Friday, May 8, 2009

Fashion Trends in 70s Centuries

The seventies were more of a sixties extension the looks trends and fashion almost remained the same. It was later in the seventies that clothes started gating more accessories to go with the overcoats mostly in leather and our very own denim fabric took a wild tarn as it was bock in fashion from the US. The hippie and the disco culture merged to form a fundamental counterculture. More over the coats came back in fashion but certainly with casual and queers cuts let us go through a few other things that marked the seventies dressing for men...

Overcoats/Short coats:-

These were the coats you needed to wear in the rainy season. Mostly in leather they were to be worn over trendy Hawaiian shirts. A part from the revival bright short length coats made of silken bad shiny materials worn with bright colored open collar shirts, obviously with no concept of a necktie, bow or scarf.

Leather/Denim Jackets:-

Apart from coats, these were in vogue too. Leather jackets in brown and black with heavy metal ornaments were in rage while the rough denims in blues ice blue and even black were worn in coordination with the same color bell bottom jeans.

The seventies fashion Icons:-

From Jim Morrison, Bob Marley to Micheal Douglles... All complemented the seventies with their individualistic styles and trends, while mature shades of Beatles and Elvis castled the shadows on the fashion scenario. A totally junkie look of Jim Morrison and Bob Marley, a black fashion icon in the history of rap music, brought a rage with his tacky sense of dressing.

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