Monday, May 11, 2009

Women's Guide to Men's Titanium Rings

For beauty, strength and durability, there are only a few metals that can surpass titanium, either in pure form or as an alloy. The metal is increasingly used as a base for both men's and women's rings. The bold designs and its durability seem particularly well suited for ring designs for men who love decorative jewelry. So for people who want to choose a metal that will look good for many years men's titanium wedding rings are just the thing. With a wide variety of styles and grades of titanium, choosing men's titanium rings is only difficult because of the quantity of choice available.

Grades of Titanium

There are nearly thirty different grades of titanium. They are ranked by the tensile strength of the metal. Pure titanium has the lowest tensile strength and additives such as oxygen and iron increase the tensile strength. The more additives at the trace level in the titanium, the higher the tensile strength and the harder the resulting metal. In addition to iron traces in titanium metal, other elements that can affect the hardness of the resultant metal include aluminum, tin, molybdenum, vanadium, zirconium, palladium, nickel, chromium, silicon, niobium and ruthenium. Men's titanium rings are at the upper end of the hardness scale, and are more likely to resist scratching and scuffing.

Hypoallergenic Rings

Some men are unable to wear silver or gold rings, acidic skin and Nickel alloys are commonly the cause of allergic reactions to jewelry. Men's titanium rings, on the other hand are nickel free so they easily pass the European Union nickel ban imposed in 2000. According to the standards, in order to be rated 'nickel free' there can be a maximum of .05% nickel. Approximately ten percent of the population suffers from skin irritation when exposed to nickel. Since titanium is inert, there are no known cases of allergic reactions to the metal.

Rust/Tarnish Proof

Skin oils and perspiration does not result in rust spots on men's titanium wedding rings or other titanium jewelry. This makes titanium the perfect metal for those who work hard at difficult jobs. The titanium never rusts or tarnishes, thanks to its inert nature. There are no chemical reactions when the ring or jewelry is placed next to the skin. The luster of the metal is not extinguished by exposure to air or by contact with the skin. In addition to being used for rings, titanium makes the ideal metal for pierced earrings or other body jewelry.

New Trends in Wedding Bands

Men's titanium wedding rings are showing increasing popularity amongst those who wear wedding rings. The first unusual feature in today's wedding band is the composition of the metal. Titanium is very strong, rust and tarnish proof and is very lightweight, making it possible to go bold in the appearance of the ring without feeling weighted down by the jewelry. For a man who wears a wedding band, the tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear make the titanium metal band a sure bet for long lasting future.

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