Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dreyfuss & Co Watches

A passion for precision created the hand made timepiece art of Dreyfuss and Company watches. The Swiss watch company created by Rene Dreyfuss in 1925 has brand recognition throughout the UK timepiece market.

Keeping with the tradition of its founder, the brand prides itself on its unassuming, classic designs that have been passed onto each generation building on unrivalled knowledge that keeps Dreyfuss and Company ahead in the timekeeping industry. Methodical precision is a part of the creation of each Dreyfuss company timepiece. Almost the entire range of Dreyfuss timepieces are protected by the Seafarer stamp of approval that guarantees their creations from the harsh effects of water damage. The refined look of Dreyfuss's Men's' stainless steel watch recalls a retro era style with a forward thinking modern look. The classic roman numeral base is protected by sapphire glass combined with functional affordability at under 350 pounds.

The streamlined look of the Ladies' black leather watch recalls the classic elegance of movie starlets like Audrey Hepburn with its slim, thin and lightweight straps and design. The piece as the same protective guarantee of Dreyfuss's other series timepieces and comes at an affordable cost. Traditional, functional and classic elegance describe the Dreyfuss & Company brand leading it into the future with a solid base of workmanship and craft that each Dreyfuss wearer can be proud of.

Dreyfuss & Company look great with any outfit, and won't look out of place in formal clothing. Check out their extensive mens and ladies collections, as they make both a great gift and personal purchase.

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