Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why Not Give a Pearl Ring For Your Engagement?

A ring is used to witness a special moment or event. It symbolizes love and commitment. That is why it is given as a token of loyalty to that special someone during watches or weddings.

A common engagement ring is a diamond set in gold. Why not be different from the rest of the crowd? Make your engagement special by surprising your sweetheart with a gorgeous pearl ring. It would truly make your day very memorable.

Color of Pearls

If you think white pearls are boring, think again. There are a variety of colors and designs available in the market today. Look and find black, rose, green, blue, cream, and gold. If you want to steer away from the conventional white-colored ones, you can choose any of these other colors and be creative!

Whether your skin is colored black or white, your hand can still look good with a pearl ring. Gold and cream pearls are flattering on black skin while it is best to choose rose, silver, and white pearls for people with white skin.

Precious Ring

Aside from the color, you should also consider the size, type, and origin of the pearl in the ring. Obviously, the bigger sizes are more expensive than the smaller ones. The price would also depend on the place where the pearls originated.

Pearls are classified as natural, cultured, or imitation. Natural pearls are purely formed by nature, mollusks and oysters produce a "nacre" substance to cover a foreign object that has entered their shell. It is the most expensive kind of pearl. Cultured pearls are also created in the same way. However, man already initiated the process by inserting an irritant inside their shell. This would allow faster production of pearls.

Never buy a fake or imitation pearl ring because it has no value. These are purely made by man and their beauty will only be short-lived. The best way to spot a fake pearl is through an x-ray machine. If there is none available for you to use, you can just rub the pearl on the enamel of your tooth. If it is a bit rough, then it is natural or cultured, but if it is slippery smooth then you are holding an imitation pearl.

It would be truly wonderful if you can buy your watches as a set. Earrings and necklaces are everywhere, but your pearl jewelry collection will not be complete without a pearl ring.

Pearls are in, Diamonds are out

It has been a tradition to give diamond rings for engagement. Well a diamond is definitely stunning, but they are such a cliche. Not to mention the fact that they are so overrated and overpriced.

On the other hand, if you get a pearl ring as an engagement gift it will be such a pleasant surprise. It is just as precious and elegant as a diamond ring. In fact, you will be sure that she will take good care of it because she knows that pearls need extra attention to preserve its luster. Nevertheless, you can still choose a ring design with a pearl and a diamond in it.

Like other cultured pearl jewelry, your pearl ring will last a long time if it is well taken cared of. For more info about pearl rings and pearl jewelry, please visit YouPearl Jewelry at

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