Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Design the Perfect Triple Diamond Energy Pendant For Your Loved One

Finding a gift for your wife, mother or other special woman in your life can be stressful. Instead of a spa day gift certificate that might never be used or clothing that may not fit, a triple diamond energy pendant can be a nice alternative. With three diamonds on a simple and beautiful necklace, it's a gift that proves to be a winner with every gift recipient.

Beautiful And Timeless:

A triple diamond energy pendant is elegant and classic, while still casual enough to wear everyday with jeans. They can easily be dressed up or down, depending on other jewelry or clothing choices. A one size fits all necklace means you can't go wrong giving a diamond pendant.

How To Choose A Triple Diamond Energy Pendant:

You can design your pendant for a custom look or you can find a ready-made piece. Either way, your gift recipient is sure to be pleased with your choice. Before choosing, it's a good idea to do a little research on diamonds and how they're classified.

Diamonds come in many different grades of cut, clarity, color and carat. The 4 C's, as they're known in the jewelry world, help determine the value of the diamonds. The cut is the shape of the diamond. The diamond's brilliance depends on how the diamond is cut so a proper cut is vital. A diamond can be cut into many shapes like brilliant (round), princess (square), marquise, oval, pear and heart, just to name a few.

The diamond's clarity is determined by the number of flaws the diamond has. A true flawless diamond is rare and very expensive. It is normal for a diamond to have flaws or inclusions, some of which are invisible to the naked eye.

Diamonds come in many degrees, from pure colorless to diamonds with a light yellowish tinge. Very valuable and rare diamonds will be virtually colorless. Diamonds can also come in colors such as pink, green and yellow. When choosing a colored diamond for your pendant gift, deeper colors will be more expensive. The last C, carat, refers to the size of the diamond. The larger the carat number, the larger the diamond.

Available In All Price Ranges:

Triple diamond energy pendants are widely available in all price ranges. They can vary from as little as $100 all the way up to thousands. The price is determined by the grade of the diamonds, the metal used for the pendant and chain and the size of the diamonds. With a pendant for every budget, it'll be easy to find the perfect gift.

Whatever you spend, a triple diamond energy pendant makes a beautiful, timeless gift that will last a lifetime. It will look great with everything, never go out of style and will show the ones you love just how much you care.

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