Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diamond Pendant Designs - The Ultimate Guide

For most people, pendants are a simple and thoughtful way to express their love. These are typically worn on chains around the neck, but nowadays innovative trends have witnessed these pieces doubling up as anklet charms, on bracelets and even as a stylish brooch. Most are worn on gold, silver or platinum chains. Diamonds are great gifts for both sexes and can be given on almost any occasion.

The most common diamond pendant style you will come across is the solitaire. This consists of a single brilliant in an oval, round or pear cut. You will have to check the carats and the color of the diamond to assess the price of the piece.

Another setting that is a smash hit among women is the three stone pendants. As the name suggests, this piece has three stones arranged in a pyramid or occasionally in a vertical stack. The cut can be of any type, but the round cut is most preferred.

For the die-heart romantics, nothing says undying love like a heart diamond pendant. This consists of a number of diamonds arranged in a heart shape. You could also gift a crucifix or other faith symbols for a dear one who has strong religious sentiments.

Another variety that makes for an excellent gift with a personal touch is the letter pendant. This consists of letters and can be chosen according to the initials of the intended receiver.

As mentioned before, you can gift diamond pendants to men as well. For male gifts, the styles are usually more masculine and contemporary. Bold, chunky designs dominate the array.

For men designs like the letter pendant are more relevant. You can also find motifs like the saber tooth and other charms of virility among the myriad varieties for men. Other designs include religious motifs and pieces with dollar symbols.

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