Tuesday, August 25, 2009

White Gold Tanzanite Rings

Tanzania is home for one of watches rarest and the most famous gemstones - the Tanzanite, which has been in demand ever since people became aware of it. The primary reason that makes everyone go after this stone is its sheer beauty in terms of color and vibrance. Tanzanite is trichroic, meaning it has the property to exhibit three different colors when viewed from different angles, which is a rare feature in any other gemstone. But, the color that attracts everyone the most is the rich blue in the center surrounded by a vibrant purple hue. To obtain a stone of this beauty a lot of work has to be done, because watches in its rough state has a reddish brown color. The stone has to be heat-treated up to 500C so as to turn blue, after which it is passed on to the hands of an experienced cutter. The cutter then carefully cuts the treated Tanzanite into faceted or facet-less stones. These stones can be cut into any desirable shape which includes cushion, oval, round, heart, pear, emerald, trilliant, cabochon, etc. Except for the last one, every other shape in the market is faceted and sparkles more than the facet-less cabochon cut.

Tanzanite stones are used in every imaginable ornament like bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, ear-rings, etc. The good thing about tanzanite is that it can be submerged in almost any metal like platinum, gold, silver, etc. The combination that is creating a rave in the international arena is tanzanite white gold. There are two varieties of gold namely yellow gold and white gold, and tanzanite looks enchanting with both metals. The first in the line is the tanzanite - white gold combo, thanks to the perfect match between the subdued white and the magnificent blue. The tanzanite - yellow gold combination is not far behind providing stiff competition. Tanzanite in white gold gives a contemporary and classy look, whereas Tanzanite in yellow gold gives a rich look. The members of the fairer sex generally prefer white gold Tanzanite rings, whereas their male counterpart incline towards other tanzanite white gold ornaments. The point to be noted here is that, tanzanite combinations are not gender-based, but are based on personal liking. No matter what, tanzanite gold accessories have the ability to lend a glorious look to whoever wears it.

There are certain parameters to consider before narrowing down on a tanzanite gold ornament. The first factor is to decide on the carat value of the metal. Since tanzanite is comparatively a soft stone, the metal that houses it has to be very sturdy. One can choose between 14k or 18k gold, where 14k gold is sturdier than 18 k and is best suited for ornaments worn by men. This is because, men are believed to involve in more physical activities, and 14k gold will provide better protection to the stone. The next factor to take care of is the weight of the tanzanite gold. It is advisable to go for heavier tanzanite gold jewels, because they will have more metal tucked under the tanzanite stone, thus seating the stone with better protection and offering more durability.

On the other hand, lighter tanzanite white gold will have less metal to support the stone and exposes it to more damage. Last but not the least there are certain dos and don'ts for the maintenance of tanzanite gold. These include avoiding steam, soapy water and ultrasonic methods for cleaning the stone. Instead, tanzanite gold can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth and by using cold water for extreme cases. By adopting proper precautionary steps, a tanzanite gold jewel will definitely prove to be a worthy asset to the owner giving him/her pride and pleasure of owning something unique.

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