Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pearl Jewelry Quality For Valentine's Day Gift Giving

When you buy her a gift of love and the obvious gift of love is pearl jewelry. Keep in mind some of these values or qualities that pearls citizen watches graded for and subsequently priced by. Pearls are an organically created gem and since they come from nature they are all unique. Artificial pearls are all perfect and that is why they don't compare to the natural beauty of cultured pearls. All of the values are used to grade all types of pearls akoya, Tahitian, freshwater and south sea pearls.

Let me ask you this question. What would you think if a piece of pearl jewelry dull looking like wall paint? What would you think if the piece of pearl jewelry had an inner with a super reflective surface? I know pretty obvious but that is a description of low-luster and high-luster. Luster is not just shine; it has to have that inner glow along with the sheen. The greater the luster the higher the value and grade. Younger pearls citizen watches to have low luster and this is mostly due to the thinness of the nacre. What is nacre? It is the actual substance laid down by the living pearl in layer after layer. Generally the thicker nacre the better the luster, this is usually an older pearl.

Now days, there is as many choices in colors from your akoyas which now come in the old standbys of white and creamy white to blue black, to blues, rose, and even grays. And in the Tahitian pearl jewelry there are pistachio, brown, black, gunmetal to silver and reddish green, and blues. Freshwater pearl jewelry can be white, peach, lavender and numerous artificially dyed colors like blues, pinks, chartreuse or lime. South Sea Pearl Jewelry runs from soft white, to soft gold to strong deep gold. Color selection can be a fashion thing but skin color should be the number one thing to compare the pearl color to.

Pearls being nature's creation can have natural blemishes usually small dimples and not generally a problem unless they are obvious. Cracks are not acceptable. The less surface irregularities in a pearl the higher the value, actually surface irregularities are proof of a real pearl and not manmade.

Today we see everything from the rice crispy or keshi pearl, to baroque which can be any shape but round. And round, perfectly round pearls are the most valuable shape.

Size in pearl jewelry always reflects a higher value. Of course all other qualities must be present in their higher grades. A large dull pearl with cracks would have a low value.

Patrick Cavanaugh is a pearl jeweler offering the higher quality pearl jewelry at great prices. I feel that is really easy for the average consumer to unknowingly buy inferion pearl jewelry. This is why I have spent a great deal of time writing articles about Pearl Value and Quality.
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