Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Luminox Dive Watch Reviews

The first Luminox watch was born in 1989. It was initially meant to be a sports watch but later it was rebuilt to meet some rigorous specifications and become the symbol of the US Navy Seals.
Based on a precise and reliable Swiss mechanism, the Luminox watches employ a unique illumination system which made them an instant success and perfect for one of the world's elite military forces. The first Dive watch was offered to the Seal teams in 1994 with the belief that it was exactly what they needed. That proved to be a very good move and the Seals now keep this type of watch for recreational use as well.

The Luminox collection of navy Seal Dive Watches includes a variety of dial colors which makes them suitable to every personality. Having the appearance of a well-designed sports watch, the Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watches gained more and more appreciation among active consumers as well as military and law enforcement groups.

The manufacturing steps of these watches are very precise. The self-powered illumination system, for instance, has to be installed in each watch. This is a rather costly endeavor and it also takes time but the final product is worth the torment. The micro gas lights are installed into the main elements of the dial, such as the hands, hour markers and sometimes even the bezel, according to the type and model. Unlike conventional luminous watches, they do not need any external light source to make them glow. Similarly, there is no button to push in order to light the dial, like the one on electroluminescence watches. The micro gas light Luminox technology shows time at a glance, whatever the light level, which makes these watches the perfect time-telling pieces in complete darkness. That is why Luminox now produces Navy Seal Dive Watches for night missions. In addition, a big number of U.S. Air Force pilots wear them and fully enjoy the benefits of having a rigorously tested and reliable Luminox timepiece.

To better understand the value of a Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch, let us enumerate some of its most important characteristics. Having a diameter of 43 mm, the fibreglass reinforced polyester injection moulded case makes this watch a very durable one. The black stainless steel case is secured with stainless steel screws. A double gasket crown confers water resistance to 200 metres. The watch has a scratch resistant mineral glass crystal, multi-jewel Swiss quartz movement with date function, end of life feature and a four-year battery life.

The dial is available in several colors: black, blue, white, forest green, red, yellow and khaki. It comes with a supple polyurethane dive strap with signature buckle and a 22 mm replacement strap. There is also a nylon strap choice if you want.

Those interested in more glamor may choose the Luminox navy Seal Titanium Watch with a 43 mm titanium case and crown protector. This one has a 10-year lithium battery and a solid link titanium bracelet with safety clasp and a scratch resistant sapphire glass crystal. Whichever kind you have, you can be proud of the design and functionality of your Luminox watch.

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