Sunday, May 24, 2009

Choose the Engagement Ring As Per Your RQ (Romance Quotient)

Different types of engagement rings reflect and complement unique quotient of romance. Therefore, before you are ready to get down on your bended knees with an engagement ring, get to know which type of ring will match your RQ and convey your message from the heart better. Not only your RQ, various types engagement rings fit different level of budget, traditions and other types of personal preferences as well. Following are some of the options of engagement rings from which you can choose the best to woo your beau in style.

Solitaire diamond engagement ring are the most classic type of engagement rings. Though this one found to be most conventional, however, differences in metal casing induce different appearances and appeal to these rings. Solitaire rings refer to a diamond studded ring which is firmly gripped with 4 to 8 claws and can be nestled in either gold or platinum.

If you have special fondness for gold jewelry, choose the gold setting or else select the platinum setting. Claws of the diamond holds the stone firmly and safely in a manner to enter and reflect light from the diamond. To convey your commitment and proposal for 'The One' in your life, choose this solitaire - the timeless and classic yet very much contemporary design of engagement ring.

You may also opt for a diamond engagement ring with side stones which refer to a design where a solitaire and comparatively large diamond is accompanied with two more slightly smaller stones. These type of engagement rings too reveal a unique expression of relationship or romance. This rings work well when you want to voice the person holds much more than just a spouse, rather a lifelong companion to witness your ups and downs. You may also select an antique diamond engagement ring such as a ring with Victorian styled rings, Edwardian inspired engagement rings or Art Deco engagement ring.

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