, the jewelry lover must keep in mind that each step requires the skillful hands of a Celtic jewelry craftsman to bring out the glorious Celtic engagement ring. The care and attention to detail in each step ultimately brings out the beauty of these incredible objects d'art.

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Men's Jewelry - Designed to Stand Out From the Crowd

Men's jewelry used to be very conservative, and restricted to watches and wedding rings, with perhaps the odd tiepin or stickpin. Then came the single earring, and it has now exploded to a whole world of hip hop and bling. Not all men's jewelry is so flash, but a large part of it is once you go beyond the usual gold chain, single earring or expensive watch.

Taking a man's watch as an example, at one time the cost of the watch was in the name: whether it was Rolex, Breitling or Omega, the cost was related to the maker and the features offered with the watch. Now, however, we have the world of bling and hip hop men's jewelry where the carat count of the diamonds determine the price rather than the reputation or even the accuracy of the timepiece. Jojo, Luccello, Luxurman, Tenakey and Ice Time are the new kids on the block, and while the Rolexes of the world are still popular, they do not feature prominently in the hot jewelry stores of today.

Hip hop has become one of the most distinctive styles of the modern age and is certainly one of the most easily recognizable. Sometimes referred to as simply bling, hip-hop's most distinctive feature is the lavish use of as much jewelry, particularly diamonds, as possible. This has resulted in men's jewelry becoming incredibly popular with an entirely new market.

Men's jewelry is available in a large variety of different pieces and styles, and if you are looking to purchase jewelry that will help to compliment your style of fashion, particularly if your personal style of fashion stems from the hip-hop culture or the bling style, then you should take a look at what is available online.

Most hip hop men's jewelry is distinctive, not only because of the large number of diamonds which are embedded in large swathes across the jewelry, but also because the piece often tends to be quite chunky, giving it quite a masculine appearance. It is often assumed by many people that men's bling jewelry is either extremely expensive because of the large number of diamonds used, or extremely affordable where the diamonds are fake. In fact there is a tremendous range that stretches from the very affordable jewelry that even younger children can afford, all the way up to designer diamond watches that are every bit as genuine as their looks would suggest.

If you are looking for men's jewelry either for yourself or as a gift for someone else, then where do you start looking? You will not want to invest a large sum of money in a watch which is encrusted with jewels if the interior mechanism is of only secondary quality and unreliable. Similarly you may not wish to invest a large sum of money in an extravagant diamond earring which you intend to wear every day, and which might get knocked or damaged.

Possibly you might be looking at hip hop watches which will be perfect for everyday wear and not too expensive, or perhaps you are one of the fortunate people who are in the position of being able to afford the very best men's diamond jewelry available on the market. Whatever your preference, only real diamonds are real bling, so don't settle for less and avoid those sites that offer you artificial diamonds that can spotted a mile away.

Whatever type of jewelry you are looking for it helps to have a good idea of the type of piece you want, since most jewelry stores, either online of offline, will offer you a massive selection from which to choose. There is a massive range of gold diamond watches, diamond earrings, bracelets, diamond pendants and gold chains. You also have the choice of the most sparkling and outrageous forms of bling or something more conservative and traditional.

However you need not have to empty your savings in order to purchase a really good piece of men's jewelry as there are plenty of options available which are extremely affordable without sacrificing either quality or appearance. Your options range from a bling baseball glove pendant with 32 carats of diamonds in a 14K gold setting at over $30,000 to a gold chain at less than $100, so there is men's jewelry available to suit every pocket.

As far as men's diamond hip hop watches go, perhaps the one make which stands out above all others when it comes to bling are the diamond Tenakey watches. These are large, chunky and masculine, and you'll be hard put to try to find a single part of these watches that has not been encrusted with diamonds. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your involvement with the hip hop culture absolutely clear, then a Tenakey diamond watch will achieve this in an unmistakable way.

There is only one rule to apply when purchasing men's jewelry and that is to buy what you want and what you feel most comfortable with. If you prefer to be conservative you will not feel comfortable wearing 10 carats of diamonds set in 14 carat gold, no matter what type of jewelry it is. Go with the men's jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing.

