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Right Combination is the Key - Mixing Wedding Jewelery With Your Dress and Hairstyle

Weddings are very special and truly memorable occasions. And since you don't want to look mediocre on this special event, you'll surely do all you could to look perfect and wear the appropriate jewelry for this day. According to seasoned wedding planners, you need to plan your budget in advance, so that you will be able to choose and buy only the appropriate wedding jewelry for this day. If you can't decide on which to buy, you may ask for assistance from an established wedding planner, who will most likely refer you to a jewelry designer who would design the pieces according to your preferences and tastes. So, even if you do not have a large budget for this expense, with a little innovation and some good advice from the experts, you still can get the best jewelry for this memorable day.

It's a common notion that although most eyes will focus on the either unique shine, or drab look, of your wedding ring, the other wedding jewelry you wear will also help to prop up your bridal look. Though it would depend on your personal choices, the style of your dress or the flair of your hairstyle should also blend well with the necklace, bracelet or earrings you wear. As the experts keep on saying, coordination is the key to a perfect and lovely look, and this includes the quality of the jewelry you wear.

In coordinating your wedding jewelry and attire, wardrobe experts stress that if your wedding dress is replete with a lot of beads, rhinestone details or lace trim, it would be better not to wear a necklace, since this could cause you to look quite busy or over-decorated to some extent. Second, you should also try on different types of jewelry with your bridal ensemble, before deciding which one to use. A piece of jewelry may look perfect on a product catalog or under a glass display, however it could look awkward or less stunning when you actually put it on. Third, it would also be good if you keep in mind that dark or deep-colored stones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds may look too bold when wearing a white wedding gown. Wedding experts suggest that you opt for lighter colors like topaz, aquamarine or citrine and other lighter color tones. Fourth, buy jewelry that offers a sensible refund or exchange policy. Buying one which offers this exchange policy will help, especially when you suddenly change your mind after making a previous purchase. Fifth, go for a necklace that perfectly complements the cut of your dress. For instance, a rhinestone or pearl choker would suit well with a strapless bodice; while on the other hand, diamond solitaire could look real great when you're wearing a V or sweetheart neckline.

In addition, it will also be great if you could perfectly blend and mix the gemstones that are installed or sewed-in your head piece or wedding dress, with the jewelry you will be wearing. Jewelry experts say that pearls help to complement beading, while zirconia or diamonds blend perfectly with crystals or sequins. Lastly, before wearing your dress and jewelry, think whether your hairstyle, necklace or headpiece complements with the earrings you wear. Remember that bigger and chunkier earrings will look very good with upswept hair, while simple shiny or bejeweled studs will blend well with a splendid decorative veil or tiara, as well as with a dramatic necklace.

The type of wedding jewelry that you opt to buy and wear for your special occasion will forever remain to be an inseparable part of life. Therefore, you need to be very careful when shopping around for the right jewelry pieces to purchase, because the quality of jewelry you buy will for years, remain as a shining and sparkling symbol of your nuptial day.

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