Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Magic of Seiko Automatic Watches

Practically everyone owns a time piece of some kind. There are literally tens of thousands of different models available on the market today. Without watches the world would be a very different place. Most are powered in a variety of ways. Most commonly with a battery and a quartz timing mechanism, but also by solar (for digital) or manual wind. The last type available is the 'automatic'. Automatic movements are not truly automatic in themselves. The automatic actually means that they wind automatically when you move the watch, usually by moving your arm. Although automatic movements are relatively old technology they are still in use today, albeit in modern versions. Good movements tend to be very precise and are used in some of the worlds most expensive and high quality models.

Self winding movements are great because they are powered by you, and several benefits come with that. Firstly you do not need to change the battery every couple of years. Secondly when you are not wearing your watch it will stop after a day or two, which means it will effectively last longer as with no moving parts when it is not running no wear on the internal movements will occur. Lastly automatics are a wonder of modern engineering and design and it feels good to have a little piece of complex technology on your wrist. Last but not least for those survivalists out there you could go out into the wilderness (where you could not get batteries) for ten years with a good model and it would still be running perfect time ten years later.

There is a strong following amongst collectors for automatic movement based models. In fact some collectors will only purchase self-winding watches, and many collectors will only purchase well known established brands from Switzerland, USA and Japan. Japanese models stand out for two reasons. One they are made in Japan using Japanese technology whereas the others are mostly made in Switzerland and cost probably around ten times more than their Japanese equivalents. However they are all quality time pieces each with slightly differing automatic technologies but each achieving the same goal, perfect time keeping.

A good entry level automatic watch should cost around $100 and you can find a wide range of excellent quality automatics between $100 - $400 available in all manner of shapes and sizes.

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