Friday, May 1, 2009

Save Money on Jewellery

It may be that, in the current economic climate, you don't currently have any money to spare for new jewellery. But what if you have a special occasion coming up that demands it? Perhaps an engagement or a wedding, or a big anniversary. Or perhaps you're thinking that jewellery might be a good investment, when interest rates are dropping and the housing market is depressed.

If you're in the market for jewellery then it pays to shop around for a good deal, and there are a couple of online stores that you should take a look at. have a large range of jewellery, including diamonds and other gemstones, at great prices - and they even have a facility to design your own ring. is another store with a big range of products, and they have a special wedding boutique and designer collections. Both sites offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Shopping online makes it really easy to compare prices, special deals and clearance bargains and generally if you're spending over a certain amount then packing and shipping are free. You may even be able to spread the cost by paying monthly.

And when you're shopping online it's worth keeping an eye out for valid coupon codes that save you even more money and mean you get more for your cash. For starters, check out the coupon site at, which is currently offering codes for an extra 20% off at and

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