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Charms Christmas Gifts Guide - Top 10 Presents For Your Wife, Girlfriend, Sister & Ladies

Charms go as way back as the Neolithic era when ancient people used to pick some unusual looking rock or a piece of wood. They believed that these pieces possess magical powers that can stave off danger and their enemies. Charms evolved as human civilization did, in every era, charms were there. They were there in Egypt, in Rome, in the Medieval castles, in Victorian royal halls, in World War II and then today, in the modern age. At present, the fashion industry continues to uphold the allure of charms. The latest trends show an upswing of charm sales. This holiday season, surprise your loved with a pretty little charm or two. Here's our list of the Top 10 Charms to help you pick out the best jewelry gifts this Christmas 2008.

1. Tiara Charm - Every woman's a princess in her own way. And yours certainly deserves her own. This item measures 0.363 inches long and 0.547 inches wide. From Rembrandt this enchanting piece is hand-polished to a pristine brilliance of a High Polish finish. This comes with an easy-to-handle and durable heavy-duty jump ring, which makes it a breeze when attaching on another accessory.

2. Ice Skate Charm - To keep up with the theme of the winter season, give her an ice skate charm. Fashioned into a mini replica of an ice skate. The item is 0.56 inches long and 0.57 inches wide. And just like every piece of the Rembrandt Charms, this comes hand polished to brilliance.

3. Eiffel Tower Charm - Hand-polished to a pristine finish, this charm copies, in detail, one of the most iconic structures in France. And hey, if you can't take her to Paris, bring her a piece of Paris yourself.

4. 4-Leaf Clover Charm - Give her the best from Lady Luck with this four leaf clover charm. This Rembrandt Charm comes especially hand polished to perfection with High Polish finish. And like most Rembrandts, this piece comes with a lifetime guarantee.

5. Two Turtle Doves Charm - Turn up the holiday festivities with one of the twelve days of Christmas' gifts: two turtledoves. The item is 0.744 inches long and 0.742 inches wide. The charm features flattened metalwork design of a pair of kissing turtledoves.

6. "Bestfriends" Puzzle Piece Charm - This lovely pair of friendship charms is a great gift to celebrate the binding power of friendship. Each piece has the word "bestfriends" engraved in it. For this present though, it's just your friend that's getting a Christmas gift. You're getting one for yourself as well.

7. Christmas Tree Charm - Well, it is the Christmas season and what gift could say "Christmas" than the ceremonial tree. But no, you need not get her the real big one with pine cones and pine needles. This tiny replica by Rembrandt Charms would be a perfect addition to this season's festive mood.

8. Angel Charm - This piece takes the from of a 0.77" x 0.91" angel kneeling down in prayer. Keep your lady safe at all times, give her an angel charm.

9. "A-Z Initial" Charm - Give a personal touch to your gift with this initial charm. Spell her name out or pick out the letter to her first name with this classic collectible piece. This is available in Sterling Silver, 10K Yellow Gold, Gold Plate, and 14K Yellow Gold variations.

10. Snowflake Charm - Catch a snowflake and put it in her hands. The Rembrandt Snowflake Charm makes you do just that. This charm is made from delicately fashioned metalwork taking a detailed design of a snowflake. This is a fitting gift for the wintry season.

Go ahead and use our list for the easiest and convenient holiday shopping.

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