Thursday, August 13, 2009

Indian Jewelry - Magnificent in Its Class

Let us discuss about various kind of arts available in the field of Indian Jewellery:

Jewelry Used In Temple

Indian Jewelry has a great and very large variety in temple jewellery. This Jewelry is purely traditional and according to the culture of the temple. You find the traditions of 1000 years back in the temple jewellery. These types are worn by the persons who represent their culture in form of dances like Kuchipudi and so. This is because they characterize their culture.

Unique Jewelry

Jewelry that is worn and casted in today's world by looking at the new fashion is known as unique Jewelry or antique jewellery. This Jewelry is mostly found in silver and gold. These Jewelry are oxidized because of which dull look is seen over them. Antique Jewelry relates to the present trend and is in reality considered more of fancy jewellery.

Jewelry Of Meenakari
Mughal Density was the main influencer of the meenakari. This type of Jewelry is made of kundan embedded in the gold or silver. Precious stones and beads are also used in making up oh this type Of Indian Jewellery. Sometimes the combinations of these are used to make a new and attractive type of jewellery. Jaipur is famous for this type of Indian Jewellery. Or we can say North India is the founder of Meenakari Jewellery.

Jewelry of South India
Rudraksha beads which are very much in fashion in nowadays. It is in fashion mainly because of the sudden knowledge of people has increased towards the spiritual value of it. But no one knows that from where this rudraksha was invented. It is south India.

Jewellery in History
From the history of Jewelry we got various types of emotional values attached with it. That is why for Indian women the Jewelry is not just the matter of wealth but more than that. Every type of Jewelry has it significance at there own place.

In short history provides the basic meaning of wearing the Jewelry on the woman's body. So it is the very important part of the Indian Jewellery.

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