Monday, September 7, 2009

Acrylic Jewelry Display Cases

If you have a jewelry business or jewelry store, placing your precious items watches acrylic jewelry display cases will keep it safe from dust and potential damage. It's no secret how real jewelry items watches among the most expensive accessory types nowadays. This is why placing them in an ideal jewelry case is highly important. Basically, you will be able to find other excellent varieties of jewelry display cases, which may include wood or aluminum. Depending on your needs these types of display cases may also be perfect. Many cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, although the most common are the box types.

However, acrylic jewelry display cases are more ideal since they are clear and durable. These are able to showcase your precious items in all their glitter and glamor, while keeping them sheltered and secure. Acrylic cases can also be combined with wood or aluminum frames and bases. They come in different degrees of thickness, such as 3mm and 5mm and even in much thicker types. Many acrylic cases are also ideal for a lot of displays, such as antiques, medals, trophies, and coins. Due to its durability and aesthetic appeal however, it is widely used nowadays for jewelry and other precious baubles.

When shopping for acrylic cases, you need to find the case with the right thickness. Most large cases require a thicker type of acrylic material. Thus if you intend on getting a big rectangular case rather than smaller boxes, the acrylic thickness needs to be higher than 3mm or 5mm. Many of these cases can also include jewelry stands to expose the items to a more discriminating view. Acrylic jewelry display cases are also perfect for home or personal use, especially if you plan on displaying your precious treasures in a specific room or area in your home.

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