Monday, July 27, 2009

For the Person Who Has Everything!

It's that time again! Getting something for that special person who seems to have everything. At first, you start thinking about something nice, thenyou take into consideration cartier watches your budget...Uh Oh...that narrows down cartier watches choices. So you startwondering what you think they'd like, and when you think you found the perfect gift, you realize that they probably already have it. Now the hair pulling begins! But Wait! You get a brainstorm! Why not find something that either fits their personality, orat least isas special and unique as that person.

I know...Roman Coin Jewelry! Roman Coin Jewelry? Yes! Think about it...How many people have you seen walk around with an authentic roman coin around their neck? A million, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. But seriously, to have a piece of HISTORY to show off isdefinitely something not everyone can do. The Roman Empire lasted 500 years, and in that time, they have contributed many, many things to the world that are being used and seen to this day. Not only did the Romans give us our principles of Law, but also Architecture, Engineering,Concrete and Road building techniques that are used today world wide. As a matter of history, every Emperor(or Caesar) put his likeness on the currency used during his reign.

Made of silver, copper and bronze, most of the coins that were minted have survived to this day. Some are priceless, others can be VERY expensive, but most are usually kept by collectors and not everybody can get them. But there are quite a few coins out there that are easy to get, but the downside is that the quality usually isn't the best. But now you can have a real Roman coin that's at least 1500 to 2000 years old! How many people do you know have somethingTHAT old? Not many. Now you're asking yourself "where can I find something like that?"

Ok. by now you've figured out that there are lots of things out there you can buy.But for that special person who has everything, now you can give something that is truly different and beautiful at the same time... TRINACRIA DESIGNS . Trinacria Designs offers Authentic Roman Coins in a Sterling Silver settings that can be worn as a pendant or earrings. Both men and women can wear these beautiful pieces. They also make great conversation pieces as well. So check it out, And give a gift that will last forever! Just go to

Marc A. Casale

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