Saturday, May 30, 2009

What to Do If Your Replica Watch Gets Wet?

About 50 years ago, water resistant watches were quite rare. At that time, most watches were not water resistant; a large part of watches could only dust resistant. Whether a watch is water resistant depends on the airproof of the watch case structure. Out of the three resistance functions of a watch, water resistant should be the most important one. In the wet environment, even if a watch does not get wet, the spare parts inside the watch will get rusty because of long time contact of wet air. Nowadays, a replica watch or even a brand name replica watch is not expensive and most of them are water resistant. T

he standard is 30m or 3ATM, which is called as "life water resistant", and it can only resist the temporary attack from rain or water poured out when you are washing your hand, but can not be used to swim or dive. The water resistance structure of a watch is usually made of airproof rubber or nylon, which are used on the watch band, watch back and glass. Rubber will get exhausted as time goes by, usually it will get aging after being used for several years, so the airproof function will be loss.

There are several cases when a replica watch gets wet:
1. there is mirage in the watch glass;
2. Sweat coagulated inside the glass;
3. Tremendous sweat can be seen on the glass and the face.

There are also several kinds of water that get into a replica watch:

1. pure water or distilled water;
2. running water or rain;
3. drink or beer;
4. sea water;
5. Cosmetics or chemistry reagent or medicine liquid.

Once your replica watch gets wet, the first thing you should do is sending your watch to a timepiece repair shop and get it dried. If it is a serious case, oil treatment will be needed. It is unwise to forget it and do nothing. If you do not repair it as soon as possible, then the water will make the steel spare parts inside the watch movement get rusty. And once the tiny spare parts get rusty, you have to replace them and it will cost you more. One should have known that getting wet is a disaster to a watch. Apart from the movement, long time contact with wet air will make the watch case, hands get bubbled and rusty. So do take care of your replica watch when wearing.

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