Monday, May 4, 2009

G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch Review

The green industry is gaining momentum fast and many companies are starting to introduce products that not only save the consumer money but also help save the environment. But solar watches have been around for the ages. These gadgets not only help you keep track of time but help you avoid putting batteries in you watch on a consistent basis. G-Shock solar watch is a cool gizmo that not only allows you to use the power of the sun to power it up, but it comes with tons of features for those business individuals and those into outdoors.

G-Shock watches are build for folks who live an active life and may have a tough going with their gizmo. You won't be breaking your G-shock that easily. It is water resistant as well, and you can take it 200 M down in the sea.The gadget is great for people who are constantly on the go. It comes with 29 time zones and supports 27 cities. In addition, your calendar is automatically updated and keeps you up to date at all times, and you can easily go until 2039 before your programmed calendars run out. This is a monster stop watch that comes with all kinds of goodies. You get daily alarms, count down timer, backlight, and much more.

Overall, this gizmo is designed for folks who live an active life. It's an atomic watch, stopwatch, a calendar, an alarm clock, and a time-zone tracker all in one device. If you are looking for a gizmo for outdoors, this is one to try. It does look a bit too sporty for business meeting, but it does come with all the features that a business person would need to keep track of time. It won't be cheap, so not everyone can afford it. But if you don't mind paying $70-$100 to go solar, you should give this a try.

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