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Sterling Silver Chains - Consumer Buying Guide

Shopping for Sterling Silver Chains? This is the must-read guide you shouldn't be without. It covers all the types and sty;es of silver chains, and what to look to make the right purchase. Silver chains have become more popular, affordable and stylish. Innovative designs and modern techniques of production have made this type of silver jewelry alluring not just for men and women, but also for children.

Versatile jewelry

Silver jewelry is very versatile and is available in an array of types and styles. You can choose between anklets, necklaces, bracelets or chokers or just silver chains. The affordability of Silver chains makes it convenient for you to own several of them to wear regularly matching your dress and occasion.

Different designs

Cable is the most basic design in Silver Chains. This is a simple 'link-in-link' design. Most other designs are variations from the cable. The 'curb' for example represents a flattened cable. Figaro style too is flat just like the curb, but sports 3 short links followed by a link that is long stretched. Gucci, Mariner, and Anchor designs carry a bar across the link at the center. Rolos follow much of the cable design except that the links are wider and circular with close fits. The Byzantine or Rope belong to designs with complex structure. Chainmaille is another complex design and these follow ring shaped links. Round and Flat are the two general types.

Where they come from

Most of the Silver chain that is commercially available has their origin in Italy. These are machine made silver chains of excellent quality. Several appealing styles are available to suit your taste. One thing about these Italian Silver Chains is that they sport a whiter appearance. The cause is that in a post production it goes through plating process involving .999 silver. As for American products, Rhode Island is well known for quality jewelry chains. However, the quantities produced here are relatively smaller and sold off in up market jewelry stores or departmental stores. Bulk of the Rhode Island production is consumed by jewelry manufacturers.

Some of the popular styles

Silver chains promise the look that you crave for, without drilling a hole in your wallet. There are different styles you can adopt depending on your reasons to wear the silver chains. For a bold statement the Omega is a perfect choice to grab the attention of all those around. The reflective character of Omega makes it easier to get noticed and at every opportunity, it captures light. You have also the option of choosing different widths so that pendants can be attached. Depending on the way it is made, an Omega would feature either a slide insert or a lobster claw.

Herringbone is another popular choice which will adorn your neck like a ribbon that is perfectly placed. The style is very reflective because of the design and for the same reason, it is a very popular choice too. This design concept is for stand alone chains and not for wearing with pendants. Varying lengths and widths can be chosen in the Herringbone style but the major advantage is that a bigger look is possible at minimal expense.

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