Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why is Tiger's Eye Called the Gemstone For Friends?

Summary: There are many gemstones out there, both precious and semiprecious. From the diamond to the tourmaline, each has its own unique characteristics. Find out why, whether in the form of jewelry or the original stone itself, the Tiger's Eye is the gemstone for friends.

It is not uncommon to see gemstones used for accessories in jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets or other decorative items. Marilyn Monroe's famous saying, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" has been adopted far and wide to personify one of the most expensive gemstones. Unfortunately these 'best friends' are so popular that they have resulted in wars and endless poverty. As magnificent as the diamond is, I can only think of one gemstone that is truly worthy of being called the 'gemstone for friends' or The Friendship Stone and that is the Tiger's Eye.

The Tiger's Eye is a semiprecious gemstone which historically was worn for protection. It was said to be a stone which kept a constant "eye" on the holder. Skipping a few centuries later however, the Tiger's Eye was discovered in large quantities in Western South African soil in the 1880's. It displays an effect of a thin band of light, called Chatoyancy, that changes position as the stone is turned back and forth. The Tiger's Eye gemstone is made up of crystal deposits of quartz and a fibrous blue mineral called crocidolite. While in the earth, these crystals condense simultaneously from hot-mineral rich fluids coursing through tiny cracks in the rock that grow and fill it. The combination of the two crystals as well as the crocidolite fibers help form the Chatoyancy effect the Tiger's Eye is well-known for. Metaphysically, the Tiger's Eye is said to enable the owner to think clearly and to transform negative thoughts into positive energy. This promotes the attainment of dreams and helps one to judge situations and determine each obstacle in the best way possible.

If you are lucky enough to be given The Friendship Stone as a gift, either in the form of the gemstone itself or a Tiger's Eye necklace or other Tiger's Eye jewelry, it is likely that you will cherish it forever - like friendship itself. Friends are there for each other always, and like the protection the Tiger's Eye is known for are the one place you can turn to, for "refuge in a storm". Friends allow us not only to dream but help us find the best way possible of attaining our dreams. And friends help us see that despite the harshest of circumstances, there is always some positive energy to be found. Can you think of any other semiprecious gemstone other than the Tiger's Eye more appropriately called The Friendship Stone?

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