Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jewelry For Men - Desired by the Sexes

Okay all you manly men you, jewelry is not only for women any longer. David Beckham has become world wide famous for his amazing skills as a soccer player, however, he is also famous for something else. David Beckham is also a jewelry designer.

He has made his mark in the world of men's jewelry and this is quite the accomplishment. He was the first man to wear diamond earrings that were two diamonds each. He is taken so seriously in the world of design, culture, and what's hot, that it was taken seriously. It allowed men to become more interested in jewelry.

His first attempt as a designer came at his pre-World Cup party. It was there that he put his men's jewelry on an incredible display. However, he could not do this alone. He was helped by Ashley Cole who is England's full back. He arrived in style, wearing a dinner jacket and no shirt underneath. Instead of a shirt, Cole displayed pieces of men's jewelry.

It was after this party that David Beckham then showed off his skills as a designer when he placed a diamond watch up for bit in auction for charity. The watch was created by a man named Jacob Arabo. He is a very talented designer as well. His jewelry was become popular not only with the help of Beckham but also because he pushes the envelope and creates beautiful pieces for men who want to wear jewelry.

It is thanks to these men that jewelry can be enjoyed by both of the sexes. The most trendy men in society today are found wearing beautiful jewelry and this allows the average man to feel more comfortable to do the same as well. It is acceptable for men to wear stylish necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, and that is not all. The old style of men with chest hair and gold chains has long passed. It is stylish and desirable for men to wear jewelry and as the trend continues more pieces and items are available as well as being more affordable.

Manufacturers of fine jewelry now have a whole new consumer list to attract and make products for. This will in turn make them more money and create a greater clientele base. It seems that this trend is not going to fizzle anytime soon and that creating and designing men's jewelry is quite a profitable excursion. So come on men, diamonds are for you too.

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