Sunday, May 24, 2009

Christian Dior Watches

Top fashion houses have long considered Christian Dior to be a fashion designer for all times. Dior who was born in Normandy, France founded his haute design house in 1946 after a colourful life dressing the wives of German nationals and French collaborators during World War II.

Dior's voluptuous style translated into stylised clothes and accessories that defied the style of the times creating new trends in fashion design that are still mimicked today. Dior has a well-earned title for brands of haute couture and luxury that appeal too many within fashion and entrainment circles, this title extends across all Dior brand collections especially in its luxury brand watches.

To wear a Dior watch is to experience a circle of luxury that heightens the senses. Dior's "La Baby D de Dior" is a stylized timepiece that incorporates stainless steel blue mother of pearl within a circled design of diamond and bezel. Its classic lines dazzle the eye. Pink Crocodile straps adorn Dior's second "La Baby D de Dior" timepiece reminding the wearer of wearing a mini version of a pink Cadillac with 52 diamonds to dazzle the eyes.

"La D de Dior," has a 33 mm diamond bezel base paired with stainless steel to create a truly smooth colourful look, 64 diamonds are set within the base. This lovely piece combines style with grace for a wonderful women's treat.

The house of Dior promises to expand outward into the future creating feminine timepieces that meet and exceed international design elements while continuing to focus and improve on its Dior's Homme technologic excellence that is sure to fascinate fashionistas for years to come.

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