Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Watch Buying Dilemma Solved

I never thought I would be the kind of person to purchase an expensive designer watch, but after some bad experiences with cheap women's watches, I decided to do some research on a few specific high-end watch brands that I like, and see if I can find these watches on sales anywhere online.

You see, I've been wearing cheap women's watches most of my life, and had gotten by with these less expensive timepieces up until recently. But a few years ago, I started to notice that my wrist would itch if I wore my watch for too long, then I noticed a greenish stain on my skin would appear on hot, humid days. It wasn't until later that I learned I had an allergy to the cheap metal used in these watches.

The workmanship began to annoy me as well. The fake rhinestones would gradually fall out; they were hardly water resistant, and they started to look "fake" after wearing them for a few months.

It wasn't that I didn't want to get a higher quality watch, but for a while I wasn't willing to justify this cost. Spending over $1,000 for a timepiece just didn't seem like a smart way for me to use my hard-earned money. But the more I saw the beauty and craftsmanship of these watches, the more I began to do more than just window-shop.

My first step was to select three different styles that suited my personality, price range, and style. This was a lot harder than I had originally imagined. After all, there are literally hundreds of brands to choose from. Where would I ever begin?

Thanks to the availability of so many watches online, I was able to conduct most of my research there, with only a few trips to jewelers - just to see the watches "in person". In the end, my top three were the Ebel Beluga stainless steel watch, the Raymond Weil Parsifal Rectangle watch, and a TAG Heuer Alter Ego with diamond bezel s. Now, I would just need to select my favorite one, which would be no easy task.

The Ebel Beluga Stainless Steel watch is sleek, trendy and fluid in its design, which would make it great for every day wear, but classy enough to be paired with a dressy ensemble. The Raymond Weil Parsifal Rectangle also had that luxurious feel, only with a bit more boldness, Swiss design, and chronograph accents. And finally, there was the brilliance of the TAG Heuer Alter Ego with the black strap and stunning diamond bezel. More opulent (and more expensive) than the first two, this unique model, designed by Roberto Ventrella, featured bold, taut lines in the bracelet with a curving, gentle smoothness in its diamond studded case. This was one watch that I wouldn't hesitate to wear to a black-tie affair, but then I wondered if it might just be a little too fancy for every day wear. Since I could hardly afford the type of luxury watches I was considering, there was really no way I could buy more than one of them - at least not yet.

Decisions, decisions! This was not an easy one for me, but in the end I decided on the Raymond Weil Parsifal Rectangle because of its natural integration of high-technology and style. I have also heard a lot about the company's history of exceptional quality and attention to detail. Besides, the bold and confident style was really the best match with my personal style.

If I were to buy a second watch, it would be a slightly dressier, more feminine one, such as the Michele Deco Cadet Ladies Diamond Watch with the black leather strap. I can see this being the ideal accent to my collection of little black cocktail dresses.

I am so happy with my new Raymond Weil timepiece, and now I realize that this is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again because of its intrinsic beauty, high-quality materials and timeless appeal.

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