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Citizen Skyhawk Watches Review - Techno Gadget and Aviation Tool From Citizen Watches

When it comes to new gadgets, the Pilots can easily be picked as top most gadget lovers. Whether the gadgets are in their cockpit or on their wrist, they just love to try and experiment with them. To attract the aviation experts and create a niche in that market, Citizen Watches had introduced their citizen Skyhawk series. Citizen skyhawk watches are not only cool and trendy in looks, but also a great tool while on the move either in flight or on the road. These citizen skyhawk watches also give you something to show off to your friends and colleagues.

The Citizen skyhawk watches are a step forward in the Citizen Eco-Drive movement. The Citizen Eco-Drive watches are the solar watches, generating power from the source of the light. So even when you are on the move or sitting at office or in the luxury of home, the titanium lithium battery in your watch gets charged via a special solar cell underneath your dial keeping the hands ticking.

The Citizen skyhawk watches are tough, strong, functional, and beautiful. These watches are atomic time keeping watches that means if you are in the reach of radio frequencies, you don't need to worry about adjusting the time. The time in these watches is synchronized on a scheduled basis with the time towers in America, Europe and Japan via radio frequencies.

The latest models in the Citizen skyhawk series are the third generation models in the Citizen eco-drive line up. These models provide major advancements as compared to the earlier models. The latest models are also said to be water resistant up to 600-700 feet, which is pretty good. Besides this, Citizen skyhawk watches are equipped with functionalities such as two alarms, LCD Backlight, perpetual calendar, 24 hours chronograph, 99 minute count down timer, and pre programmed world time for 43 major cities around the world.

The watch also has a Slide rule bezel, which is an attempt to replicate and include the functionality of the very admired E6B flight computer. This bezel in the Citizen skyhawk line up, lets you to do quick simple flight calculations for distance traveled so far, what is the fuel consumption, what is the ground speed, etc. Fantastic tool or rather a simple wrist flight computer, isn't it?

The watch is easy to set and doesn't have so many complicated instruction sets. It also comes with a very useful manual, which provides very detailed instructions as how to set and use the watch. The manual is also accompanied with an awesome CD containing useful presentations and interactive guides.

While the Citizen skyhawk name suggests that these watches are only for Pilots or flight crewmembers with features specially designed for the sky, The watch also is a useful tool for day-to- day use and for the ones who needs to do frequent travel between different time zones. You will be pleasantly satisfied with the quality and functionality of these watches.

The Citizen skyhawk range of watches are available from $300 to $600 at majority of the retail stores.

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