Check out the mens jewelry at where you will find a wide range of men's jewelry including a wide range of diamond watches and other bling items. Also, check out the Blog for more information on mens jewelry of today.

The Symbolic Meaning Behind Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic wedding rings are highly popular with men and ladies for various reasons. Celtic rings have their own meanings and these rings are based on Celtic traditions and history. Celtic Wedding rings express love, ambition and longing and a passion for life. They also represent all those things closest to the heart like the lover, devotion, affection and tenderness.

Celtic wedding rings are beautiful and you will get enchanted by the range of the antique style wedding bands that are specially designed with a meaning and symbolic significance. Celtic wedding rings have gained a lot of importance and popularity because of being classic and highly romantic.

These rings showcase interwoven never-ending knots that symbolize love till eternity and signify the motto "let love and friendship reign". This antique ring is available in a variety of precious metals. Celtic rings can also be set with precious gemstones to suit every style and need.

Celtic wedding rings showcase the archetypal, medieval look that's combined with rare beauty and contemporary strength. Celtic rings give you an antique wedding band look along with 21st century durability. You must be able to understand these knots to enjoy the illusive feel of these bands.

Many ancient motifs are generally rooted in mysterious cultures that are well written in history and some knots are as ancient as 20,000 years. Knot work has become quite synonymous with the Celtic style and makes the rings sacred and highly embellished and illuminated.

Celtic music and poetry highlight love and the soul. Celtic wedding band knots express souls intermingling with each other to project interconnections that can be viewed as tapestry experiences. Many Celtic designers showcase and label their Celtic styles under Friendship and Unity.

It is easy to say that rings are all about being interconnected, but to understand this, you need to reflect on several mechanisms that make these knots work and then to try and determine as to how they function. Throughout the world, Native cultures hold ceremonies in circles. A knot pattern with circles or variations of circles emphasizes on important keys that explains the true place for relationships and community in a wedding.

In short, a ring, which is circular, symbolizes sealing of commitment. Square motif design shapes offer the element of stability and usually the numbers play a significant part in explaining the Celtic lore, like for example the number five represents the four directions and the center point.

Celtic rings also deal with vectors that explain certain directions and if you look at the shape of the arrow then you will understand why as triangle has a connote movement. Some Celtic motifs also signify trinity. Celtic wedding bands are offered in a wide range of designs and styles thus making them an ideal choice that suits every taste and budget.

Whether you like the antique wedding band look or the meaningful and enchanting designs, you will be fascinated with the styles and designs. So go ahead and choose one of the most romantic Celtic wedding rings to suit you and seal your wedding vows.

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Interested in Watch Repair - Check Out These Basic Requirements!

Amateur horologists can be really interested in the workings of watches. They buy old and useless watches and take the time and effort to dismantle them to pieces. This way they can understand how watches work and how the individual pieces mesh together to create a fully functioning watch. But before they actually start they have to stock up on several basic requirements like a good set of tiny headed screwdrivers. These screw drivers are essential to loosen up screws and then put them together again. There are several companies which make the screwdriver systems but if you are going to take up the hobby seriously, then its time to buy only the best.

Bergeron screw driver sets are extremely expensive but well worth the money if you are going into your hobby will total focus. The Screw-driver sets are used by professional watchmakers all over the world and there are several varieties available. You can pick and choose from the site but the average cost is about $400 and above. Of course cheaper sets are available at bulk rates and there are several companies which sell the same sized screwdrivers for a fraction of the Bergeron rate. But be advised that the Bergeron screwdrivers are made for use only with watches and nothing else. Very rarely do you get second hand sets, as no watchmaker will give his tools to buy newer ones. They just prefer to sharpen existing tools as each instrument has a comfort level already built in. Cheap sets are also not calibrated to be anti-skid and anti-scratch. All high-precision time pieces are built with specially coated tiny screws for the repetitive motion that watch parts have. Using a cheap screwdriver may do more damage than repair. The cheap screwdriver may also scratch the interior casing of high-quality watch pieces and this reduces its overall value and resale value too.

