Friday, July 24, 2009

Belly Piercing Jewelry That Fits Your Personality

So youre thinking of getting your belly button pierced and are looking for that perfect piece of belly piercing jewelry to match you and your personality? As cartier watches owner of a body piercing website, I am continually asked similar questions.

I wish I had the one size fits all answer but unfortunately there is no single answer thats right for everyone. Youll have to make that decision for yourself. In this article, Ill give you the information you need to make that decision a little easier.

Before you worry about the latest belly bling trends, the first and most important factor to consider is the type of metal used. I know, I know, the metal used is probably the last thing you care about but it shouldnt be because there are cartier watches a few types that are safe for your body. I highly recommend that you only buy belly piercing jewelry made of high quality surgical grade steel. Anything less and you could have allergic reactions to the higher levels of nickel content. The exterior (decorative part) can be made of anything youd like (silver, gold, and etc) but you should ensure that the part that is inserted into your body is surgical grade steel. Ok, now that the boring part is over, lets move on to the fun stuff.

So what kind of person are you? What makes you tick? These are important questions that only you can answer.

Some of the most popular belly piercing jewelry trends are top down (dangling) belly rings, flashing belly rings, and reverse belly rings. Let me briefly describe each.

Top Down belly rings are a perfect choice for a person that wants a belly ring but might not be happy with the look of their belly button. This is because top down jewelry is designed to connect to the top portion of the jewelry and then dangle over (covering) your belly button.

Flashing belly rings are always popular! Normally these are fairly boring during the day but become alive at night. Most women love these when their going out on a night on the town. These will definitely get you noticed.

The Reverse belly ring is becoming popular because it is a little different. It goes in through the top of the navel and then out through the center of the belly button. Because of the increased popularity of these types of piercings, youll find plenty of jewelry selection.

Lets face it, belly piercings are hot! If you decide to get one, then spend a little time getting the one (or ones) that are right for you.

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