Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Would You Wear the Watch of the US Navy Seals - Luminox?

Luminox is the preferred watch amongst the US Navy Seals and other leading military arms and law enforcement agencies because of its in built features such as the LLT (Luminox Light Technology) allowing wearers to view the time and other functions in low light or no light situations such as field operations.

Luminox was originally founded by Barry Cohen following his discovery of what he termed the Luminox Light Technology at a Swiss company. In the late 1980's, seeing the possibilities of combining the gas into watches, he made an agreement with the Swiss company allowing him to use the technology in his watches.

As Luminox started to grow, the company was approached by a US Navy Seals procurement officer who was interested in what the technology could do for the watches worn by the Navy Seals.

After working to stringent guidelines and rigorous specifications, Luminox produced a watch which stood up to the Navy Seals exacting requirements, using the Luminox Light Technology on hands and hour markers and the ability to be submersible. Today the Luminox watch range are submersible up to 200 meters.

The first dive watch was offered to US Navy Seal team in 1994, and has become a favorite through the ranks due to its rugged build, it's ability to be submersible up to significant depths and the luminous markings.

Due to the success of the watch and the take up of it, Luminox then began to market these to non military channels and into the retail market for sports, competition divers, sailors and sports enthusiasts.

Following this success Luminox then began to build on the brand and its reputation in the wrist watch field by extending their range by beginning to offer variations of the US Navy Seals Dive watch in the form of different face colors and building a range with differing color markings around the watch. Today the range comes in many colors including black, white, blue, yellow and orange allowing purchasers to have a choice that fit their personality or style.

The range, while still centered around the US Navy Dive watch, now also has different series for different personnel such as a large range made for field operations members, including a range for Black Ops (or operations). Again this range comes in a variety of face and marking colors.

There is also an aviators range such as the SR-117 BlackBird range which has a raft of features for the flying enthusiast. Some of the watches in this range are limited to only 500 world wide, distinguishing wearers as members of a small community.

Luminox do have a wide range of series that are worn by military personnel, law enforcement agencies, sports and flying enthusiasts and the general public who appreciate a fine watch.

After all - If Luminox watches are preferred by the US Navy Seals, then they are most certainly worth a closer inspection.

Article by Mark McElhinney of Mens Watch USA - For more information and to view the range of Luminox Watches and the Navy Seals Luminox Dive Watches

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