There are several sets you can choose from like the economy 16 piece basic precision watchmakers screwdriver set, 9 pieces screwdriver set with Swiss blades, top quality 11 piece basic watchmakers precision screwdriver set etc made to fit every budget. Each set is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of your hands to allow for easy movements and actions. They also come color-coded for easy reference. The Bergeron system also has a huge complete selection with separate blades of every size in a tube. This is the best and most complete set you could ever want. The blades can also be re-polished if required but it's a better idea to send them back to the company for just that instead of doing it at the work place. The Bergeron system also labels each screwdriver from the smallest of about 0.50 up to 3.0 millimeters. If you require it they have a heavy stand which prevents the screwdrivers from being lost or knocked about. .

Just make sure you get the best from Bergeron and you should be fine.

The first thing you will need is a huge set of tiny screwdrivers to make sure that you can handle the tiny parts of the watch. Check out this page for more details.

Buy Diamonds for Less

Whether you are buying a diamond for an engagement ring, anniversary, to commemorate a special moment, or for your personal pleasure, today it is more important than ever to understand what you are buying. There are new shapes and cuts, fancy colors, high-tech treatments and sophisticated frauds. There are new ways to buy - such as internet auctions, online websites and TV shopping. Buyers need a source of guidance.

Here are five key questions to ask yourself initially before you consider buying any stone:

1. Is the color what you desire? - Keep in mind when you search for any diamond characteristic you will learn that the more rare, the more expensive. Color of course is in the eye of the beholder, however keep in mind that the whiter the stone, the more rare it is and the more expensive it will be.

2. Is the shape what you want? - Diamonds today come in a variety of shapes. Classic round is still the most popular. The choice will be yours, personal preference rules.

3. Does it have brilliance or sparkle? Does it come alive for you? - I think that this aspect is the most important point. There is an intangible nature to what you desire in your diamond. Most people want a stone that is absolutely beautiful to look at in the way it sparkles. This occurs through light reflection throughout the stone in regards to its many facets and the way the diamond is cut. The bottom line here is that you want your diamond to blow you (or anyone else) away when seen. Learning about diamonds is important before you buy and can take some research, however, you should never be taken away from the sparkle factor.

4. Do you like it and feel excited by it? - Your diamond should move you in a way that can't always be explained with words. It is more of an emotional connection.

5. Can you afford it? - You don't always like to think about this part but realistically it's an important part of the process.

If you have answered yes to the five question listed above, you are ready to examine your diamond buying experience more specifically.

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Choose the Engagement Ring As Per Your RQ (Romance Quotient)

Different types of engagement rings reflect and complement unique quotient of romance. Therefore, before you are ready to get down on your bended knees with an engagement ring, get to know which type of ring will match your RQ and convey your message from the heart better. Not only your RQ, various types engagement rings fit different level of budget, traditions and other types of personal preferences as well. Following are some of the options of engagement rings from which you can choose the best to woo your beau in style.

Solitaire diamond engagement ring are the most classic type of engagement rings. Though this one found to be most conventional, however, differences in metal casing induce different appearances and appeal to these rings. Solitaire rings refer to a diamond studded ring which is firmly gripped with 4 to 8 claws and can be nestled in either gold or platinum.

If you have special fondness for gold jewelry, choose the gold setting or else select the platinum setting. Claws of the diamond holds the stone firmly and safely in a manner to enter and reflect light from the diamond. To convey your commitment and proposal for 'The One' in your life, choose this solitaire - the timeless and classic yet very much contemporary design of engagement ring.

You may also opt for a diamond engagement ring with side stones which refer to a design where a solitaire and comparatively large diamond is accompanied with two more slightly smaller stones. These type of engagement rings too reveal a unique expression of relationship or romance. This rings work well when you want to voice the person holds much more than just a spouse, rather a lifelong companion to witness your ups and downs. You may also select an antique diamond engagement ring such as a ring with Victorian styled rings, Edwardian inspired engagement rings or Art Deco engagement ring.

