Monday, September 14, 2009

Celtic Wedding Bands - A Timeless Tradition

For generations, Celtic wedding bands have been popular, not only amongst watches Celtic peoples, but around the globe. Gold Celtic wedding bands are in demand in Europe and the United States, but copper is another popular choice of Celtic rings. The men's gold Celtic wedding bands often feature either a Celtic knot or an infinity design. The knot can be edged with parallel bands of gold or other metal. The intricate twists and turns of the knot symbolize the joining together of two people and their path through life. Sometimes promise words are inscribed on the ring in the Celtic language.

History of Celtic Wedding Bands

The unique gold Celtic wedding bands have their origins in the small villages that line the edges of the Celtic islands. One favorite legendary story is about the Claddagh ring. Supposedly a man named Richard Joyce sailed watches the West Indies to work and save money to marry his sweetheart. On the way, his ship was captured and he was sold as a slave to a Moorish goldsmith in Algiers. Joyce trained in the craft and became highly skilled. He also designed a ring to commemorate his love. It featured clasped hands, a heart and a crown. The design features of the ring are intended to say "With my hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my love." Upon his release, Joyce returned to find his beloved still waiting and they were married.

Popularity Renewed

Men's gold Celtic wedding bands have become more popular because they are a bold and distinctive design that has real symbolism behind the components of the rings. The resurgence of popularity of the Celtic bands is due in part to some well known couples who have selected a Celtic wedding band. For example, Jim Morrison of The Doors and Patricia Kennealy-Morrison exchanged Claddagh rings as part of the ceremonies surrounding their marriage.

Types of Celtic Bands

Gold Celtic wedding bands are often more elaborate in design and at the same time more symbolic than other types of wedding bands. For example, the Celtic knot is included as engraving on many rings. In other Celtic wedding bands, the Celtic knot is included as openwork, giving a lacy look to the ring. The infinity symbol is also a popular motif in Celtic rings. A ring of these can be placed around the band or it can be used as an accent point.

Finding the Right Style

Although many people with Irish heritage will choose men's gold Celtic wedding bands, Celtic jewelry isn't just for the Irish. The rings symbolize all the positive characteristics that a couple can build upon for a long lasting marriage commitment. The Celtic cross represents a Christian background and faith. The Celtic Trinity knot incorporates other belief systems. You can use these components in the wedding band that you select, or take advantage of others that fit your personality better. So, browse the selection of Celtic rings and incorporate your favorite features in your own ring design.

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