Sunday, May 24, 2009

Buy Diamonds for Less

Whether you are buying a diamond for an engagement ring, anniversary, to commemorate a special moment, or for your personal pleasure, today it is more important than ever to understand what you are buying. There are new shapes and cuts, fancy colors, high-tech treatments and sophisticated frauds. There are new ways to buy - such as internet auctions, online websites and TV shopping. Buyers need a source of guidance.

Here are five key questions to ask yourself initially before you consider buying any stone:

1. Is the color what you desire? - Keep in mind when you search for any diamond characteristic you will learn that the more rare, the more expensive. Color of course is in the eye of the beholder, however keep in mind that the whiter the stone, the more rare it is and the more expensive it will be.

2. Is the shape what you want? - Diamonds today come in a variety of shapes. Classic round is still the most popular. The choice will be yours, personal preference rules.

3. Does it have brilliance or sparkle? Does it come alive for you? - I think that this aspect is the most important point. There is an intangible nature to what you desire in your diamond. Most people want a stone that is absolutely beautiful to look at in the way it sparkles. This occurs through light reflection throughout the stone in regards to its many facets and the way the diamond is cut. The bottom line here is that you want your diamond to blow you (or anyone else) away when seen. Learning about diamonds is important before you buy and can take some research, however, you should never be taken away from the sparkle factor.

4. Do you like it and feel excited by it? - Your diamond should move you in a way that can't always be explained with words. It is more of an emotional connection.

5. Can you afford it? - You don't always like to think about this part but realistically it's an important part of the process.

If you have answered yes to the five question listed above, you are ready to examine your diamond buying experience more specifically.

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