Friday, May 8, 2009

Things to Consider When Buying Cost Effective Engagement Rings

Often, men are seen heading to a jeweler's shop in their locations for purchasing of engagement rings and end up either paying more money than its real value or the rings turn out to be inferior as its features were not carefully selected due to the haste. So, know about different aspects of the rings including the costs and how to prune it, and then shop for the ring of her dream, if you want to impress her.

A suitable ring will be the one that first of all matches with your budgetary requirement. Engagement rings that are within your buying reach are more satisfying for you and her as well. In making the budget, keep a two to three months salary for the shopping, depending on the features of the ring.

Avoid shopping for the ring without knowing about her preferences regarding colors, designs, settings and diamond or gemstones. Since the engagement rings are meant for the women and they will wear it all the time, their choices must be given preference.

In case, you are looking for a budget ring, that should be priced lower, then make sure that you know all the ways to cut costs on purchasing of diamonds. High quality diamonds are almost beyond the buying reach of average earners. Still, the diamonds can be bought if you are willing to opt for the precious stones of a little lesser quality, though the brilliance and fire is almost the same higher.

To find the affordable diamonds, you should opt for smaller ones. Instead of purchasing a one carat single diamond, the smaller stones of the same collective weight of one carat will cost way lower and are surely within your reach. However, if you have to purchase a single diamond for engagement rings, then the cost can be lowered on the parameters of cut, clarity and color.

A less expensive diamond is that has shallow cuts with lesser facets but the brilliance is still manageable. But if you want deeper cuts, then the costs can be lowered by opting for a little yellowish stone for the engagement rings. As far as clarity is concerned, even with little flows, the diamond gives the same impression of glitter and fire. However, while inclusions inside the stones are not that visible, make sure that there are no or negligible exterior blemishes on it.

Moreover, if there are some exterior blemishes on the side of the diamond and still you want to buy it for low cost, then make sure that the setting of the stone is such that the blemishes are covered under the metal.

There are several settings that you can choose when shopping for engagement rings. you can opt for prong, bezel, channel, pave or any other setting but keep their pros and cons in mind and ask the jeweler to help you in choosing the right one.

Lastly, prefer purchasing of the ring from online jewelers as they have offers of competitive prices not only on the rings but also on diamonds and gemstones. Online option also gives you the luxury of comparing as many jewelers and engagement rings as you can for lower prices and right features.

Due to wide varieties of jewelry items, the consumers are often confused while purchasing them. with is vast experience of the field, the author has been providing timely advice to the customers and has made them informed buyers of engagement rings, wedding rings, diamonds and gemstones. For details log on to

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