Friday, May 1, 2009

Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightly in Bvlgari Jewelry at the Oscars

Bvlgari, the Italian jeweler of impeccable reputation, was flattered not once but three times this month at the Oscars by the premier leading ladies in the business. The wholesale replica jewelry business saw a timely jump as well thanks to the choices of Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightly and Nicole Kidman all to wear Bvlgari to the affair.
Thousands of Americans went online starting the morning after the awards show seeking out the wholesale replica jewelry and replica Bvlgari jewelry sites to get their hands on a more affordable version of the items worn by Diaz, Knightly, and Kidman. Even wholesale Tiffany Jewelry saw a surge in sales.

Wholesale replica jewelry is a largely online business that tends to see incredible surges in popularity after star sightings like this. One particular site, my silver city that specializes in wholesale Tiffany jewelry, but also carries replica Bvlgari Jewelry, reported unprecedented sales this month.

Cameron Diaz showed up at the event wearing platinum Bvlgari earrings with 2 gorgeous cut diamonds, pink diamonds and 24 Pear Shaped Diamonds, an 18kt white gold Bvlgari ring with 1 round brilliant cut diamond, round brilliant cut diamonds and diamond pave, and an 18kt yellow gold and smoke diamond ring.

Keira Knightly wore a spectacular, vintage Bvlgari necklace to the Oscars with a Vera Wang dress. Nicole Kidman, a spokesperson for the Italian luxury brand also came fully adorned in Bvlgari jewelry, and none of it was replica for her, you can be sure about that.

Meanwhile over at the Brit Awards, the sensational Kylie Minogue wore a complete Bvlgari ensemble. She came in a white gold and diamond necklace, a pair of white gold and diamond chandelier earrings, and a platinum and diamond ring, all from Bvlgari's high jewelry collection. Mysilvercity, the wholesale Tiffany Jewelry site mentioned above is rumored to stock these particular designs.

This is not the first time Bvlgari has been flattered in such a way by the stars, nor that replica Bvlgari jewelry has seen such popularity. Bvlgari's jewelry has long been famously donned by the stars. Mary Pickford, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace all wore Bvlgari jewels. Richard Burton famously wooed Elizabeth Taylor with a Bvlgari ring during the filming of "Cleopatra".

The actor quipped at the time the oft repeated line: "I introduced her to beer, and she introduced me to Bvlgari". Taylor's then husband Eddie Fisher, scared of losing his lovely wife to Richard Burton apparently went out shortly thereafter and bought the starlet an emerald necklace from Bvlgari. Not bad for one gal!

Bvlgari is famous for many innovations. Among them are combining unusual materials, and materials that were never previously associated with jewelry such as white porcelain and steel, and for creating luxury jewelry that is suitable for everyday wear. Themes from Italian architecture also show up frequently in Bvlgari's work.

Bvlgari is certainly most famous for its jewelry and watches, spawning an immense replica Bvlgari jewelry trade, but the company also creates scarves, handbags, eyewear, and even a chain of luxury hotels where guests can order pieces of Bvlgari jewelry from room service. Wholesale replica jewelry sites are catching on to the trend toward Bvlgari as the choice of stars and non stars alike is consistently Bvlgari these days.

Online replica jewelry vendors like, though specializing in silver products have been carrying Bvlgari jewelry for a long time. After all, given Bvlgari's reputation, no replica jewelry line would be complete without it.

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