Sunday, September 20, 2009

Men's Jewelry - Designed to Stand Out From the Crowd

Men's jewelry used to be very conservative, and restricted to watches and wedding rings, with perhaps the odd tiepin or stickpin. Then came the single earring, and it has now exploded to a whole world of hip hop and bling. Not all men's jewelry is so flash, but a large part of it is once you go beyond the usual gold chain, single earring or expensive watch.

Taking a man's watch as an example, at one time the cost of the watch was in the name: whether it was Rolex, Breitling or Omega, the cost was related to the maker and the features offered with the watch. Now, however, we have the world of bling and hip hop men's jewelry where the carat count of the diamonds determine the price rather than the reputation or even the accuracy of the timepiece. Jojo, Luccello, Luxurman, Tenakey and Ice Time are the new kids on the block, and while the Rolexes of the world are still popular, they do not feature prominently in the hot jewelry stores of today.

Hip hop has become one of the most distinctive styles of the modern age and is certainly one of the most easily recognizable. Sometimes referred to as simply bling, hip-hop's most distinctive feature is the lavish use of as much jewelry, particularly diamonds, as possible. This has resulted in men's jewelry becoming incredibly popular with an entirely new market.

Men's jewelry is available in a large variety of different pieces and styles, and if you are looking to purchase jewelry that will help to compliment your style of fashion, particularly if your personal style of fashion stems from the hip-hop culture or the bling style, then you should take a look at what is available online.

Most hip hop men's jewelry is distinctive, not only because of the large number of diamonds which are embedded in large swathes across the jewelry, but also because the piece often tends to be quite chunky, giving it quite a masculine appearance. It is often assumed by many people that men's bling jewelry is either extremely expensive because of the large number of diamonds used, or extremely affordable where the diamonds are fake. In fact there is a tremendous range that stretches from the very affordable jewelry that even younger children can afford, all the way up to designer watches watches that are every bit as genuine as their looks would suggest.

If you are looking for men's jewelry either for yourself or as a gift for someone else, then where do you start looking? You will not want to invest a large sum of money in a watch which is encrusted with jewels if the interior mechanism is of only secondary quality and unreliable. Similarly you may not wish to invest a large sum of money in an extravagant diamond earring which you intend to wear every day, and which might get knocked or damaged.

Possibly you might be looking at hip hop watches which will be perfect for everyday wear and not too expensive, or perhaps you are one of the fortunate people who are in the position of being able to afford the very best men's diamond jewelry available on the market. Whatever your preference, only real diamonds are real bling, so don't settle for less and avoid those watches that offer you artificial diamonds that can spotted a mile away.

Whatever type of jewelry you are looking for it helps to have a good idea of the type of piece you want, since most jewelry stores, either online of offline, will offer you a massive selection from which to choose. There is a massive range of gold diamond watches, diamond earrings, bracelets, diamond pendants and gold chains. You also have the choice of the most sparkling and outrageous forms of bling or something more conservative and traditional.

However you need not have to empty your savings in order to purchase a really good piece of men's jewelry as there are plenty of options available which are extremely affordable without sacrificing either quality or appearance. Your options range from a bling baseball glove pendant with 32 carats of diamonds in a 14K gold setting at over $30,000 to a gold chain at less than $100, so there is men's jewelry available to suit every pocket.

As far as men's diamond hip hop watches go, perhaps the one make which stands out above all others when it comes to bling are the diamond Tenakey watches. These are large, chunky and masculine, and you'll be hard put to try to find a single part of these watches that has not been encrusted with diamonds. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your involvement with the hip hop culture absolutely clear, then a Tenakey diamond watch will achieve this in an unmistakable way.

There is only one rule to apply when purchasing men's jewelry and that is to buy what you want and what you feel most comfortable with. If you prefer to be conservative you will not feel comfortable wearing 10 carats of diamonds set in 14 carat gold, no matter what type of jewelry it is. Go with the men's jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing.

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