Friday, July 24, 2009

All You Need to Know About Charm Bracelets

If you want to gift a woman something she will always treasure, charm bracelets are the way to go. These are worn by women of all ages and have a strong sentimental value attached to them. A bracelet like this will be a reminder of citizen watches friendship or love for a very long time. The bracelet can be gifted on a special occasion or can be just a simple bracelet on to which the recipient adds charms as she likes.

Charm bracelets come in all varieties to match one's tastes and wallet. You have to find out if the woman you intend to gift one has a charm bracelet already. You can choose from a simple bracelet with appendages to attach charms.

If the person you intend to gift a bracelet is particular about the charms she wears, this might be the right one for her. Otherwise, you could go ahead and give her a charm bracelet replete with ready-made charms. The meaning of the charm should be conveyed to the wearer as this will enhance the importance of the gift in her eyes.

You will have to decide the sort of metal your charm bracelet should be made of. Sterling silver and 14 carat gold bracelets are less expensive. You can choose a single chain or a combination of chains for the bracelets. You can also go in for better charms at higher prices.

The higher price ranges have more detailing on the bracelet and tend to have charms in more numbers. You can also gift an expensive semi-precious stone studded bracelet if your budget allows. cartier watches the top of the line would be diamond studded bracelets.

You can set the stones in gold, silver of platinum. You can also browse online to select a charm bracelet set with the charms of your choice. This would make the gift personalized and have more value in the eyes of the intended recipient.

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