Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Integrated Watch Strap Attachment

Creativity, ingenuity, innovation and aesthetics

So far, owners of watches with integrated watch strap attachment were restricted to original watch straps. HIRSCH Leonardo, however, combines aesthetics and design with innovative technology. Now it is up to the customer to make the choice - and decide for the future. Customers will be able to attach any watch strap from the HIRSCH Leonardo Collection to the watch cases of the most renowned watches from the Luxury, Sports and Fashion segments.

The Leonardo watch strap connects to the noble case of the watch as if custom-made for it. The prestigious character of exclusive watches is enhanced even further by the perfect processing, the sporty elegance of design and the innovative technology of Leonardo watch straps.

The most striking design elements that complement any sporty chronograph perfectly are the square tip and the wide loop. They underline the modern and sporty character of the Leonardo straps and give them a sturdy look. The loop also secures the strap. Leonardo is ahead of its times.

HIRSCH turns visions into reality and combines sporty elegance and aesthetics of this unique watch strap with the revolutionary innovation of the variable, integrated strap attachment. That is watch strap culture at its best.

The Difference

The Leonardo watch strap differs from conventional watch straps in that it combines with the watch case as if specially made for it. This integration between watch strap and watch creates a single work of art, a beautifully rounded unit that fits closely around the wrist - like a bracelet - and thus enhances the aesthetic character of the watch.

Also impressive is the power of the watch strap, from the attachment to the centre, clearly emphasising its robust and sporty character.


Aesthetic appearance of the watch is enhanced; the value of the watch is clearly enhanced by the integrated attachment.


Compatible with HIRSCH technology; because of the different insertion possibilities, the Leonardo watch strap is compatible with most watch cases with a curved attachment.

Target group focussing

Adaptability to watch brands; the design and choice of material of the HIRSCH Leonardo Collection make it suitable for the cases of the best known brands of luxury, sport and fashion watches.

Michael Kares owns and operates WatchStyle, a watch strap site for collectors and watch enthusiasts, showcasing an extensive selection of HIRSCH watch straps


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