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The Dream and History of Luxury Watches

Whether it is the cars we drive or the watches we wear, all of them started with an idea and a dream. Whether it was by accident or planned, there is no way that the creators of technology could have imagined that their initial designs would have blossomed into the amazing products that we have today.

The next time you look at your watch realize that Peter Henlein invented the first pocket watch in Nuremberg, Germany. It wasn't very accurate, which is sort of ironic since Germans are known for their accuracy. While this was the first portable watch, it was not the first wristwatch.

The first wristwatch was worn and created by the French mathematician and philosopher, Blaise Pascal. He simply attached string to his pocket watch, and, Walla, a future industry was created. So the next time, you I look to see what time it is on your Breitling chronometer, or whatever timepiece it is that you wear, know that the foundation for it was built by a man in Germany who took his clock with him wherever he went. Even though he was probably always either too late or too early for most of his appointments, no doubt he was the talk of whatever meeting he did attend with his portable watch. So it might be safe to say he was the first person to create a buzz with the timepiece that he was carting around. Moreover, go figure a mathematician and philosopher from France who probably was just too lazy to take his pocket watch out of his pocket, created one of the largest industries in the world. Of course this is in jest and these men were pioneers of their day.

So why is it important to know the history of your designer watch and the background of watches in general? With so many watches out there to choose from it can be very confusing. Do you buy a chronometer? How does that chronometer stack up against that simple Swatch which recently caught your attention? Learn what suits your needs. Learn for what purposes those three little dials that you have never quite figured out how to use, were really intended. You probably wouldn't by a car without looking under the hood, why not do the same with your timepiece?

Now that we know who created the first watch, maybe next time we will find out which companies were the first to capitalize on it.

Luxury Watches have become a symbol of fashion for over 100 years. For more information about purchasing a watch please visit the Watches on Net Website.

Reproduction Jewelry That Does Not Break the Bank

Designer jewelry can be very expensive and not everyone can afford to make those purchases. However, women who love fashion and looking their best should not have to suffer because they cannot afford the top of the line. Therefore, why not look into buying some faux designer jewelry. If the correct piece of faux jewelry is purchased then no one will know the difference but you, and there is definitely no shame in that.

There are great options for finding faux jewelry and they are going to be shared with you right now. It is important to note that there are plenty of places that do sell designer jewelry fakes but, these are the best of the well... the fakes. Therefore, take into consideration these helpful tips.

First, it is important to note Overstock Jewelry is a great option for people who are looking for some well made replica jewelry. The jewelry found online there is most definitely not cheap or tacky and is high quality knockoffs. They offer a large variety of styles, designers, and items. They also have jewelry for men and children. The items although could be called fake or imitation is better described as being inspired by the top designers. Such designers include Vera Wang, Heidi Klum, and Cartier.

Jewels Lovers is the second best options for finding that perfect piece of faux jewelry. Their specialty is definitely reproduction jewelry and again inspired by some very famous designers. They are committed to attention to detail as well as ensuring that their jewelry is made the best that it can. Reproduction pieces are their specialty and they take it seriously. They are so confident in their pieces of art that they offer a lifetime warranty. This warranty is available on all of their jewelry. So, just in case satisfaction was not met, then it can be exchanged or refunded. That is definitely hassle-free shopping.

Some advantages from wearing these replica pieces are that the cost was not overwhelming, but the look is. This allows the average consumer to look like the stars that are walking the red carpet. But it can be your little secret that you paid very little for this very high life appearance.

Trendy does not always have to break the bank. However, be careful. It is important to make sure that you are buying quality imitations. Some replica jewelry can be made very poorly and look cheap instead of classy. If the materials are not the best, they can even cause skin irritation and a rash is definitely not fashionable or presentable.

Being specifically interested in engagement party gifts and engagement gift, Elvin Retinz edited a variety of web pages in this particular field. Writing for reports, he expressed his know-how on topics associated with engagement gifts and engagement gift.