Sunday, September 20, 2009

Current State of Indian Gems & Jewelry Industry

The Indian Jewelry and Gems market has been reporting elucidate details regarding the Indian jewelry and Gems Industry based on the data available from various surveys conducted watches different markets all over the country.

Few topics were laid stress on while doing the survey these topics includes product profile, quality, etc. Products of different shape, categories of jewelry and gems like silver, watches diamond and colored gemstones. Trade characteristics detailed with regards to intensiveness, labor and effective capital, raw material, branding, export orientation unorganized sector and certification. Extensive reporting on import and export traffic with at least 4-year facts on country wise and product wise exports of jewelry and gems and manufactured goods wise imports of jewelry and gems. Charge analysis: analyzing interest cost and raw material cost. Brief note on government regulations and duty structure in the business.

SWOT: examination and Porter's Six Force model. - A brief summary of five input companies with at least 4 years of data on operational and financial parameters, company's weaknesses and strengths, company's action plan and company's outlook. Jewelry and Gems have been worn in the Indian civilization ever since ages. Indian community has used gems and jewelry since a long for both investment as well as aesthetic purposes. Costly stones and metals have been a part of the Indian civilization since its recorded olden times. Indian civilization has the merit of being the foremost civilization to bring gemstones in the world market for sale. India was also the first country to polish mine, cut and trade in gold and diamonds.

The Gems and Jewelry business can be classified into a range of subordinate segments like gold, colored stones, diamonds, pearls, silver jewelry etc. But still the key segments of trade in India are diamonds and gold. Indian market dominates the world diamond trade market. In India only 11 out of 12 diamonds are polished, mined and cut. Indian civilization is not only the largest trader of gemstones but also the largest consumer of gold and diamond all over the world. On an average India consumes 850 tones p.a. of diamond and gold each year.

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