Monday, September 14, 2009

I'll Take the Cubic Zirconia Ring, Thank You

Everyone loves them, everyone wants them. watches are precious and they are prestigious. They are a symbol of status and wealth. We are talking about diamonds. Only some of us can afford diamonds. For the rest of us there is cubic zirconia.

In the 1970's cubic zirconia started to make a huge impact on the jewelry industry. It became one of the most popular gemstones used as a diamond substitute. Cubic zirconia became very popular as people began to see how closely watches resembles authentic diamond. Other attractive features are its lower cost and its resistance to wear. Many people wanting to have the look of a real diamond without paying a high price for it, are opting for cubic zirconia instead. There are even some wealthy people who will wear it occasionally just to keep up with the trend.

Cubic stone zirconia is not quite as hard as diamond, but it weighs more than diamond. It is also colorless and this is very rare in a real diamond. Cubic stone zirconia can be made in many different colors by using different metal oxides. This is what makes it such a popular choice for so many people. The clarity is better than some of the rarest diamonds.

When it was first introduced, many people shunned cubic zirconia as just an imitation for diamond. But recent studies have shown that some women and people in general have changed their attitude toward this diamond substitute. They have come to realize that cubic zirconia is beautiful and unique in its own right. There are even some women (and I did say some) who would prefer to be given a cubic zirconia ring instead of a diamond ring They feel that they don't have to worry about it being lost or stolen. Even more important, when it comes to engagement or wedding rings, many couples are deciding that other things are more important such as buying a house or saving for their future There are times when practicality will rule over fashion, especially in today's economy.

There is no denial of the fact that everyone would prefer authentic diamonds, and some people will settle for nothing less. But some of us prefer to spend our money on other things. Cubic zirconia is a beautiful alternative It will probably never become a girls best friend, but today many woman (and some men) are proudly wearing their cubic zirconia rings.

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