Saturday, August 22, 2009

Timex GPS Watches - The Timex Data Recorder For Extended Data Tracking

The Timex Data Recorder works with a limited number of Timex watches that support heart rate monitors and GPS. It's function is to record continuous data that can later be uploaded to PC and analyzed in a software program like the Timex Trainer (bundled with most of Timex's advanced watches) or a third party software application like SportsTracks.

The Timex Data Recorder is about 3cm in diameter and clips neatly onto your shorts. It simultaneously collects heart rate and speed and distance data from heart rate and GPS sensors and continuously records workout information with support over multiple workouts.

The Recorder is also capable of tracking navigation data, including altitude, elevation, latitude, longitude, ascent and descent data. This makes it suitable for use with the Bodylink Trailrunner T5J985 watch.

The device connects to PC via a USB cable. Once uploaded the Timex Trainer software lets you to analyze your data in a number of ways including:

  • Weekly activity time
  • Weekly distance goals
  • Weekly time in HR zones
  • Weekly distance by sport
  • Daily time in HR zones
  • Daily time in HR zones by sport
  • Daily distance
  • Daily activity time
  • Daily body weight
  • Daily resting heart rate
  • Daily highest altitude

The Data Recorder has a different capacity to store data depending on the information it is storing at a given time.

While recording heart rate monitor data only, a whopping 72 hours of data can be recorded, with speed and distance data only (no altitude), 26 hours of data is possible. With heart rate monitor data plus speed and distance, 14 hours of data can be stored and 7 hours with 3D GPS (inclusive of altitude) can be stored in the Data Recorder's memory.

The Timex Data Recorder is not essential, nor does it come standard with any Timex watches, but if you wish to store as much of your training data as possible and have it available for download and analysis, it may be worth while investing in this device.

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