Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Diamond Engagement Ring - Ensure These Quality Parameters

Are you citizen watches to shop for loose diamonds for engagement ring? Have many suggestions come your way only to confuse you? You can listen to your friend's advice but always remind your self of following basics when thinking of purchasing of a diamond engagement ring.

Diamonds are so brilliant that any purchaser will think that all of them are of high quality. But that is not always true. A jeweler can make huge profit by selling a lower quality diamond at high prices if you are not aware of the parameters of quality. Once you know the basics, you will pay the right price for diamond engagement ring.

The first parameter of a pure diamond is that it is colorless. Such a diamond is expensive because of its brightness. Know that a colorless diamond is of grade D and as the color gets yellowish its grade goes up to Z. Ask the jeweler about the grade or see the level on it to know its quality and the right price.

Another quality parameter is clarity. This is responsible for the brilliance and fire in a diamond engagement ring. Since citizen watches stones are the products of nature, there are inclusions, flaws, scratches, air bubbles or other minerals inside the diamonds. You must enquire about the clarity.

A flawless diamond with no inclusions is graded F and is expensive to buy. The grade IF has slight external inclusions and no internal ones. Then, diamonds are graded as having very very slight inclusions, very slight inclusions, slight inclusions that are invisible to the naked eyes and those which have visible inclusions. The prices will be set accordingly. Therefore, you must ask the jeweler about the clarity grade.

There are two other standards of quality which you can create your self in a diamond. These are carat size and cuts. You can ask the jeweler for certain expensive or less costly cuts, which are the facets to reflect the light. Deeper cuts with many facets involve lots of skills and costs, therefore is expensive for a diamond engagement ring. A shallow cut with fewer facets will be more affordable.

And in the last, a diamond should be priced as per its carat size. Know that a larger carat size of the diamond along with it good quality of clarity and color, will be most expensive. However, if there are slight flaws in the larger stone, it will be priced lower. Usually, a size below one carat is mostly affordable. For a fashionable diamond engagement ring, small diamonds can be bought at lower cost.

The online jewelry market is wide open for you. Though you can always visit a nearby shop, but browsing of many websites of the jewelers will enable in extensively comparing them for competitive prices on diamond engagement ring.

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