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Breitling Watches - Stylish, Strong And Precise Time Keeping

The legend was founded in 1884, by the 24 year old Leon Breitling in the city of St. Imier in Switzerland. At the beginning Leons intention was to construct first-rate technological watches. Leon started specializing in chronographic designs in the year 1915, this after moving his factory to Grenchen. After this he made some significant developments in this area, which guided him to becoming the original manufacturer of watches to initiate a sole push piece for the chronograph. In 1934, the second push button was added which enabled increasing time recording. Breitling was the choice of the RAF to supply them with a timepiece as well as the US armed services. This allowed them to pave their place in the flying industry and they started supplying clocks for cockpits of intercontinental airlines.

The Chronomat was launched in 1942, which was developed with the first chronographically spherical slide. The Navitimer was launched in 1952 and pilots wore this watch, as it was to them a genuine wrist instrument. The Navitimer has a built-in computer for navigation and thus it became the AOPAs official watch. Scott Carpenter wore the Cosmonaute in 1962 when he flew the Aurora 7 into space bringing further fame to retail of this timepiece.

The Breitling era ended in 1979 following the death of Will Breitling, the grandson of Leon Breitling, who started running the company in 1932. Afterward, in 1979, the company was taken over by Ernest Schneider, an aviator and watch aficionado bringing along a new age of the Breitling range. Ernest brought in new watch lines, which included ranges for yachting, diving yet concentrating on high class watches for the flying industry. In 1985, the Aerospace was introduced, which is a multifunctional electric chronograph and is made with Titanium. 1995 sees the launch of the Emergency, which a various functional chronograph, including a built-in transmitter which is able to broadcast an aircraft crisis frequency. Three years later the B-1 is introduced and it significantly embodies steps forward in the field of Swiss manufacturing.

The companies watch range is commonly known as stylish, strong and precise and is today one of the main suppliers in the Swiss industry for development of high accuracy models. The instrument for the professional is the statement that makes Breitling watches as unique as they are. Breitling is a hard choice to pass on by those who appreciate the more than normal precision watch. All watches produced by them are made in Switzerland possess genuine Swiss mechanisms.

What makes the Breitling range stand out from the rest is that certification is offered on all moving parts, on all of the models. The case of the timepiece is highly well known known for the eminence of the finish. The Breitling watches are specifically designed to go through rigorous use. The dials were built with the intention to be able to read time at a once off glance. The crystals internally found in the watches are anti scratch sapphire as well as anti glare on either side.

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